Netflix: Now This is Customer Service! – PCWorld

We spend a lot of time taking technology companies to task for lousy customer service. If you don’t believe me, take a look at Mark Sullivan’s rant about ISPs, cable and phone companies. Or Ginny Mies’ work solving readers’ problems in On Your Side. So given that we’re tough when necessary, it’s only fair that we single out companies when they get things right.

Tapping into SCRM and real time Analytics has allowed Netflix to pull of quite a move by proactively taking steps on billing with minimal impact to their bottom line while increasing they client loyalty.

This quote sums it up best

“This is how you provide great customer service. We consumers all know that things can go wrong with any technology device or service. When things do blow up, companies should take responsibility and offer amends, making the process as simple as possible for consumers. That’s the kind of behavior that breeds customer loyalty.”

Well written Edward.

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