Another #E2Conf, another crock post. > Discussion on: Enterprise 2.0’s is beyond a crock. It’s dead | ZDNet

Another #E2Conf, another crock post.
Sad really, could have almost predicted this two days ago.

While the entire #SocBiz vs. #E20 could make for an interesting debate, the issue is mostly moot. #SocBiz is clearly Dion’s and Dachis marketing message as prompted by his initial tweet.

It comes down to two different marketing messages pushing the same technology and fundamental cultural shift in the organization.

The reality however is this. The toolsets and cultures of business are fundamentally affected by Social Media. With a rising GenX workforce that makes huge use of these toolsets, it is going to happen. With an emerging GenY workforce that understands the tech, but not the biz of the tech, we have a huge mentoring opportunity.

The workforce is forever changing and this is truly happening. Right now it is more like a crock pot, slowly cooking up something tasty.

ZDNet Gravatar
Robert Lavigne
11/10/2010 10:44 PM


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