The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook

  • Likes: a person, band, movie, web page, or any other entity represented in Facebook’s social graph that has a “like” button. “Likes” started with status updates, but have now grown to encompass pretty much everything. In Facebook Newspeak, they’re a “Connection”.
  • Name, Picture, Gender, Birthday, Contact Info: self-explanatory
  • Extended Profile Data: Your family members, city, place of birth, religious views, favorite authors, schools attended — anything that is an entity you can list a relationship to in your profile.
  • Friends: The people you’ve friended
  • Networks: The personal networks you’ve set up on Facebook (e.g. colleges & universities or companies).
  • Wall posts & Photos: Self-explanatory.
  • Posted via web from The @RLavigne42 Rear View Mirror


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