Integrating Engagement: Weekly Review for PR and MKTG Pros | PR+MKTG Camp #E20

Robert Lavigne offers an interesting perspective on the process associated with the adoption of enterprise social media within an organization. His adaptation of Dave Howlett’s Three Gears philosophy to social enterprise provides an accurate description of how organizations integrate social enterprise into their culture.

What’s important here for PR and marketing professionals is to strive to be in Third Gear, be “good guys” and “amazing women.” This means focus engagement and collaboration on actions, not the rewards. To attain this goal, we might have to pass through First Gear or broadcasting mode and Second Gear where there still lies a high expectation for reciprocity. The true rewards come in establishing the organization as genuine, accepting and open to feedback, both internally and externally.

nice pingback on my three gears of enterprise social media post


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