Slashdot Games Story | Disc-Free Netflix Streaming Arrives For the PS3 and Wii

I’m surprised to hear that part about your ISP’s own offerings not being included in the cap. I believe in Canada, that practice is illegal. If they are going to cap you they can’t discriminate their traffic or a competitors.

Not True.
I’m on Rogers (until I get switched to TekSavvy).
They charge me past bandwidth caps (to a certain point, which I make sure I go way over so I’m paying less per overcap-gb when all’s said and done) and throttle my torrent speeds. Full 10mbit (1mbyte/sec) is easy to get off of an http stream, but my torrents rarely break 200k/s (until a couple weeks ago torrents weren’t throttled, and I regularly saw 700-800k/s torrent downloads)

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