Slashdot Story | Microsoft Is a Dying Consumer Brand < Shame to see Kinect flopping to be honest. Had high hopes.

Windows 7 is seen as an expensive Windows Vista Service Pack. It doesn’t run well on older machines, it requires a lot of change in how people work and it still isn’t intuitive to use. I would even dare say it’s downright clunky compared to the age-old Windows way. People stay with Windows XP because it works well or they go to Mac or even Linux if they need to change anyway.

Windows 7 is only a hit because it’s better than Vista and all computers in the last 4 years have come either with Vista or 7. But even so, most corporate users as well as a lot of home users still decide to downgrade to XP which most 7 licenses except for retail allows you to do. So actually the count for sold licenses is high but a bunch of them have downgraded again.

XBox 360 is old and everybody has been waiting for the new one for at least 2 years now. Sure it sold a lot of consoles only because Sony was priced too high and Wii seemed downright juvenile. XBox 360 is cheap enough for most gamers older than 12 to get one but afaik the division has been making a loss ever since the inception. However the RROD, the issues with EA stopping to host older games and a bunch of other issues have given a lot of gamers no incentive to buy any further into the XBox (Kinect has flopped) and instead wait on the next generation. The only thing that keeps XBox sales up imho is Rock Band.

Windows 7 Phone – at this point I think you’re being sarcastic. Nobody has a Windows 7 phone, nobody wants a Windows phone. The 5 and 6 versions have forever poisoned the user base (and you thought Mac fans were frothing at the mouths, you should’ve seen Windows smartphone fans 5 years ago). Most people here where I work (where Windows phone was kinda the only choice 2-3 years ago) are heavily lobbying to get permission and some infrastructure for the iPhone with some already getting through. It is plain out buggy, crashes and is very very complicated (Who has place and the precision to use a start menu drop down & multi-paged, multi-tabbed configuration menu on a 3″ screen). To enable Bluetooth on one of these phones you literally have to tap through 3 levels of crap you don’t need and about 9 clicks + the menu’s are super redundant in naming. Is Bluetooth in connectivity, networking or wireless

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