Slashdot Apple Story | iPhone 4 Beta Shows AT&T Tethering

If a company has a device that doesn’t support tethering, why would you buy their products if you want to tether it? Why hype-up that they’ve “finally” included the damn thing, when it’s been a standard feature on phones since GPRS and Bluetooth were available (my phone does it and that was released in 2003)?

If a network does not support tethering for your particular device, why would you join them if you one day hoped to tether?

There are other companies, other devices, other networks that *do* support tethering. Stop hoping for half-arsed solutions, trying to “jailbreak” your phone to do that, etc. Just buy one of the cheaper, easier, simpler devices that supports it out of the box without getting in your way or voiding your warranty. The companies that make those devices obviously know what you want and, crucially, will have been doing it properly, for longer.

And, besides, phone tethering is old-hat anyway. It costs literally a few pounds / dollars to connect a PC to a 3G always-on connection on a decent tariff in the country of your choice. Most laptops have options to have it built-in, or external devices can be bought for less than a meal-for-two. There are PAYG and contract data tariffs that work out more than cheap enough (providing you don’t roam internationally on them, but that’s the same for anything). They won’t interfere with the use of your phone, won’t be tied to your keeping a stupidly-expensive phone, are designed for the job and don’t have the security / network-lock / price / etc. issues that tethering to an iPhone would.

Stop being surprised when years-old features are suddenly “added” to products that should have had them (and technically *could* have had them for absolutely no price difference whatsoever) in the first place.

“Apple released iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4 on Tuesday evening and it wasn’t long before developers found the strongest evidence yet that tethering for US-based iPhone customers may happen sooner than later.”

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