Slashdot Science Story | Sony Unveils Flexible OLED Thinner Than a Hair

GIve me a break, people that spew this BS haven’t actually used Linux on the PS3.

It was NOT a “major” feature, I was on the YDL forums (the most active PS3 Linux community online) and it was a ghost town.

Quite frankly, PS3 on the Linux was useless, it had 256MB or RAM, less then 200MBs were usable, you could hack it to access GPU memory but it was overall pretty much useless. PPU builds of applications were hard to find, you were stuck without Flash (crappy Gnash work around), and old version of Firefox (no HTML5), and any cheap netbook would run circles around it.

The worst part is after 3 years of Linux on the PS3 nobody made any substantial Cell applications. There was barely any community support. Nobody cared.

All these whiners complaining about he loss of Linux of the PS3; where the hell were you when it was available?

Interesting side comment about the PS3 Linux removal from a month ago.

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