Another great post by Cecil on Enterprise 2.0 integration : 12 questions to challenge existing processes « hypertextual

So here are some questions to benchmark existing processes and see how much they align with Enterprise 2.0 principles :

  1. Do they encourage cross-organisational interactions ?
  2. How aligned are they with your business objectives ?
  3. How much noise/complexity do the tools used bring to these processes ?
  4. What was the main motive behind the solution choice ? IT Strategy or usability / productivity ?
  5. How were they define ? Were they imposed in a top-bottom way ? Or did they emerge as healthy practices from the bottom up ?
  6. How can we measure their efficiency ? Is it actually measured and monitored ?
  7. Are they immutable ? Are they updated/modified/improved with user Feedback ?
  8. Do they make any sense ? Are employees/users able to explain how their contribution through these processes align with the company strategy ?
  9. Are they agile ? Do they strive for simplicity rather than creating systems that manage complexity ?
  10. Are we trying to achieve Enterprise 2.0 or helping Enterprise 1.0 being more efficient ?
  11. Do they provide employees with visibility on their work ? Can they contribute and get reward for it, can they build internal reputation on their contribution ?
  12. Are they built around pre-defined structure ? Do they leave room for unstructured data ?

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