2010-06-25: The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up (Archive Edition)

  1. wow, you can buy a bag of onions for that, with some $ left for cooking oil (via @focuscom) xactly! bad business tactics IMO esp. nowadaysFri Jun 25 2010 20:56:55 (EDT) via Tweetie for Mac
  2. @compassgroupusa do you realize that you are charging close to $3 for FOUR, yes FOUR onion rings at the Toronto Zoo – SHAME!!!!!! NO BIZ 4UFri Jun 25 2010 20:30:43 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  3. Will no longer be spending any money on @CompassCANJobs at the Toronto Zoo or other locations. $3 for FOUR onion rings – GREED simply GREEDFri Jun 25 2010 20:28:09 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  4. Great quote: “Great #CIO are technologists who have mastered the art of leadership” -Susan Cramm Harvard Business Review. (via @CIOsConnect)Thu Jun 24 2010 17:40:41 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  5. Facebook | Chris Brogan: A Simple Blogging Formula < Could this be the fundamental writing formula?http://post.ly/kX5SThu Jun 24 2010 00:11:35 (EDT) via Posterous
  6. IRON MAIDEN • El Dorado • Dallas • Texas • 2010 • PIT POV HD http://post.ly/kY8rThu Jun 24 2010 00:11:16 (EDT) via Posterous
  7. Facebook applications for your job search — Keppie Careers http://post.ly/kY8kThu Jun 24 2010 00:11:07 (EDT) via Posterous
  8. Viacom Loses $1 Billion Lawsuit Against YouTubehttp://post.ly/kY8fThu Jun 24 2010 00:11:01 (EDT) via Posterous
  9. HUGE: Twitter Lets You Automatically Follow Your Facebook Friends http://post.ly/kY7kThu Jun 24 2010 00:09:22 (EDT) via Posterous
  10. As Unemployment Rises, We Spend More Time Watching TV and Sleeping – WSJ.com http://post.ly/kY7gThu Jun 24 2010 00:09:20 (EDT) via Posterous
  11. 8 Privacy Observations: All Your “Surface Information” are Belong to Us « The Spinks Blog http://post.ly/kY5MThu Jun 24 2010 00:04:25 (EDT) via Posterous
  12. BBC Sport – F1 – Changes made to allow more overtaking in Formula 1 http://post.ly/kY3LThu Jun 24 2010 00:01:25 (EDT) via Posterous
  13. BBC News – US pirate hunters target movieshttp://post.ly/kY1gWed Jun 23 2010 23:58:52 (EDT) via Posterous
  14. RT @dmnguys: @rlavigne42 Next up for the G20: a rain of frogs …Wed Jun 23 2010 18:28:33 (EDT) via web
  15. @rlavigne42 How bad was it there… we felt it here (via @mjayliebs) I guess they were doing a readiness assessment for the G20 😉Wed Jun 23 2010 14:11:42 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  16. @mjayliebs check out the picture of my cat and the broken bowl on FB 😉 I was in heavy thought on the computer and then bam it hitWed Jun 23 2010 14:10:53 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to mjayliebs
  17. I survived mad cow, west nile, SARS, the swine flu, the avian flu and the Toronto earthquake 2010 (via @NataliexDarling) TORONTO FTWWed Jun 23 2010 14:09:55 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  18. hope no one hurt, but disappointed to learn wasn’t Cloverfield eating hippie protestors (via @thedesslock) double LOLWed Jun 23 2010 14:09:19 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  19. RT @swhibbsy: Toronto itself is rejecting the #G20.#earthquake (via @ontheflypr) LOLWed Jun 23 2010 14:09:00 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  20. So, apparently the first earthquake in the Buffalo-Niagara-Toronto region since 1998. (via @Indianadelae)Wed Jun 23 2010 14:08:40 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  21. Earthquake is so rare in Toronto. It’s funny how some choose to Tweet first b4 evacuating the building. (via @lingchung)Wed Jun 23 2010 14:04:36 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  22. @mjayliebs You know, it was an amazing discussion. Quite enjoyed it! Will be hard to figure out what to keep for the documentary vs. YTubeTue Jun 22 2010 22:01:16 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to mjayliebs
  23. @rlavigne42 clearly i need to be drinking wine with u and stop with the boxed stuff (via @jacobm) the invite will always be open. Take CareTue Jun 22 2010 21:27:12 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  24. @jacobm heck I got wine that I can’t touch for another 10 years in my collection. Figure a Shiraz to sweeten up the dry content 😉Tue Jun 22 2010 21:24:31 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to jacobm
  25. @sourcePOV Chris. Quick question. Do you have access to someone with a 720p video cam in your neck of the woods? If so, let’s talk #TDGvTue Jun 22 2010 21:21:14 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to sourcePOV
  26. @jacobm would you recommend a cab sav or a shiraz 😉 Was weird talking to Mitch today and hearing all the names of the people I follow 🙂Tue Jun 22 2010 21:18:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to jacobm
  27. @jacobm was cool seeing your name and picture on Mitch’s presentation today. Printed off the new white paper for some light reading laterTue Jun 22 2010 21:00:27 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to jacobm
  28. Rennsport Reunion 2 Travel Montage #TDGv #SocialMedia#E20 http://post.ly/kPZaTue Jun 22 2010 20:56:55 (EDT) via Posterous
  29. @therealjimlove Great job putting on the CRM event today. Will edit up the footage I took and send you the YouTube link in the coming daysTue Jun 22 2010 20:52:58 (EDT) via web
  30. RT @mjayliebs: My presentation from the #sugarcrm event in Toronto is live on Slideshare http://ow.ly/21Y8C cc @therealjimloveTue Jun 22 2010 20:52:08 (EDT) via web
  31. Huge thank you to @mjayliebs for doing a stellar interview on #SCRM for the #TDGv Racing documentary. Just watched the raw footage twice +1Tue Jun 22 2010 20:51:56 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  32. “Enterprise 2.0 Prepares for Relevancy | Pretzel Logichttp://bit.ly/9T9qcA #e2conf #e20 #IT #CIO” /via @elsua(via @swiertz)Tue Jun 22 2010 20:49:42 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  33. RT @bhc3: How to Reward and Recognize Employees in E2.0? | Enterprise 2.0 Blogs: http://bit.ly/9Hg1b0 #e20 (via @MarkFidelman)Tue Jun 22 2010 20:49:33 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  34. ” ‘Content’? ‘Content’ isn’t king. **Context** is king.” (via @kitson) Like I like to say Content is Free, Context is now the Currency.Tue Jun 22 2010 20:48:32 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  35. “The Attention Economy – you can’t get any more of it; The Idea Economy? It’s booming.” (via @kitson)Tue Jun 22 2010 20:47:36 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  36. “There are 2 economies: The Attention Economy, and the Idea Economy.” (via @kitson)Tue Jun 22 2010 20:47:24 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  37. Inside the Mind of Google: How Google can win in Social Age http://bit.ly/cAOU4a #socialmedia (via @hkotadia)Tue Jun 22 2010 20:47:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  38. @sourcePOV Chris, how goes? Things are okay up here. Working on the #TDGv documentary, which in essence summarizes my findings on SMB2.0Tue Jun 22 2010 19:00:03 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to sourcePOV
  39. How to Create a Virtual Story Wall in Google Docs | Scrumology http://post.ly/kIgnMon Jun 21 2010 23:48:00 (EDT) via Posterous
  40. RT @AskAaronLee: How To Make LinkedIn Answers Part Of Your Routine http://bit.ly/9IK6eh RT @JasonFalls@DannyBrownMon Jun 21 2010 23:35:30 (EDT) via web
  41. RT @AskAaronLee: Inside of a Banned Twitter Accounthttp://bit.ly/7wAREGMon Jun 21 2010 23:35:06 (EDT) via web
  42. Lewis & Jenson, one car, no team — Vodafone ad #E20http://post.ly/kIbeMon Jun 21 2010 23:23:53 (EDT) via Posterous
  43. Defense Acquisition Enterprise 2.0: 10 Take Aways from Enterprise 2.0 Conference Boston http://post.ly/kHSfMon Jun 21 2010 19:07:51 (EDT) via Posterous
  44. Marketing Advice, Ideas and Strategy – Marc Binkleyhttp://post.ly/kHS3Mon Jun 21 2010 19:04:56 (EDT) via Posterous
  45. Very well done. RT @TheArtofEvents detailed notes from The Art of Marketing in Calgary http://bit.ly/bDVXkx#TAOM (via @jillianwalker)Mon Jun 21 2010 19:00:23 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  46. watch @sallyhogshead talk about fascination in life & marketing #taom http://bit.ly/bgGrd1 (via @mynameisguygal)Mon Jun 21 2010 18:59:38 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  47. watch @garyvee at his best, talking marketing, entrepreneurship, NY Jets, @ev http://bit.ly/deeyK4 #taom#crushit (via @mynameisguygal)Mon Jun 21 2010 18:59:05 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  48. Q & A with Gary Vaynerchuk at The Art of Marketinghttp://post.ly/kHPyMon Jun 21 2010 18:57:29 (EDT) via Posterous
  49. Official Google Blog: Edit video online with the YouTube Video Editor http://post.ly/kHIXMon Jun 21 2010 18:26:40 (EDT) via Posterous
  50. 9 Universal Principles of Viral Media Siteshttp://post.ly/kH7zMon Jun 21 2010 17:51:26 (EDT) via Posterous
  51. Would You Break Up via Facebook? [STATS]http://post.ly/kGyKMon Jun 21 2010 17:19:58 (EDT) via Posterous
  52. Enterprise 2.0: It’s No Field of Dreams, A CSC Case Studyhttp://post.ly/kGinMon Jun 21 2010 16:33:17 (EDT) via Posterous
  53. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – Trailer 1 – 1080p HD [Official] http://post.ly/k9e7Sun Jun 20 2010 14:43:10 (EDT) via Posterous
  54. 10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Googlehttp://post.ly/k5DTSat Jun 19 2010 20:36:42 (EDT) via Posterous
  55. Dziekanski case as bad as we thought http://post.ly/k50GSat Jun 19 2010 19:32:50 (EDT) via Posterous
  56. RT @rlavigne42 A Brief Background on the Emergence of @RLavigne42 #TDGv #E20 http://post.ly/i871Sat Jun 19 2010 19:23:28 (EDT) via Posterous
  57. One Degree – Interview with Louise Clements – One Degree 5 Questions http://post.ly/k3SCSat Jun 19 2010 12:49:23 (EDT) via Posterous
  58. BBC News – Utah firing squad executes US killer Ronnie Lee Gardner http://post.ly/k0CyFri Jun 18 2010 23:31:09 (EDT) via Posterous
  59. Who’s Spending the Most Money on Social Games? [INFOGRAPHICS] http://post.ly/k0CSFri Jun 18 2010 23:28:06 (EDT) via Posterous
  60. Race car Crashes-10 #TDGv http://post.ly/jkvPWed Jun 16 2010 18:52:52 (EDT) via Posterous
  61. The core adoption team for #E20 at #IBM is 8 people, with 1400 volunteers across the org of 400,000 employees#e2conf (via @lbenitez)Wed Jun 16 2010 14:00:32 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  62. IBM has core team of 8 in adoption program team (codify best practices, legitimize member work, deliver exec direction) (via @cflanagan)Wed Jun 16 2010 14:00:18 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  63. Very concept of “intranet” now has a 90s (outdated) connotation of top-down communications i.e. doesnt fit collab definitions (via @vdupre)Wed Jun 16 2010 14:00:04 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  64. In order to scale to handle many SMB customers, previously manual business processes for cloud customer support must be automated @skemsleyWed Jun 16 2010 13:56:11 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  65. The Business Case For Streams versus Emailhttp://sto.ly/ayD2Uo @stoweboyd responds to @marciamarcia panel y’dayWed Jun 16 2010 13:55:39 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  66. The Rise of the Online Community Moderators –http://bit.ly/cyqE8O #e2conf (via @markkithcart)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:55:17 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  67. Clouds will certify their compliance with certain jurisdictions or regulations, e.g., a HIPAA-compliant cloud platform (via @skemsley)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:55:01 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  68. Glories: Serendipity, Social Memory, Stimulating knowledge flow, high trust & confidence in peer capabilities (via @elsua)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:54:52 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  69. Uneven participation is not necessarily a bad thing. But need to be comfortable with it. Redundancy of topics still exists (via @cflanagan)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:54:42 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  70. “How do you train people to rely on social memory?” – @rawn #socbiz (via @ITSinsider)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:54:28 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  71. Transitioning from “I have the knowledge” to my networks, strong & weak ties, have got the knowledge for me (via @elsua)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:54:05 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  72. Darwin awareness engine: a new way to make sense of oceans of info/detect anamolies in patternshttp://darwinalpha.com/ (via @panklam)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:53:32 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  73. Social tools shape the workflows; Frustrations: Some workflows change completely and unpredictably; new biz processes… (via @elsua)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:53:19 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  74. Just got note from slideshare – @dankeldsen #e2confStrategically Flexible #E20 preso is hot on twitter- go figure! http://bit.ly/apZSEHWed Jun 16 2010 13:53:02 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  75. The other 58% probably have NO info make a decision RT @joshscribner: 42% of people use the WRONG info to make decisions (@chirag_mehta)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:52:15 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  76. Transformation of business does not happen with snap of finger. At large co – we see this only over years (via @cflanagan)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:51:35 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  77. multiple tasks, and outside the normal window, people still doing it the “old way” i.e. duplicate work (via @elsua)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:51:17 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  78. Key for adoption at IBM was integrating into existing workflows, simplify infrastructure, and provide more flexibility (via @lbenitez)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:51:02 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  79. Let the community police information appropriatiness. Formal mgt structures are a poor way to police SoMedia. (via @BBBuzzell)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:50:53 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  80. Sensitve information is already being shared by employees SoMedia just makes information more discoverable.