Insight from the Pros Series: Brand Conversation with Robert Lavigne #Branding #SocialMedia

Mohammed: For new startup companies today, is it a prestige to have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.? How do you think companies should manage social media to engage clients and drive more sales?

Robert: Prestige? No.  Opportunity for discovery? Yes!
One of the hardest things Startups face is being discovered commercially by their client base at a rate faster than their declining bank account. Social Media provides an element of discovery that traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies cannot provide.
Unlike search, where you need to know what you are looking for, a discovery-based marketing strategy targets the Three Degrees of Connectivity (contact, friend, friend of friend).  By providing shareable content, you engage your primary market to relate your story and value proposition to their friends and subsequently their connections.  This provides an exponential scaling model of marketing that is unmatched by common SEO practices.
The key to a successful Discovery Marketing Strategy is based on leveraging Social Media to tell a story worth relating beyond your existing market share. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are merely conduits for sharing content.  The context of that content must be the real value your product or service provides.

By becoming a transparent organization that engages in Social Media, your employees and clients are not only the conduit of such stories, but the storytellers themselves.

 Good stories are the ones that engage your entire market-space, are retold to previously unknown markets and as such drive sales.

Quite proud to be a contributor to Mohammed’s Insight from the Pros series. Here is a snippet of the first question posed by Mohammed. Read the rest of the blog to gain more insight.


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