@RLavigne42′s tip/advice for the Gen Y of today

My friend and professional Personal Branding Coach Mohammed Al-Taee, PMP asked me the following question all the way from Jordan this week.

Give me one tip/advice a Gen Y needs to aware/know today?

After giving it a bit of thought, I put together this reply outlining my views on the topic given my research into the subject for the last year.


GenYs are in a prime position to influence the technical shift required in most organizations to better collaborate. To achieve this transition however they must be able to engage within the current culture.

Millennials can provide the insight of what new tools can be used. The value proposition of the shift, however, must come from a mutual understanding of the business opportunity between both parties.

Each generation has gone through this paradigm shift when a fundamental shift has occurred in corporate demographics. However, there never has been a time where the gap is more achievable. By finding the common ground between GenXs and GenYs, we can use this generational mashup to redesign how businesses can be managed and led.  ~ @rlavigne42



The year 2010 represents a tipping point in workplace collaboration.  With a rise in transparency and a quest for employee engagement, we are presented with not only fresh toolsets to meet these goals, but also fresh minds open to what technology has to offer.  

This year will mark a fundamental shift in corporate demographics.  Statistics indicate that once the economy recovers, we will be seeing more GenYs in the workplace than Baby Boomers.  By bringing together the intellectual capital that GenX have acquired in the last 20 years, we now have a bridge that is no longer hampered by a technology neutral workplace.

The other contributions can be read in the following blog entry: 20 Things Every Gen Y Needs to Know Today

What made this contribution even more special was the kind sentiments expressed by Career Management Consultant Walter Akana




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