#e2conf (via @BBBuzzell)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:50:38 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  81. tasks before tools!!! dont even bother naming the tool early on, focus on the business use. #e2conf #ibm (via @joshscribner)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:50:31 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  82. .@billives In 2008, more content was recorded than in all previous history. In 2009, it happened again. #e2conf-31 (via @dcd)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:50:13 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  83. RT @wkulhanek: Get the IBM white paper athttp://bit.ly/IBM20paper#e2conf-34 (via @NigelFenwick)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:49:43 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  84. Vanguard engages legal, comp, hr, it AND heads of business to decide what flexibility it needed from policies for social spaces (@cpflaum)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:49:32 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  85. Microsoft Town Hall – “fairly open, only restriction is that it has to be hosted on Azure” (via @saldarji)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:49:14 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  86. cloud compliance issue: is your provider secretly relying on other providers in ways that might undermine your compliance? (via @skemsley)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:49:02 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  87. .@rawn talks about stages 1. See Value 2. Rec bus value 3. all together now (tool) 4. Integrate workflow 5. shift perspective (@cflanagan)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:48:51 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  88. RT @alanlepo “Social is not a product feature. Social needs to be a layer in the enterprise architecture to release the value”Wed Jun 16 2010 13:48:35 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  89. First ask when planning internal social media policies: Can I modify policies already in place or do I need something new? (via @cpflaum)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:48:13 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  90. The more regulated your industry, the earlier you need to involve compliance in your social media project. #e2conf-30 (via @michellemcgee)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:48:04 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  91. The massive IBM #E20 adoption effort is our sector’s human genome project. #history-making (via @ITSinsider)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:47:55 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  92. #IBM methodology has 4 pillars: individual, team (client facing), community, executives (reverse mentoring) (via @lbenitez)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:47:25 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  93. #IBM has 34k wikis, 10k communities, 1M social bookmarks, 3M weekly searches for employee profiles (via @lbenitez)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:46:56 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  94. ♺ @BillIves my #e2conf notes: Notes: The State of Enterprise 2.0 from @amcafee http://bit.ly/dcpVqU / Great blog coverage! (via @elsua)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:46:37 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  95. .@jeanne_murray setting down stage of IBM’s background on facing internal adoption; globally distributed, virtual, new employees(via @elsua)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:46:18 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  96. #IBM: 73% of managers have at least one remote employee, half of employees new within 5 years (via @cflanagan)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:45:46 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  97. #e2conf in IBM session on social business imperatives with @rawn (170 countries 400K employees, 40% work away from office) (via @cflanagan)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:45:36 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  98. Another great Yammer use case. See how Yammer is used for employee training at Hooters http://bit.ly/cDfGin (via @donnyo)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:44:56 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  99. RT @rwang0 @angelhernandez Move people w/ *their* strengths, teach them & help them achieve Purpose. And let them create the Magic.Wed Jun 16 2010 13:44:45 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  100. I’m signing books on the expo floor at #e2conf . Come by and get a freebie (via @amcafee) Would love to coordinate one remotely AndyWed Jun 16 2010 13:44:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  101. Enterprise 2.0 Boston – Tuesday thoughts #e2confhttp://dld.bz/hjwj (via @aponcier)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:43:30 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  102. RT @Ross @eugenelee‘s @ #e2conf keynote slides: The Social Layer http://slidesha.re/d4HPob #e20 (via @dhinchcliffe)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:42:36 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  103. MindQuilt workflow seems natural, sorta like an enterprise Ask Jeeves. Ability to ask questions by email and IM.(via @CarloDelumpa)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:42:22 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  104. Mindquilt provides a full audit trail. U can also see what badges a user has earned & what they have contributed. (via @VMaryAbraham)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:42:04 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  105. the second most important event going on right now, the#worldcup just got a mention at the most important#e2conf 😉 (via @sscullion) LOLWed Jun 16 2010 13:40:58 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  106. Doodle is Tungle through and through #e2conf (via @jevon) tungle.me/rlavigne42 😉Wed Jun 16 2010 13:40:42 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  107. RT @amcafee#andyasks should speakers display a backchannel during presentations? [No, but should reserve Q&A time 2address.] (via @LLiu)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:40:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  108. #e2conf Interview: Jive Software’s Ben Kiker |http://bit.ly/cuqsy7 (via @jmancini77)Wed Jun 16 2010 13:38:56 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  109. I’m voting for @cecildijoux in the PBworks Top #e20Thinkers Contest! http://votejet.com/qRULNpXKbMWed Jun 16 2010 06:45:40 (EDT) via web
  110. @MikeGotta @rwang0 activity streams by role, by process, by other filters could evolve into workflow loosely-coupled perhaps < totally agreeWed Jun 16 2010 00:09:45 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  111. Gilles Villeneuve Final Moment, but the beginning of #TDGvhttp://post.ly/jdHATue Jun 15 2010 16:50:31 (EDT) via Posterous
  112. Enterprise Collaboration: It’s the Culture, Stupid!http://j.mp/cQmgSn #e2conf (via @skemsley)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:20:25 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  113. Lotus Symphony resurrected?!? My family owned this software back in the 1980’s. Now it’s free editing s/w. Incredible. (via @jackvinson)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:20:13 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  114. Panel: #MacBook, MacBook, Dell, MacBook, MacBook. Who says Macs are only used in the Art Dept?http://twitpic.com/1x2iw2 (via @tculler)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:19:44 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  115. Just because you can put everything on a webpage doesn’t mean you should. Keep your homepage simple. #e2conf(via @KristenRitter)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:18:56 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  116. Social Software idol : I came to be impressed by visions and laugh a little. Only demos…so sad #e2conf (via @bduperrin) 😦Tue Jun 15 2010 16:18:31 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  117. Was funny in the Vendor Idol though – only one PC in the mix between the vendors… #e2conf (via @bpluskowski)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:17:59 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  118. “Community is all about passion and purpose. People need to want to achieve something together.” @meganmurray#e2conf (via @jimstorer)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:17:53 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  119. Interesting contrast <> cos where community is the offering & those where community facilitates offering,e.g. Booz Allen v uTest (@rickladd)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:17:13 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  120. “Booz Allen has ~27k staff & 50% are outside the main campus at any given time. Social helps bring them together.” @meganmurray (@jimstorer)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:16:45 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  121. RT @BBBuzzell: Cavemen were social. Aren’t we talking about how we continue to be social in the electronic world? (via @BrickandClick)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:15:22 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  122. How 3 companies are using microsharing:http://bit.ly/5qxNku #e2conf (via @kmburnham)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:14:39 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  123. .@mikegotta FWIW – Activity streams are really workflow vers 12 – but it’s more than email. it’s an engagement/interaction stream (@rwang0)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:14:26 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  124. RT @markkithcart: How to get Adoption – Start w/ a privileged few & then create exclusivity so the resentful masses will crave it. (@rwang0)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:14:06 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  125. Microblogging is the dial tone within the social organisation so that when I need to make the call, the experts are there (via @BartSchutte)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:13:31 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  126. RT @rwang0: Forced collaboration=U get memo 2 work together/else your not a “team player” \ not collaboration; forced joy (via @drnatalie)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:13:16 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  127. RT @rwang0: Forced collaboration= work together or else you’re not a “team player” | old style, command/control management (via @drnatalie)Tue Jun 15 2010 16:13:00 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  128. @stevedriz BTW, I would like you to attend the #TDGvRacing segment on E20 that I will be doing for CIPS Toronto in July. Talk to Igor.Tue Jun 15 2010 16:11:58 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to stevedriz
