Aaron Greenspan: The End of the Facebook Era

In light of Facebook’s apparent quest to eliminate any notion of personal privacy once and for all, the many critics I’ve earned certainly haven’t come knocking at my door with apologies in hand. Nor have the editors at the nation’s major publishing houses recanted for their errors. But they haven’t needed to. I have long believed that beginning with the Crimson, the media created Facebook, and for just as long I have believed that the media would ultimately destroy it. With the recent rash of anti-Facebook articles in the press, I believe that is happening now, for at its core, Facebook is nothing more than a shocking amount of hype and wasted investment dollars surrounding a shallow thinker’s flimsy ideology. In other words, as my friend Joseph Perla put it, Facebook is a Ponzi scheme — not of dollars and cents, but of people and sense.

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