#TDGv Agile: Agile Tour ’10 Toronto Conference Coverage Announcement

UPDATE: The #TDGv Agile Playlist is now live and awaiting content from the event

A year ago, I was fortunate to attend and blog the Agile Tour ’09 Toronto Conference.  At that event, I received an iPod Touch that would become a key element of the architecture that supports the @RLavigne42 projects.  This year, I wanted to give back to the event that gave to me.

I am proud to announce, that  The RLavigne42 Podium will be providing video coverage of the *Sold Out* Agile Tour ’10 Toronto Conference on October 20th, 2010.

Not only will I be capturing 720p highlights of the event, but I will be providing opportunities to the speakers to video tape a 3 minute summation of their presentation.  I will have candid chats with attendees and colleagues.  All of these will be part of the upcoming YouTube @RLavigne42 Segment – ##TDGv Agile.  I will be providing a  OOMP at the beginning event outlining my efforts for the day.

Until then, simply know – “Look for the @RLavigne42 bobblehead camera and introduce yourself.”

The team has put together a fantastic line up of guests and well rounded Agile coverage.  The  Conference Program for Agile Tour Toronto ’10 is keynoted by non other than Martin Fowler.   Please check out the conference schedule for a detailed look at the speakers and topics.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is a step up and a move forward for the team putting together this now yearly event.

Take Care,

Rob / @RLavigne42

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