A Brand and A Dream: A Tribute « My Thoughts Enclosed…

I hope you all enjoy this recounting of Karl’s hunt for that elusive professional racing championship. If you enjoy this telling tale of a brand and a dream, please rate/comment and pay it forward by sharing it.

From Start-Up to Triple-Crown Champions

2003 – The Birth of a Brand
2004 – The Up-Start Crew
2005 – Building Upon a Dream
2006 – A Partnership of Sorts
2007 – A Hard Fought Year
2008 – A Change of Focus
2009 – A True Champion and Brand Leader

Driver Championship – C360R Driver Christian Miller
Team Championship – Compass360 Racing (C360R)
Manufacturer’s Championship – Honda (C360R responsible for 100% of Honda’s points)
3rd in Driver Championship – C360R Driver Randy Pobst (9 time professional racing champion)
3rd in Team Championship – Compass360 Racing (only team in series history to finish first and third)


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