Go Big Always – Social Business isn’t going anywhere. (What’s it for?) #E20 #E2Conf

The truth is, worker bees, managers and execs are bored reaching for the same tools the last 15 years. They’re sick of waking up and going into a real-world scenario filled with TPS Reports and the guy with the red Swingline stapler. They’re sick of being productivity integrators in the same way that as consumers we were sick of being system integrators during the reign of PC Economics. It’s not too funny when 80% of your day is spent in the Dilbert pool.

Key theme is that for adoption to tip, we need to market our language to specific targets where your brand advocates take the required steps using modern day UXD which follow on the concepts of people willing to pay three times more to have a fascinating story. Now try and teach that to those un-educated in the value proposition that is Enteprise 2.0.

Take Care,

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