  129. @stevedriz well as long as they follow the Doesn’t Know Ya mentality, they will only ever hear what they are already hearing and not shiftTue Jun 15 2010 16:11:10 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to stevedriz
  130. .@Greg2dot0 Blogs (usually) requires thinking, so Twitter is fine for most 😉 (via @stu) same as e-mail vs. chatsTue Jun 15 2010 14:39:38 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  131. #e2conf @timyoung “Microsharing transitions Information hoarding into information sharing” (via @n2frizbee)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:38:20 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  132. Microsharing shows the information org, which is eventually the one that gets the job done; work around networks again 🙂 (via @elsua)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:38:07 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  133. Very true! Most tech tools are solutions looking for problems #e2conf (via @themaria)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:37:44 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  134. #e2conf-51 Microsharing is all about sharing of tacit knowledge, in small chunks, of course hehe (via @elsua)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:37:34 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  135. Challenge:How 2 retain, retrieve & review ALL electronic comms … every msg needs 2 B saved 2 non-rewritable device:Vanguard- @NigelFenwickTue Jun 15 2010 14:37:17 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  136. Cisco’s community taxonomy: People, Work, Life Interests#e2conf (via @kendomen)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:36:13 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  137. Microsharing re-surfaces duplication of work, re-inventing the wheel by providing clarity / transparency across teams (via @elsua)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:31:10 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  138. #e20 needs to be connected to the Cust Experience; a Social CRM white paper Comity Technology Advisorshttp://comityadvisors.com/ @mjayliebsTue Jun 15 2010 14:30:53 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  139. “It is about changing the way we work” @marciamarcia#e2conf-51 (via @LindaAtV3)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:30:26 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  140. I spot a trend here… While on tech conferences the MacBook is omnipresent, in business conferences the iPad is pervasive!(via @fdiotalevi)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:30:14 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  141. Email’s TO field being removed by microsharing; another ref. microsharing IM anyone can see < my faves (via @elsua)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:29:51 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  142. 3 pillars of #E20 at vangard. 1- Collaboration 2-Mobility 3-Communications. (via @brianmorrow)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:26:32 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  143. Key to defining ROI in Enterprise 2.0 is accurately understanding “value” for the different stakeholder groups. (via @mkrigsman)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:26:10 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  144. And remember kids; you’re a person, NOT a brand:http://bit.ly/c5sE80 (via @mastermark#Branding#SocialMediaTue Jun 15 2010 14:20:00 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  145. #E20 puts a whole new spin on the old saying; “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” #e2conf (via @BBBuzzell) The Digital Grapevine!!!Tue Jun 15 2010 14:19:05 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  146. wikipedia will be rolling out collaborative video development #e2conf-15 <– look forward to seeing it (via @brianmorrow)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:18:31 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  147. Sharing is not subjected to users will, it has become a social norm #E20 #SocialMedia (via @ShlomiDinoor)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:18:20 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  148. while investing in protecting from external access to the enterprise,we invest in enabling people to go outside the enterprise @ShlomiDinoorTue Jun 15 2010 14:17:57 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  149. Howlett: outward facing activity can drive revenue, inward facing activity needs to be connected to revenue. (via @VMaryAbraham)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:17:34 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  150. So far wifi has been very reliable to #e2conf. Hats off to the Westin Staff (via @Greg2dot0) huge thanks from us backchannel attendeesTue Jun 15 2010 14:17:22 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  151. if you always do what you always have done, you will always get what you have always gotten#dontbeafraidofsocial #e2conf (via @jwillie)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:16:51 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  152. While social networking embrace individuals, it actually encourage growth of the collective on behalf of individuals (via @ShlomiDinoor)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:16:41 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  153. We talk about brand loyalty on the outside, can #e20 help company loyalty on the inside? (via @mjayliebs) the lost art of collab engagementTue Jun 15 2010 14:16:23 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  154. member @jimworth is mayor of #e2conf on foursquare… council members rule.. 🙂 (via @ITSinsider)was wondering who would leap at checkin inTue Jun 15 2010 14:15:53 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  155. howlett: Best reward for adoption and use = peer recognition (via @VMaryAbraham) the rise of discoverability within the enterprise #BrandingTue Jun 15 2010 14:15:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  156. Oliver Marks: until you use the tool, it’s hard to understand exactly how useful it can be. That’s a key #e20 paradox. (via @VMaryAbraham)Tue Jun 15 2010 14:14:38 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  157. @C360R Little behind the scene #TDGv video for you Karl. Enjoy Rob http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyROe_2U3KwTue Jun 15 2010 14:13:01 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  158. @CassieSTROM the book itself is a mixed bag. I loved some aspects and struggled through others. Amazing person though and that countsTue Jun 15 2010 13:50:16 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to CassieSTROM
  159. ♺ @VMaryAbraham @elsua Of course you haven’t heard from them — they said they would e-mail you!!! / Toucheeee! 😛 (via @elsua)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:49:23 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  160. hehe RT @tonybyrne#e2conf Phrases like “virtual private cloud,” makes me think of this: http://bit.ly/d2rH7x (via @bduhon)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:49:06 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  161. Feedback is widely used and showcased within #CSC comm – be prepared to accept – and act on the insights (via @cpflaum)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:48:40 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  162. RT @CiscoCollab: Customer retain info 5x better if it is both audio + video vs. audio alone #customercollab (via @jdrmichigan)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:48:22 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  163. In a 1hr video there are 10,000 spoken words – transcription and full search of all spoken words is key – tags aren’t enough (via @jamiep77)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:48:01 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  164. Collaboration silos – 21st century silos @olivermarks – fragmentation is a problem – a real problem (via @mjayliebs)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:47:31 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  165. In a one hour video there are 10,000 spoken words#e2conf-15 (via @ThomLytle)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:47:21 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  166. @ITSinsider one day I might get the chance to be in said line 😉 Enjoying #e2conf I am sure!Tue Jun 15 2010 13:47:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ITSinsider
  167. RT @bduhon:”#sharepoint a bag of piss trying to evolve into something halfway useful”~Dennis Howlett Interesting statement. (via @bduperrin)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:44:49 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  168. #e2conf attendees must be highest concentration of #ipadusers anywhere. (via @jmancini77) well it is the TNG version of the TOS tricoderTue Jun 15 2010 13:44:15 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  169. Video keys: No one has it nailed but options improving. Chunk videos. Give consistent user-experience. #e2conf-15 (via @brianmorrow) tks +1Tue Jun 15 2010 13:43:07 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  170. 17 million emails a day at Microsoft for 80,000 employees#thingsthatmakeyougohmmmm (via @jwillie) And yet we still question #E20 ROITue Jun 15 2010 13:42:41 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  171. Video model has to change to on demand – firms need to get away from the idea that everyone has to watch at the same time (via @jamiep77)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:42:03 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  172. @Greg2dot0 exactly the reason I RTed, I loved the double meaning of the quote. I read it that way the first time as well 😉Tue Jun 15 2010 13:41:49 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to Greg2dot0
  173. for many, if it isnt in Outlook it doesnt exist. That’s where Outlook Social Connector comes in. #e2conf. (via @michellemcgee)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:41:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  174. Forgiveness coming up again; wonder whether it’ll eventually help people coping w/ making mistakes while engaging #e20 (via @elsua)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:30:27 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  175. Good point on people been tired of change management initiatives that really didn’t work before; tired of change? Or fear? (via @elsua)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:30:12 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  176. Context and content need to be embedded into the business processes ~ @elsua, CRM = sCRM / Didn’t happen w/ KM before 😦 (via @jdrmichigan)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:30:00 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  177. Why process matters in Enterprise 2.0 http://bit.ly/djJWKr#E20 (via @mkrigsman)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:29:15 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  178. Howlett : the missing link in e20 is process #e2conf > +++ (via @bduperrin)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:29:04 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  179. Critical that our execs. be involved and advocates of the project ~ @cflanagan #csc (via @Emergent007)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:28:46 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  180. You cant plan to go viral. You cant go viral if you don’t plan well. #e2conf / @cflanagan (via @lbenitez)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:28:24 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  181. #CSC usage of network 58% consumers, 42% contributors. Again, impressive (via @Emergent007)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:28:06 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  182. #CSC on their C3 initiative: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate. A network with more than 40 000 users impressive #e2conf (via @Emergent007)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:27:38 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  183. Is Facebook *the* right example for #e20? I doubt it … for *so* many reasons (via @elsua)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:27:09 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  184. Pilot limited in duration, not audience. Piloting not only the tech, but the adoption methods! Don’t dump pilot!~@cflanagan(@TheBrycesWrite)Tue Jun 15 2010 13:26:37 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  185. “Socializing with Video: How emerging video applications will impact enterprise collaboration” #e2conf-15 (via @brianmorrow) key points?Tue Jun 15 2010 13:25:24 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  186. Today is the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston.They will cover topics such as: Search, 2.0 Platforms and#Collaboration Software @nearsoftTue Jun 15 2010 12:54:17 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  187. ROI can be defined in many ways. If you invest time or money, then you need benefit or value. ~ @mkrigsmanTue Jun 15 2010 12:52:40 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  188. “We don’t have the tools yet to garden all the communities together”? It’s called a fundamental architecture flaw. (via @rotkapchen)Tue Jun 15 2010 12:52:25 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  189. 12pm Toronto: Cloudy 21.3C / 70.34F Wind: SE 15 km/h 102.1 kPa rising (via @wxTO)Tue Jun 15 2010 12:24:51 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  190. For today’s pub of HOLY WATER the good folks @Doubledaypub are letting me give away 5 copies. Thinking quiz. (via @jamespothmer) I’m in!!!Tue Jun 15 2010 12:13:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  191. @jill_rowley totally agree. More $ on cultural engagement and less $ on commodity services such as mail, office suites, outdated commsTue Jun 15 2010 12:07:46 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to jill_rowley
