Slashdot Apple Story | How To Get Rejected From the App Store

They are a moving (some might say evolving) target and are most definitely an unknown quantity. Some might say that their “keep’m guessing” style is to their benefit and keeps fans champing at the bit, but for people who are interested in operating a business on their platform, they are anything but stable, reliable or predictable. If there was ever any wonder why Apple hasn’t taken over, this paints the most clear and current picture as to why. People bought into iPod and iPhone but it won’t be long before Apple pushes enough developers away that those same developers start making really great things for other platforms. Once that happens, all the slick commercials and designs won’t keep new customers coming.

Apple is like a controlling, abusive spouse. You either live with them or you divorce them. In time, though, people will start pitying you and questioning your judgement as to why you stay with them.

Apple’s worse enemy is not Microsoft, Google, or Facebook, but Apple itself. They have a very fine line to walk between control and innovation.

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