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The words he added were “like we do in the cockpit.”


These extra six words are not only a neat demonstration of how a pilot can influence his or her passengers but they also provide an example of how anyone in business – by understanding how people are influenced – can win more customers and clients.

Great post about understanding how people are influence. Dr. Robert Cialdini, an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, has shown that there are only six universal principles of persuasion. He relates how expertise and knowledge about a referred individual significantly increases when coming from an trusted authority. The post even goes further to state that the authority figure can even be the receptionist routing the calls with an extra level of context pass one prior to transferring the call.

“We made one small addition to this interaction. Now, before putting the caller through to their colleague, the receptionist not only tells callers the name of the colleague she is putting them through to, but also mentions her colleagues’ credentials and expertise.

The impact of this expert introduction had an almost immediate effect. The agency registered a 20.1 percent rise in the number of face to face meetings and a 16 percent increase in the number of customers who appointed the agency to market their property.”

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