  192. @stevedriz and yet the VPs tend to focus only on the aspects of the tools and ignored the challenge of the culture than foster or fester inTue Jun 15 2010 12:07:02 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to stevedriz
  193. #Innovation – Schumpeter (1934) seems to be the “ur definition”; see the Wikipedia article http://bit.ly/kxDYD . (via @altmilan)Tue Jun 15 2010 12:06:04 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  194. @CassieSTROM thoughts on Fascinate and Hogshead?Tue Jun 15 2010 12:05:45 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to CassieSTROM
  195. #IBM is 100 years old, we’ve learned a few new tricks 🙂 early adopters and researchers lead the way. (via @joshscribner)Tue Jun 15 2010 12:05:05 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  196. Scheduling your own tweets during a keynote presentationhttp://ow.ly/1YNlN (via @mjayliebs)Tue Jun 15 2010 12:04:48 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  197. If you’ve nailed the infrastructure, and people are thirsty to collaborate, what’s next? A: Culture of #Collaboration (via @AndreaMeyer)Tue Jun 15 2010 12:04:21 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  198. Want to talk at the same time? Instructions and free tool athttp://labs.ideo.com/category/twitter #e2conf (via @gentry)Tue Jun 15 2010 12:03:39 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  199. Screensaver with tweets of employees is sure a great way to recognize your people! ~ @gentry (via @nikhilnulkar)Tue Jun 15 2010 12:03:18 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  200. [COMMERCIAL ALERT] Gee, @gentry seems to be describing @Jivesoftware SBS. 😉 #e2conf (via @gialyons) always the pitch-person Gia 😉Tue Jun 15 2010 12:02:58 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  201. Gentry Underwood: facilitate and reward participation (via @nahumg)Tue Jun 15 2010 12:02:12 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  202. To understand how groups form you need to know how social structures emerge re: critical role for social sciences in #E20 ~ @MikeGottaTue Jun 15 2010 12:01:58 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  203. There’s an inverse relationship between the amount of friction in a system and the rate of adoption. ~ @gentryTue Jun 15 2010 12:01:39 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  204. Adoption is a major challenge in innovation and collaboration systems. These are “we” tools ~ @gentryTue Jun 15 2010 12:01:14 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  205. Great innovation systems don’t just let you ask the crowd for suggestions: they empower groups to self-form and collaborate ~ @gentryTue Jun 15 2010 12:00:58 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  206. IDEO’s Wiki system is organized around groups #e2conf(via @wearegenuine)Tue Jun 15 2010 12:00:33 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  207. Many enterprises might have collab culture, but they are over-commanded and over-controlled. IMO. ~ @gialyonsTue Jun 15 2010 11:59:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  208. a blank wall + post-its is a powerful #designthinkingplatform for coalescence (via @ironick)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:58:31 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  209. .@gentry automates tweets broadcast during his presentations. Love that!!! I don’t need to tweet what he’s saying. (via @lehawes)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:58:17 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  210. Love IDEO and all, but saying innovation can’t be managed makes it seem like magic, or only for innovation consultants-not true~ @dankeldsenTue Jun 15 2010 11:57:45 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  211. RT @rotkapchen: Here’s the big irony, companies keep going to IDEO, when in reality they FIRE all the#designthinking peeps. (via @rhappe)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:56:50 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  212. real innovation happens when people coalesce around the same goals and work together to make change happen ~ @gentryTue Jun 15 2010 11:41:24 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  213. Ideas are cheap, it takes people who want to be enabled by it and work towards making it reality. #e2conf (via @joshscribner)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:41:07 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  214. Innovation is about expressing the human capacity for creative improvement ~ @gentryTue Jun 15 2010 11:40:50 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  215. Innovation is about empowering people, not churning out ideas ~ @gentryTue Jun 15 2010 11:40:37 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  216. IDEO Principle 1: empower people, not ideas#designthinking (via @ironick)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:40:24 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  217. Technology alone doesn’t transform org. #e2conf (via @cflanagan)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:40:04 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  218. Gentry: structure often gets in the way of collaboration.#e2conf (via @jackvinson)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:39:58 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  219. Design Thinking is about taking design and distributing it (via @mjayliebs)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:39:39 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  220. innovation & collaboration should be fun and enjoyable (via @jqsmooth)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:39:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  221. Andrew McAfee is not disappointing – ‘4 Tensions’ are great insight / framework. #e2conf (via @SMBResearch)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:38:52 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  222. “..standing on someone else’s shoulders and trying to juggle with someone across the globe.” ~@amcafee (via @gialyons)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:38:41 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  223. There’s a place in the enterprise for stability (Hello, my name is Captain Obvious) #e2conf (via @gialyons)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:38:29 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  224. Ants are great example of a superorganism, get a lot done (yeah, but they are willing to die for each other) (via @mjayliebs) Military ModelTue Jun 15 2010 11:37:49 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  225. “We need hierarchy but probably a bit less of it” @amcafee#e2conf (via @rhappe)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:37:28 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  226. HiPPOs are not necessarily extinct. Need SOME hierarchy, need balance with superorganism (e.g., ant colony) (via @gialyons)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:37:19 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  227. RT @gialyons: HiPPO = acronym to describe highest paid person in organization/highly paid person’s opinion (via @jamiep77)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:37:10 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  228. We usually spend too much time on strong ties. Need to get innovation from outer rings of bullseye (potential ties)(via @cflanagan)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:37:01 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  229. “If you’re on Second Life you don’t have a First Life.” ~@jobsworth (via @AAinslie)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:35:45 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  230. “Can’t just go through the motions, enterprises need to build the infrastructure – human, technical, organizational”~ @amcafee (via @rhappe)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:35:20 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  231. What are Enterprises doing, building a “cargo cult” to say that they gave it a try… you have to build infrastructure. (via @mjayliebs)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:35:03 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  232. RT @rhappe: High level message from @amcafee – space is heating up, lots of enterprises adopting social software#e2confTue Jun 15 2010 11:34:45 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  233. “Cargo cult” = islanders re-created war-time activities (military planes full of cargo would land) #e2conf (via @gialyons)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:34:25 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  234. Couldn’t agree more RT @tmiket: Employees know what to do and IT needs to develop their enabling abilities (via @conniewinch)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:34:07 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  235. Gartner thinks we’re at a tipping point of #e20. PwC agrees. McKinsey survey results=pretty high rates of adoption+satisfaction – @gialyonsTue Jun 15 2010 11:33:26 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  236. #SAP demoing their social collaboration tool…I can’t see this being easily adopted by a large number of employees. (via @hkeil)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:32:43 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  237. lovely expression during #SAP demo: “I’m going to show you a bit of ankle here” to show off a bit of the emerging features (via @skemsley)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:32:15 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  238. massive data analysis in memory allows sophisticated collaboration and decision making #SAP (via @olivermarks)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:31:55 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  239. “Decisions are one of the least digitized aspects of #E20” – agree. (via @dankeldsen)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:31:33 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  240. SAP – collaboration is important, but there are better ways to describe this than demos #e2conf (via @mjayliebs)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:30:34 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  241. I make over 200 decisions in a day (we all do) I wonder how many are right, should probably crowd source a few, to be fair (via @mjayliebs)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:30:13 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  242. Put information in context (another way to say – “Right information at the right time”) (via @mjayliebs)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:29:44 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  243. To solve a problem, people used to ask their colleague. Now they google (via @bduperrin)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:29:24 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  244. More details about how #CSC successfully reached a tipping point with @JiveSoftware employee platform?http://bit.ly/bNQhwT (via @gialyons)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:29:14 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  245. Lem Lasher rolled out Jive at CSC. “It is not about pre-approved ROIs. It is about culture.” (via @larsz)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:28:35 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  246. 