CCLA Releases A Preliminary Report of Observations during the #G20 Summit « Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Over the next 36 hours, over 900 people (possibly close to 1000) were arrested by police – the largest mass-arrest in Canadian history. Media, human rights monitors, protestors and passers-by were scooped up off the streets. Detained people were not allowed to speak to a lawyer or to their families. Arbitrary searches occurred in countless locations across the city, in many instances several kilometers from the G20 summit site. Peaceful protests were violently dispersed and force was used. In an effort to locate and disable 100-150 vandals, the police disregarded the constitutional rights of thousands.

This is the one I was most concerned about from a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms point of view:

“The dispersal of protesters at the designated demonstration site in Queen’s Park on Saturday June 26th”

That and the complete lack of proper Police presence on Queen St. West to deal with the vandalism considering the One Billion Dollar price tag to host this global event in Toronto.


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