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HOW TO: Cheat at Foursquare [COMIC]

In response to fervent demands for justice in the badge-eat-badge world of Foursquare, the location network decreed last April that checkins without GPS verification would be precluded from points, badges and mayorships. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get crafty…

Matt Silverman

39 minutes ago Matt Silverman 6

We Hold These Tweets To Be Self-Evident [COMIC]

If Twitter had been invented in 1776 instead of 2006, the American Revolution would have been so much more… what’s the word… awesome.

Matt Silverman

About 6 days ago Matt Silverman 43

Cats: They’re On the Internet [COMIC]

We’ve previously discussed the leading theories on why the web loves cats. But did you ever think about why cats love the web?

Besides the convenience of keeping up with friends via Catbook and Cmail, we assume most felines view…

Matt Silverman

About 13 days ago Matt Silverman 11

The Future of Social Media Parenting [COMIC]

This comic was illustrated by Kiersten Essenpreis, a New York-based artist who draws and blogs at YouFail.com. For more laughs, check out our previous Mashable Comics.

If babies could tweet, what would their updates look like?

“Can’t wait for season

Matt Silverman

About 20 days ago Matt Silverman 69

The Evolution of Mobile [COMIC]

There’s an old theorem that posits that if you line up an infinite number of monkeys in front of an infinite number of typewriters, at some point, one of them would produce Hamlet.

We’re not so sure the same laws…

Matt Silverman

About 27 days ago Matt Silverman 15

I think it is a great idea for Mashable to get into the comic side of their news service. Mainstay of all traditional subscriptions.


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