3C (Connect, Communicate, Collaborate) has become the “language” of #CSC; incredible adoption rates of @Jivesoftware (via @johngibbon)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:27:49 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  247. Every product SAP is envisioning has networking, collaboration top of mind #e2conf (via @mjayliebs)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:26:27 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  248. Connecting people and processes : I love this kind of sentence. #SAP (via @bduperrin)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:26:02 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  249. Employee (@cflanagan) promoted, live at #e2conf — what a great way to recognize a key contributor. (via @joshscribner) congrats ClaireTue Jun 15 2010 11:25:43 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  250. Employee promoted, live at #e2conf — what a great way to recognize a key contributor. (via @joshscribner)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:25:19 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  251. It becomes the “language of our business.” CSC’s social business platform (Jive). #e2conf (via @ITSinsider)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:24:30 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  252. RT @ironick: Love focus sunlight (getting corp out of the way) not seeds (empowering employees) (via @cflanagan)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:24:09 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  253. This is how our members succeed- smart, executive support. #e2adoption (via @ITSinsider)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:23:16 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  254. Orgs already have social networks, been around forever- w/#E20, we’re realizing how tools can better mediate & augment them (via @MikeGotta)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:23:07 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  255. Appoint person on point. Get out of the way. Make social collaboration a reality. “Not worried about ROI rather transform org” – @cflanaganTue Jun 15 2010 11:22:33 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  256. Role of Chief Innovation Officer is to be enough of an irritant to move forward, but enabler to allow change to happen -Lem (via @cflanagan)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:21:55 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  257. Lem: We not only win awards in industry. Our employees give us kudos for innovation agenda. #CSC (via @cflanagan)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:21:22 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  258. #CSC is a @jivesoftware customer #E20 (via @gialyons) 🙂Tue Jun 15 2010 11:21:10 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  259. “Future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed.” William Gibson quote shared by #csc #e2conf (via @benkiker)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:20:21 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  260. If you adopt best practices – you’re just the same as others. You need to go further and find the “next practices” (via @jamiep77)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:19:58 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  261. yessssss – why do we want to have and follow best practices, these are bound to lead to mediocrity #e2confkeynote (via @frogpond)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:19:30 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  262. Infrequently used, not practical = Boring Bad Practice #CSC(via @gialyons)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:19:16 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  263. characteristics of a practice: frequency and practicality with which it is adopted #CSC (via @gialyons)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:19:06 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  264. Forget Best Practices, focus on Next Practices to gain leadership. #e2conf (via @piewords)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:18:53 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  265. employees are not the problem – do not focus on individual employees for innovation says Lem (via @sscullion)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:18:48 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  266. “assets in databases” != innovation #CSC #e2conf (via @gialyons)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:18:30 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  267. Every time I hear someone from #CSC, I’m impressed with the individual and the company.Deep thinking, executed well. Amen. (via @dankeldsen)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:18:16 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  268. employee innovation is being suffocated by management processes and objectives – instead facilitate, aid, enable (via @larsz)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:17:50 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  269. RT @johnnewton:Best line so far: 40 yrs for IBM to become evil, 20 4 MSFT, 10 for GOOG, 5 for Facebook and 2.5 for Twitter (via @MarkABaker)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:17:35 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  270. 4 things: socialize IC, externalize it, internalize it, and combine it = unleashed creativity #CSC #e2conf (via @gialyons)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:17:16 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  271. RT @johngibbon: Real good management of Innovation will kill innovation because it will limit risk – #CSC Chief Innovation OfficeTue Jun 15 2010 11:16:39 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  272. RT @olivermarks: download the free #e2conf whitepaper ‘Accelerating Business Performance’ http://bit.ly/xiznm (via @ellenfeaheny)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:16:12 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  273. You must look at innovation as a system wide problem.#CSC (via @peepf)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:16:05 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  274. Employees not the problem they are being suffocated. Don’t need empowerment just for you to get out of the way (via @tmiket)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:15:54 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  275. CSC talking about photosynthesis and the SYSTEM around#innovation as key. Not just about innovation seeds. h20, o2, etc. (via @dankeldsen)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:15:38 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  276. GenY/Boomers & social tools; time 4 cross-mentoring – @mikegotta | don’t forget Gen X at the X-road 🙂 -@MarkTamisTue Jun 15 2010 11:15:11 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  277. Difficult to get focus on innovation, because def’s of “innovation” were too diffused #CSC (via @gialyons)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:13:47 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  278. Good advice from JP Rangaswami regarding CIOs prescription for #E20 – start open, close only where required (via @JasonLamon)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:13:29 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  279. P/L structure is one of the most unfortunate inventions. Great for managing cash flow. Terrible for innovation – Lem Lasher (via @cflanagan)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:12:22 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  280. The C-Level Perspective: Social Collaboration Fueling Innovation, Business Results and Competitive Advantage – Lem Lasher (via @elsua)Tue Jun 15 2010 11:11:49 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  281. GenY familiar with social tools but lacks biz literacies-boomers have literacies but not w/social tools; time 4 cross-mentoring ~ @MikeGottaTue Jun 15 2010 11:10:56 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  282. Video can be valuable for tacit knowledge, but general#e20 barriers are nothing compared to video barriers ~ @dankeldsenTue Jun 15 2010 11:10:13 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  283. @CassieSTROM I caught the one in #YYZ a few months back so for this one I was capturing some of the highlights to compliment my notes. You?Mon Jun 14 2010 22:49:41 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to CassieSTROM
  284. Join @MichaelSahota and @ginomarckx “Strategies to organize and prioritize your backlog” at http://bit.ly/ajqQij#agiletoronto < will beMon Jun 14 2010 22:41:23 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  285. Welcome @sdelesie to the coaching circle that is @jasonlittle @michaelsahota @dwhelan and @gerrykirk. Makes a good thing even better. | +1Mon Jun 14 2010 22:39:22 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  286. @SallyHogshead thanks for the backchannel to the event Sally. Made up for not being able to attend.Mon Jun 14 2010 18:57:50 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to SallyHogshead
  287. “Your job as a leader is not to have great ideas, but to create conditions in which *others* have great ideas.”~Sir Ken (via @SallyHogshead)Mon Jun 14 2010 18:57:10 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  288. If the conditions are right creativity is inevitable ~ @SirKenRobinson (via @stevecomrie)Mon Jun 14 2010 18:56:55 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  289. Don’t ask, “Are you creative?” but rather, “How are you creative?” ~ @sirkenrobinson (via @SallyHogshead)Mon Jun 14 2010 18:56:36 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  290. .@focuscom Really enjoying your tweets- where are you sitting at #taom? Does your face look like your avatar? : ) (via @SallyHogshead) LOLMon Jun 14 2010 18:56:06 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  291. Creativity and intelligence go hand and hand (via @mlambert)Mon Jun 14 2010 18:55:45 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  292. #SocialMedia is a transformative technology. Creativity is ability to have original ideas that add value. ~ @SirKenRobinson (via @focuscom)Mon Jun 14 2010 18:55:33 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  293. Imagination is ability to bring to mind things not there. ~ @SirKenRobinson (via @focuscom)Mon Jun 14 2010 18:55:11 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  294. If you do something you Love and Your Good at it, you’ll never work another day in your Life ~ @SirKenRobinson (via @RevSocial)Mon Jun 14 2010 18:54:58 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  295. Whoa… –> “Being good at something isn’t enough of a reason to do it.” ~ @SirKenRobinson (via @SallyHogshead)Mon Jun 14 2010 18:54:44 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  296. Creativity is the practical process of putting imagination to work. To be creative, you have to DO something~@sirkenrobinson (@lilyadviento)Mon Jun 14 2010 18:54:21 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  297. Our imagination has set us apart from everything else on Earth ~ @sirkenrobinson (via @Out_Inc)Mon Jun 14 2010 18:53:32 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  298. .@sirkenrobinson is apparantly a stand-up comedian masquerading as a marketing conference speaker. (via @stevecomrie)Mon Jun 14 2010 18:53:16 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  299. My favourite quote of all time and my definition: Creativity is making the complicated simple, awesomely simple. (via @jgulash)Mon Jun 14 2010 18:52:16 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  300. @YORKMotorsport and yet Gavin ignored my friend request when I reached out to him 😉 So not sure what to say about that one.Mon Jun 14 2010 18:07:41 (EDT) via web in reply to YORKMotorsport
  301. Difference between web20 conf and marketing conf – there are a lot of ladies here. (via @superblue)Mon Jun 14 2010 17:36:57 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  302. 360 250GB “Slim” hands-on, full details. Bonus: it’s sexyhttp://post.ly/jWMTMon Jun 14 2010 17:36:41 (EDT) via Posterous
  303. Marketing as a service or a benefit instead of a billboard is a great idea (via @mlambert)Mon Jun 14 2010 17:33:58 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  304. Do good because you can not as a marketing campaign (via @mlambert)Mon Jun 14 2010 17:33:49 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  305. @scottwambler I think the learnings from the rules apply, but the boundaries of those rules are being challenged and mashups are the resultMon Jun 14 2010 17:31:37 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to scottwambler
