Slashdot Hardware Story | 10,000 Cows Can Power 1,000 Servers

I’ve long wondered about the short-sightedness of modern farming practices where farmers need to buy both seeds and fertilizer each year to produce a crop, when once upon a time in the not-to-distant past, both were free, and in the present, the abundance of animal waste has become an environmental problem.

Wendell Berry [] said it very nicely:

Once plants and animals were raised together on the same farm — which therefore neither produced unmanageable surpluses of manure, to be wasted and to pollute the water supply, nor depended on such quantities of commercial fertilizer. The genius of America farm experts is very well demonstrated here: they can take a solution and divide it neatly into two problems.

The Unsettling of America : Culture & Agriculture (1996), p. 62

From the you can’t make this stuff up category “the research team calculates that ‘a hypothetical farm of 10,000 dairy cows’ could power a 1 MW data center — or on the order of 1,000 servers.”

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