Collaborative Culture, or the Real Enterprise 2.0 #E20

There are 4 hallmarks of a collaborative team:

  1. Shared mission: Without a common goal, it is nearly impossible to form an effective team.
  2. Mutual respect: This is not about who’s better. The team members must not be questioning each others competence or trying to demonstrate their own.
  3. Trust: Mutual respect enables trust that allows for frank discussions and debates, focusing on the issues, not the people.
  4. Commitment to continual improvement and to each other.

I believe that this quote sums it up best “Once we’ve replaced the idea of perfection with aspiration, we allow our corporate selves to be more transparent”.

With lowered cost of entry must come a lowered fear of engagement. True collaboration must come from a emergent conversation of peers that share a common value and goal. For far to long we have discounted and as such shelved the hidden potential of the remaining elements of a corporate infrastructure.


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