  306. I kid you not, @garyvee just slapped my ass… i’m never washing my right cheek again. (via @mynameisguygal) LOL Lucky You for meeting himMon Jun 14 2010 17:29:59 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  307. @superblue congrats on the book win.Mon Jun 14 2010 17:13:34 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to superblue
  308. @nathanielberman Heck even I still screw up using twitter after a year 😉 There is getting it and how to properly use it.Mon Jun 14 2010 17:13:09 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to nathanielberman
  309. @mynameisguygal love his thoughts on social gaming mechanisms to gain revisits and brand engagementMon Jun 14 2010 16:58:27 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to mynameisguygal
  310. Experiences can’t be knocked off… They are the driver of authenticity (via @marikodawn)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:57:23 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  311. E3 2010: Microsoft Shows Kinect, Debuts Slim Xbox 360http://bit.ly/b2MHip With more pics of the new Xbox 360. (via @LanceUlanoff)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:56:18 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  312. @superblue no worries. thanks for calling me on it. totally unintentional on my part. just collecting some of the key tweets for later.Mon Jun 14 2010 16:55:43 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to superblue
  313. “Take advantage of Twitter now, while people still don’t get it.” ~ @garyvee (via @SallyHogshead)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:45:59 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  314. @mynameisguygal yeah, no worries. My bad. Was in a rush and normally I trim off the hashtags when doing a sprint.Mon Jun 14 2010 16:44:54 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to mynameisguygal
  315. .@rlavigne42 dude, you’re really doing it wrong. Please stop. (via @superblue) Agreed, should have removed the hashtag from my RTs.RectifiedMon Jun 14 2010 16:44:14 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  316. @garyvee that answered it 😉 Was at Walter’s street hockey tournament a few weekends ago in Brantford talking about that very episodeMon Jun 14 2010 16:35:33 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to garyvee
  317. @mynameisguygal k, will remove the hashtag going forward. Only collecting the key thoughts emerging from the session. Great job BTW.Mon Jun 14 2010 16:34:14 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to mynameisguygal
  318. Wow. @garyvee just killed it!! #taom (via @sarahmjames) more like crushed itMon Jun 14 2010 16:33:17 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  319. Quit wasting time trying to convince people who don’t “get it” ~@garyvee #taom (via @Out_Inc)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:33:10 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  320. I think I ❤ Gary V #taom #yyc (via @jamorel) niceMon Jun 14 2010 16:32:52 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  321. It’s social engagement. Not social media. #taom (via @The_Goose) +1 key concept to adoptionMon Jun 14 2010 16:32:42 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  322. RT @jamorel: Small town rules…I can do that lol. #taom#yyc (via @cblenkin)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:32:21 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  323. “You can’t *buy* followers. This isn’t like traditional media.” ~ @garyvee #taom (via @SallyHogshead)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:32:02 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  324. “Everyone on Twitter is acting like a 19-year-old dude. Relax.” ~ @garyvee #taom (via @SallyHogshead)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:31:56 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  325. If you are not on Twitter and you are in marketing get a new job! #taom (via @socialinsider)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:31:50 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  326. Try new social media platforms. Don’t decide that it’s not for you until you’ve tried it @garyvee #TAOM (via @lilyadviento)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:31:39 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  327. We are living in the thank you economy. Price is not the buying decision any more. – @garyvee #taom (via @superblue)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:31:30 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  328. #taom Gary Vanerchuk: don’t draw lines in the sand – try new things. (via @howpoon)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:31:26 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  329. .@garyvee if you make a mistake, own it. #taom (via @focuscom)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:31:20 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  330. .@garyvee “Brands have to care and be authentic” #taom(via @cblenkin)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:31:09 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  331. .@garyvee do you have a swear jar at home? #taom love it.#gv (via @jgulash) LOLMon Jun 14 2010 16:30:53 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  332. You need to taste it, you need to understand the world. Words of wisdom from @garyvee #taom (via @superblue)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:30:39 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  333. #taom possibly quote of the day. “you’d be a fucking idiot to not have one.” @garyvee (via @travis_outinc)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:30:31 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  334. “It’s insane to have the ecosystem of Facebook fan page available to you, and you’re not using it.” ~ @garyvee#taom (via @SallyHogshead)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:30:23 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  335. Awesomeness –> “It’s getting harder and harder to hide the truth. And the truth is undefeated.” ~ @garyvee #taom(via @SallyHogshead)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:30:16 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  336. doing the right thing is never the wrong thing, the truth will never be defeated – @garyvee #taom (via @mynameisguygal)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:30:10 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  337. Gary Vaynerchuk: Word of mouth is on steroids. #taom (via @sarahmjames)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:29:58 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  338. .@garyvee is swearing more and spitting more, I love it#TAOM (via @sbkelsick) classicMon Jun 14 2010 16:29:50 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  339. “The internet is a baby. It’s just starting. The internet hasn’t had sex yet.” ~ @garyvee #taom (via @SallyHogshead)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:29:33 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  340. RT @focuscom: Content is king, but mktg is Queen and she runs the show. @garyvee #taom (via @BradyIrvine)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:29:12 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  341. .@garyvee “you can’t buy friends and relationships” #taom(via @cblenkin)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:29:07 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  342. “That’s fucking ROI” __> I’m posting live on @garyvee right now at The Art of Marketing at http://bit.ly/chVOjg #taom(via @SallyHogshead)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:28:59 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  343. .@garyvee says he may buy the Winnipeg Jets and bring them home…cheers from the crowd at #taom (via @Out_Inc) +1Mon Jun 14 2010 16:28:49 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  344. Negative reviews sometimes create better opportunties – Mitch Joel #Taom (via @RituSKhanna)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:28:20 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  345. Funny everyone goes for lunch = bandwidth. 🙂 now stay away so I can geek out #taom (via @beneadie) LOLMon Jun 14 2010 16:28:14 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  346. @garyvee how drunk was Wayne when he did that podcast with you 😉 How is that for a Q.Mon Jun 14 2010 16:28:02 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to garyvee
  347. Key messages won’t spread. Good stories will. #taom (via @Wendy)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:27:18 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  348. Don’t ask what, ask why. Asking why ties it back to the business strategy (@mitchjoel#TAOM (via @lilyadviento)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:27:10 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  349. So glad I had chance to hear @mitchjoel at #taom today. Supports notions I’ve had for a while about SM revolution. (via @focuscom) AgreedMon Jun 14 2010 16:26:56 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  350. Digital Marketing should be cosidered as with and not instead of traditional methods @mitchjoel #taom (via @HarleyRivet)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:26:38 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  351. Bounce rate = I came. I puked. And I left. #taom (via @sarahmjames)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:26:28 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  352. 20% of the searches done everyday on google have never been done before… @mitchjoel #taom (via @StringTheoryOne)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:26:12 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  353. ‘You don’t need permission, anyone here can go out & start something.’ Not just marketing advice, that’s life advice.#taom (via @superblue)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:25:51 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  354. Avg Canadian watches 15 hrs online video per month.#taom (via @sarahmjames)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:25:40 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  355. “How many” is the worst metric ever. Ask “who is connecting?” instead. ~ @mitchjoel Hallelujah! #taom (via @kimpagegluckie)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:24:56 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  356. You can no longer ‘spray and pray’ the message ~@mitchjoel #taom (via @Out_Inc)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:24:34 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  357. If 88% of canadians are on #FB should you be concerned about finding people to employ who “expose” their lives online? #taom (@ismailqadry)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:24:28 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  358. just met @garyvee backstage, funny funny guy #taom (via @mynameisguygal) Guy, can you get me a book signed by Gary? Will pay in #YYZ!Mon Jun 14 2010 16:23:58 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  359. More grandparents on Facebook than high school students.