Five Questions: Yet Another Book Contest

@rlavigne42 wins the contest. Congrats, mate!

Robert Lavigne’s Questions and Phil Simon’s Answers:

1) Name the original drummer of the band Rush. That’s a gimme.

John Rutsey. Don’t waste my time. J

2) Is the GenY 50% of workforce by 2015 statistic a lever for change or just another fear tactic by consultants seeking new social licenses?

Well, 50 percent seems high but, if social media becomes as huge as many think, GenXers and baby boomers need to get with the program. GenY has mad social media skillz.

3) What are the odds that 2112 will be Dream Theatre’s next live cover album?

1%. A few years ago, I asked Mike Portnoy once if they planned to cover a Rush album. Not going to happen.

4) By April 5th? – Do you mean May 5th?


5) In your opinion, what is the real market potential for wifi touch devices within the enterprise?

Somewhere between nothing and huge. On April 20th, Oracle made its Siebel CRM app iPad-friendly.

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