#taom (via @sarahmjames)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:23:12 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  360. We are more tied to their brands than we ever have been! Build loyalty with your consumers. #taom (via @ismailqadry)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:23:07 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  361. Steve jobs like Moses from the mountain came down and gave us the tablet @mitchjoel at #taom (via @StringTheoryOne)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:22:58 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  362. Brands that win are the ones that know how to CTRL ALT DEL. #taom (via @sarahmjames)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:22:50 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  363. Decrease of 50% in banner add clicking since 2007. About 8% of the online community. Deadly realization! #taom (via @ismailqadry)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:22:46 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  364. Mitch Joel talks about “barbaric” times without Chat Roulette or Twitter. #taom (via @sarahmjames)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:22:29 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  365. When you are facinating you are most inspiring – Sally#Taom #yyc (via @RituSKhanna)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:22:20 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  366. RT @focuscom: Don’t be anything but fascinating! #taom#yyc (via @marikodawn)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:21:57 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  367. “You were created to fascinate….” SH #taom (via @kewaara)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:21:49 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  368. #taom Sally Hoghead: To fascinate, create messages for your network’s network, not just your network. (via @howpoon)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:21:36 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  369. The Jagermeister taste test really redeemed sallys presentation…so awesome. #taom (via @elisevz)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:20:59 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  370. Sally Hogshead having 2 audience members on stage doing shots of Jagermeister. Too funny! #taom (via @kimpagegluckie)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:20:48 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  371. Porn, jager, this presentation just keeps getting better. I must be heavily influenced by trigger #6. #taom (via @kyledizzy)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:20:12 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  372. “You don’t control fascination. Fascination controls you” ~sally hogshead. Sidenote: 80% of the audience has had jagger #taom (via @Out_Inc)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:18:04 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  373. “Fascination is different from marketing, it’s: irrational, instinctive, innate, irresistible” ~Sally Hogshead #taom (via @Out_Inc)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:17:51 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  374. 7 things we’re fascinated by: power, lust, mystique, prestige, alarm, vice, trust. < can’t say that’s rocket science#taom (via @superblue)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:17:30 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  375. We all have the same hard wired 7 fascination triggers –#TAOM Sally Hogshead (via @ismailqadry)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:17:12 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  376. That was sallyhogshead.com/rc for the digital download.#taom (via @jcmcintyre)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:17:06 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  377. When competing for attention of your consumers… Be fascinating by doing something that only you can… #taom(via @Wendy)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:16:57 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  378. .@sallyhogshead had to compete with an Olympian sister and a harvard brother…she had to market herself to get heard!#TAOM (@ismailqadry)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:16:51 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  379. Web browsing = 9 second attention span. same as a goldfish. how do you compell your audience in 9 secs?#taom (via @jcmcintyre)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:16:10 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  380. .@SallyHogshead is the 2nd person to talk about strippers in a talk lately. Porn + the Internet = magic #taom (via @superblue)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:16:06 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  381. Switch Summary: analyze bright spots. Make an emotional appeal. Tweak the the environment. #taom (via @HarleyRivet)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:15:31 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  382. Chip Heath. Recipe for change: Direct rider, Motivate elephant, Shape path. Great speaker. #taom (via @marikodawn)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:15:14 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  383. Appeal to emotional identity, not analytical consequence. Grow the elephant! #TAOM (via @jcmcintyre)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:14:53 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  384. 2nd principle of change is Grow the Elephant – 1st was Find the bright spots if you missed it #TAOM (via @ismailqadry)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:14:47 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  385. #taom on a video podcast is a intro/bumper a waste of time? Are we losing people by trying to brand the video? (via @beneadie) +1Mon Jun 14 2010 16:14:40 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  386. I [heart] Chip and Dan Heath (Made To Stick and Switch). Chip is ripping it up at The Art of Marketing right now.#taom (via @mitchjoel)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:13:40 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  387. Instead of trying to figure out what went wrong, look at what went right.Then repeat that part more frequently to create change (via @Wendy)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:13:23 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  388. .@SallyHogshead right back at ya 🙂 Knock ’em alive! #taom(via @mitchjoel) You Two Rock. Have fun today. Wish I was there to watch liveMon Jun 14 2010 16:12:56 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  389. “Direct the rider (analytical mind)” & “motivate the elephant (emotional mind)” ~Chip Heath #taom (via @Out_Inc)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:11:52 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  390. Change comes when we align analytical & emotional parts of our brain – Chip Heath #TAOM (via @lilyadviento)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:11:48 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  391. What’s one way to effect change? Voice the actions you think are wrong and provide action plan for what you think is right #taom (@Wendy)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:11:39 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  392. Chip Heath on change: World’s 2nd most profound change: getting married! 1st: having a baby! #taom (via @sarahmjames)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:11:28 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  393. Ron Tite speaking-“Organizations don’t change. People like us change” #yyc #TAOM (via @nmartinez996)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:11:18 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  394. Chip Heath – change when change is hard. #taom (via @jcmcintyre)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:10:55 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  395. Spending the day at the Art of Marketing conference. Its going to be a great learning. #TAOM (via @themastercoach) Agreed #YYZ was amazingMon Jun 14 2010 16:10:45 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  396. Thinking I might put down the phone and absorb. Tweet later. Enjoy! #taom (via @jgulash) the pendulum effect in play 😉Mon Jun 14 2010 16:10:31 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  397. Just finished BreKfast Television. On to speak about how to#facinate, at The Art of Marketing. Excited! #taom (via @SallyHogshead) Kick AssMon Jun 14 2010 16:09:52 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  398. and #taom begins… twitter headcount! who is here? (via @mynameisguygal) remote attending from YYZ Guy. Thanks for the backchannel. RobMon Jun 14 2010 16:09:42 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  399. Do yourself a favor and watch/listen @garyvee. Insanely jealous of those seeing him at #TAOM in #yychttp://bit.ly/cvu2lR (via @abryksa)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:09:17 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  400. I’ve never seen so many iPhones in one room! Lol #taom(via @CassieSTROM)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:08:48 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  401. At the art of marketing, looks to be a great line up #taom#yyc (via @chrisbolivar)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:08:42 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  402. Taking questions for @mitchjoel @sallyhogshead @garyvee@maxlenderman Chip Heath and Sir Ken Robinson use#taom hashtag (via @DAN_FROM_BNS)Mon Jun 14 2010 16:08:36 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  403. Great interview for #TDGv Racing with @laschenbach. Thanks for being part of this #SM20 documentary Lawson.#FF #SocialMedia #Racing #E20Mon Jun 14 2010 15:44:13 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  404. .@rlavigne42, check out this video about #SocialMedia:http://youtu.be/lFZ0z5Fm-Ng | Great Video, thanks for the share @laschenbach #TDGvMon Jun 14 2010 14:53:22 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  405. RT @hebsgaard Booz Allen Extends its Collaborative Platform #e20 #e2conf http://bit.ly/d0Tyun (via @manuelafarrell)Mon Jun 14 2010 13:23:43 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  406. #QOTD: What does it mean when community platform vendors partner with others to build their community?#scrm #e2conf #e20 (via @rwang0)Mon Jun 14 2010 13:23:30 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  407. RT @rossdawson: What Enterprise 2.0 means for the CIO and IT department http://bit.ly/944Bri #e20 (via @CarloDelumpa)Mon Jun 14 2010 13:23:04 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  408. The Ultimate List: 100+ Twitter Statistics:http://bit.ly/97e1LS (via @RSSirteubal)Mon Jun 14 2010 13:22:36 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  409. @bevinhernandez Thanks Bevin. No rush so enjoy the conference first and we can touch base next week for a copy or summary blog entry?Mon Jun 14 2010 13:22:25 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to bevinhernandez
  410. Looking forward towards another productive day of editing#TDGv Racing http://post.ly/jUmCMon Jun 14 2010 13:06:50 (EDT) via Posterous
  411. Cognitive Edge – Guest Blog by Martin Cleaver, Blended Perspectives http://post.ly/jUkkMon Jun 14 2010 13:02:13 (EDT) via Posterous
  412. ♺ @BillIves #e2conf notes: Selling Case for Accelerating Business Performance w Enterprise Collaboration Techhttp://bit.ly/bd4IMV (@elsua)Mon Jun 14 2010 12:19:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  413. To be clear, I am talking abt this formula: Risk (RE) = probability (loss) * magnitude (loss) http://bit.ly/ch7MOL#e2conf (via @mastermark)Mon Jun 14 2010 12:18:27 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  414. RT @ITSinsider: “Enterprise 2.0 is darn scary for some people…” – @rawn #e2conf (via @katmandelstein)Mon Jun 14 2010 12:18:12 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  415. .@jordanfrank: “Social systems are there to build human process solutions for when things don’t go right.” #e2conf#e20 (via @chrisyeh)Mon Jun 14 2010 12:11:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  416. #e20 shares collective intelligence – Retain genius/knowledge even after an employee leaves the company. #e2conf (via @PeteModi)Mon Jun 14 2010 12:10:58 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  417. “Can’t underscore enough how important trust is in #e20.” @meganmurray #e20conf >> Bingo! (via @KevinDJones)Mon Jun 14 2010 12:10:50 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  418. Controlled Falling http://post.ly/jUPYMon Jun 14 2010 12:09:29 (EDT) via Posterous
  419. RT @MarkEggleston: Latest posting on #collaboration,#innovation and #riskhttp://bit.ly/dmrwA7 Cool video at end! #e20 (via @JoeSMoran)Mon Jun 14 2010 12:07:50 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  420. RT @SameerPatel: “If you’re not at least a little terrified, you haven’t really thought this [#e20] through.” #e2conf(via @oscarberg)Mon Jun 14 2010 12:07:19 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  421. RT: @rwang0 Collaboration is a way of life, a culture of creation, and a communication assumption that must be nurtured. (via @mikemcgowan)Mon Jun 14 2010 12:06:47 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  422. One huge issue brought up at #e2conf Cloud Computing – If your data is outside of your country, your own laws might not apply. @JeffCutlerMon Jun 14 2010 12:06:26 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  423. Instead of “globally visible, persistent collaboration” how about “Collaboration everywhere, all the time”. #e2conf#e20 (via @mrcruce)Mon Jun 14 2010 12:05:51 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  424. #e2conf. @bevinhernandez has a clever ‘hot or not – the#e20 way list’ up on the screen. Love it. (via @SameerPatel) copy available?Mon Jun 14 2010 12:05:37 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  425. .@bevinhernandez doing an excellent job showing us how she convinced a tough group of users to use #e20 tools (via @MarkEggleston) well doneMon Jun 14 2010 12:05:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  426. Can we crowdsource an #e20 elevator pitch and 10 slide presentation at the #e2conf? (via @PeteModi) Great ideaMon Jun 14 2010 12:04:42 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  427. In Collaboration with @jacobm & @conniechan8 Social CRM and the Value it Provides (white paper) http://bit.ly/9SnZ4F#SCRM(via @mjayliebs)Mon Jun 14 2010 12:04:19 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  428. At #e2conf, at least in spirit… Looking forward to the tweet stream… (via @timoelliott) same hereMon Jun 14 2010 03:55:14 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  429. RT @webtechman: I’m voting for @rossdawson in the PBworks Top E2.0 Thinkers Contest!http://votejet.com/qRULNpXKbM (via @aponcier)Mon Jun 14 2010 03:54:51 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  430. small blessing RT @socialmedia2day Social Gaming Activity on Facebook Shows Signs of Decline http://bit.ly/c4LLyi(via @querdekner)Mon Jun 14 2010 03:54:38 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  431. Jive Bets on the Twitter Firehose and the Data Intensified Social Enterprise http://bit.ly/9vKpGi (via @rww)Mon Jun 14 2010 03:54:26 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  432. The Decision Makers Guide to Enterprise 2 conference in Boston 2010 http://bit.ly/9b9QgF (via @markfidelman)Mon Jun 14 2010 03:54:04 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  433. RT @PennOlson: Social Media In Business [INFOGRAPHIC]http://bit.ly/cByJ7D #pr #scrm #socialmedia #e20 (via @gpach01)Mon Jun 14 2010 03:16:45 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  434. Fresh Refactored Setlist for #TDGv Racing available via The @RLavigne42 Podium http://post.ly/jQvYMon Jun 14 2010 01:43:42 (EDT) via Posterous
  435. The @RLavigne42 Ending Credits to #TDGv Racinghttp://post.ly/jQqxMon Jun 14 2010 01:23:38 (EDT) via Posterous
  436. Please welcome back from a year of hibernation the head hack of #TDGv Racing @42DeepThought (aka @RLavigne42#E20 http://post.ly/jQeuMon Jun 14 2010 00:27:28 (EDT) via Posterous
  437. #Fail#Fail Some More #TDGv Racing Live to Air this Week http://post.ly/jQXfSun Jun 13 2010 23:54:36 (EDT) via Posterous
  438. I am please to announce the live tweeting of the production of the first installment of #TDGv Racing @ #E2Conf #E20v… http://post.ly/jQXQSun Jun 13 2010 23:53:05 (EDT) via Posterous
  439. The Audi Podium Sweep t of Le Mans this weekend inspired me! When was the last time you were inspired? #TDGv#E20 #BrandingSun Jun 13 2010 23:52:48 (EDT) via Posterous
  440. Tower Receives #TDGvSun Jun 13 2010 23:47:16 (EDT) via Posterous
  441. http://www.youtube.com/rlavigne42 #TDGv #E20 #E2ConfTo be viewed in glorious 720p, full screen and speakers cranked. The is a racer in allSun Jun 13 2010 23:30:55 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  442. #TDGv will be starting a sprint in 30 minutes. Collected some great 720p material today for my #E20 Racing Documentary TDGv Racing. #E2ConfSun Jun 13 2010 23:30:05 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  443. Go Big Always – Social Business isn’t going anywhere. (What’s it for?) #E20 #E2Conf http://post.ly/jQP9Sun Jun 13 2010 23:18:43 (EDT) via Posterous
  444. Straight talk by @SamLawrence – Social Business isn’t going anywhere. (What’s it for?) http://ow.ly/1XXXF #e20#e2conf (via @SameerPatel)Sun Jun 13 2010 23:13:20 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  445. 11pm Toronto: Cloudy 19.3C / 66.74F Wind: WNW 4 km/h 101.3 kPa falling (via @wxTO)Sun Jun 13 2010 23:05:02 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  446. jbrains.ca classic: Splitting Stories: An Examplehttp://bit.ly/b0lnwR (via @jbrains)Sun Jun 13 2010 23:04:37 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  447. @ThatKevinSmith been listening to #120 last 30 minutes. Also prompted me to order up a signed Chasing Amy BR 😉Sun Jun 13 2010 23:02:37 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ThatKevinSmith
  448. @ThatKevinSmith that sucks. Mosier had just tweeted how happy he was about doing it. Was looking forward to it. When is Brantford show up?Sun Jun 13 2010 23:01:38 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to ThatKevinSmith
  449. 5 Great Sites for Exploring Cities Around the Globe:http://bit.ly/bwPFQk via @CharityIdeas (via @SteveAkinsSEO) (via @nahumg)Sun Jun 13 2010 23:00:25 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  450. A Social Business Strategy needs Teeth | CustomerThinkhttp://post.ly/jQJoSun Jun 13 2010 22:56:58 (EDT) via Posterous
  451. Folks going to #e20 #e2conf in boston, what does it take to create a Social Biz Strategy? http://bit.ly/br1XtF | thoughts? (via @mjayliebs)Sun Jun 13 2010 22:42:22 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  452. RT @lotusknows#LotusKnows that the #e2conf begins tomorrow in Boston! http://bit.ly/957Kki (via @katmandelstein)Sun Jun 13 2010 22:41:27 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  453. RT @dhinchcliffe: @bduperrin, @frogpond, @ITSinsider, @craighepburn http://twitpic.com/1wkytt (via @bduperrin) Nice group shotSun Jun 13 2010 22:40:50 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  454. #chgmgmt is as much about what we’re trying to preserve as it is about what we’re trying to change. #e20 (via @CarloDelumpa)Sun Jun 13 2010 22:40:07 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  455. Sneak peek of “Some examples of programming in pairs” athttp://bit.ly/b0Ol6h (via @jbrains)Sun Jun 13 2010 22:39:05 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  456. The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. -Gandhi (via @ChrisKnight)Sun Jun 13 2010 22:38:39 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  457. Microsoft’s Project Natal Controller to be Called “Kinect”http://bit.ly/df5x7L (via @rww)Sun Jun 13 2010 22:38:05 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  458. RT @Jason_Pollock: “The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” ~Ralph Nader via @dpbellSun Jun 13 2010 22:36:23 (EDT) via web
  459. @smosier must be surrealSun Jun 13 2010 22:30:10 (EDT) via web in reply to smosier
  460. RT @historiclol Enjoy! – Historic LOL – Captioned Portraits of Yore http://bit.ly/cwM1Nj McDonald’s Big Mac a love hate relationshipSun Jun 13 2010 22:22:38 (EDT) via TweetMeme
  461. Congrats to Karl Thomson of @C360R for his win today at his home track Mosport. Nice to see you in the driver’ seat again Karl.+1 to TurtleSun Jun 13 2010 18:39:31 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  462. Canadians Ice Fishing by Hand http://post.ly/jMrHSun Jun 13 2010 09:30:28 (EDT) via Posterous
  463. RT @rlavigne42 A Brief Background on the Emergence of @RLavigne42 #TDGv #E20 http://post.ly/i871Sat Jun 12 2010 22:55:07 (EDT) via Posterous
  464. How Much Is a Facebook Fan Really Worth? #SCRMhttp://post.ly/jKSNSat Jun 12 2010 22:05:21 (EDT) via Posterous
  465. RT @dwhelan: Focus on value rather than the big ‘A’ word helps focus what needs to be done – Anne-Marie Kong#acccaSat Jun 12 2010 22:01:41 (EDT) via web
  466. RT @juched: Training agile to teams. Start with a game for them to see success then tie it back to agile processes.#accca #interestingSat Jun 12 2010 22:01:25 (EDT) via web
  467. Paying your dues is ….. THE BEST! (via @garyvee) +1 We can all learn so much for the last few years.Sat Jun 12 2010 19:49:54 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  468. Gardiner shutdown Sunday night http://bit.ly/93ck3G (via @news_toronto)Sat Jun 12 2010 18:18:49 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  469. The average Facebook fan is worth $136.38http://bit.ly/aHcaqA (via @mike_elgan)Sat Jun 12 2010 18:18:35 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  470. RT @BouncingThots Challenge is to reach out to the non-socialized audience! | yes 1 of the challenges 4 sure (via @drnatalie)Sat Jun 12 2010 18:17:59 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  471. @wimrampen thanks for the clarification. Good insight tweet.Sat Jun 12 2010 18:17:26 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to wimrampen
  472. RT @glfceo that’s why we repeated -stop talking tools,tech-focus on BizProcesses #scrm | yes, its a change 2 how Biz gets done (@drnatalie)Sat Jun 12 2010 18:16:06 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  473. RT @wimrampen Challenge is to reach out to the non-socialized audience! | yes 1 of the challenges 4 sure (via @drnatalie)Sat Jun 12 2010 18:14:18 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  474. Intro to Agile Training Course #Agile #E20 via @dwhelan#TDGv #Branding http://post.ly/jIiMSat Jun 12 2010 14:48:36 (EDT) via Posterous
  475. I uploaded a YouTube video — Intro to Agile Training Course http://youtu.be/CL3m3SNaZwE?a (via @dwhelan)Sat Jun 12 2010 14:44:34 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  476. @RLavigne42 Warrior Muay Thai Workout – June 2010 #E20#SocialMedia #Branding http://post.ly/jIhLSat Jun 12 2010 14:43:58 (EDT) via Posterous
  477. @dankeldsen consider yourself on my search list 😉 for#e20danSat Jun 12 2010 14:07:39 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to dankeldsen
  478. Audi tv – Live: The 24 hours of Le Mans #TDGvhttp://post.ly/jHtfSat Jun 12 2010 11:54:44 (EDT) via Posterous
  479. @dahowlett still confused 😉 this? >http://www.infotecnica.it/IT/Prodotti/Gettoniere/Con_Gettone/Idross.aspxSat Jun 12 2010 00:01:02 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to dahowlett
  480. World Cup Fever sends Internet usage to record levelshttp://bit.ly/cNMz7O (via @cleveland129)Fri Jun 11 2010 23:58:44 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  481. The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up Moving from Twitter to Google Buzz « My Thoughts Enclosed… http://post.ly/jEtMFri Jun 11 2010 23:57:28 (EDT) via Posterous
  482. Welcome to the age of Real Time Social TV Analytics#SocialMedia http://post.ly/jEqmFri Jun 11 2010 23:43:30 (EDT) via Posterous
  483. My post on BP, leadership, and IT failure is referenced in BusinessWeek http://bit.ly/bf7M93 (via @mkrigsman) well done Michael. well doneFri Jun 11 2010 23:21:47 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  484. @dahowlett dross?Fri Jun 11 2010 23:20:45 (EDT) via web in reply to dahowlett
  485. Pete Cashmore Talks Web Trends, Groupon, and the Evolution of Media [VIDEO]: http://bit.ly/9TvbZe (via @michaelemoloney)Fri Jun 11 2010 23:14:22 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  486. @dahowlett promising study there when you consider that signal to noise filtering is very much the contextualized/semantic env wantedFri Jun 11 2010 23:12:38 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to dahowlett
  487. the detail I am getting is mindblowing. People feel safe in LinkedIn methinks (via @dahowlett) Your point about semi-walled garden ->focus?Fri Jun 11 2010 22:59:08 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  488. @dahowlett Are you finding that the number of spammed entries has gone down as a result of those communities evolving into a collective?Fri Jun 11 2010 22:57:35 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone in reply to dahowlett
  489. I’m seeing a heck of value from focused LinkedIn groups. What’s going on that this is happening all of a sudden? (via @dahowlett) Good ?Fri Jun 11 2010 22:52:18 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  490. Embracing Social Business is prioritizing Communities over Networks. http://bit.ly/dCbuTO #scrm #socialmedia#e20(via @Marcio_Saito)Fri Jun 11 2010 22:50:40 (EDT) via Twitter for iPhone
  491. Next #e20 evolution will be situational mashups of social, content, & process (transactional) functionality exposed as services. ~ @lehawes11:49 PM Jun 11th via Twitter for iPhone
  492. Nice simple explanation. They’re human. RT Twitter’s Performance Problems Explained http://post.ly/jEFE (via @therubynewbie)11:47 PM Jun 11th via Twitter for iPhone
  493. My confusion is my art. (via @skanwar)10:14 PM Jun 11th via Twitter for iPhone
  494. Twitter’s Performance Problems Explained By a Twitter Engineer http://post.ly/jEFE10:08 PM Jun 11th via Posterous
  495. “The end of the Rainbow..(Pic)” http://post.ly/jDsW8:47 PM Jun 11th via Posterous
  496. RT @umairh: Cut out the unnecessary from how you work, play, and live – relentlessly. It’s the single most powerful way to gain clarity 8:45 PM Jun 11th via web
  497. “Rock Band 3” Widens Its Musical Repertoire [VIDEO]http://post.ly/jDnP8:24 PM Jun 11th via Posterous
  498. @chrisbrogan In 2010 there is NO Plan B. love the marketing behind this refactor.8:16 PM Jun 11th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to chrisbrogan

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