2010-04-25: The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up (#E20, #SocialMedia, #sCRM, #Branding)

  1. Great time at the AgileTorontoOpen Unconference. Presented Enterprise 2.0 101 and Enterprise/Agile and had some nice 1 on 1 conversations.
    18:30 PM Apr 24th from LinkedIn
  2. RT @20Community: Holistic CIO lessons from Peter Drucker by Michael Krigsman #e2adoption http://su.pr/2Tn7cl (via @BillIves)
    18:33 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  3. Congrats @zachlutz @RyanEversley @C360R Well done, boys! (via @brianmakse) Huge congrats!!!!!!
    18:33 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  4. @lammiia Will need a few weeks to process the live presentation.
    18:34 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  5. @lammiia We can do a skype session with me going over some of the key points if you want prior to the 11th.
    18:52 PM Apr 24th from web
  6. @lammiia No problem. Go ahead and set something up next week within your timezone. You know I am a night owl, so no worries at this end.
    19:03 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  7. REPORT: 85% of small businesses say that social networks created buzz for their businesses http://dld.bz/bhRq (via @DanSchawbel)
    19:07 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  8. @lammiia sounds good. I will go through the playlist in the same order and provide an abbreviated version and record in the process
    19:22 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  9. we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (via @RyanEversley) Well done Ryan, well done indeed. Told ya VIR would provide you that win.
    19:23 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  10. @Kenny_Wallace Why Grand-Am is a great alternative IMO
    19:35 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY: New Coke: One of Marketing’s Biggest Blunders Turns 25 http://bit.ly/buxsjz (via @southsideadguy)
    19:36 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  12. @euan Welcome to TO Euan. See ya soon at your Toronto E20 presentation.
    20:10 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  13. “Don’t let the past steal your present” ~Cherralea Morgen #quote (via @ruhanirabin)
    20:10 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  14. @RyanEversley well done, well done
    21:01 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  15. HOW TO: Back Your Social Media Marketing Plan With Numbers http://bit.ly/ad7fcI #sCRM #PR #analytics (via @HKotadia)
    21:01 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  16. RT @waynesutton: This Lego iPad unpacking is just awesome: http://bit.ly/aG8rHZ (via @gialyons)
    23:44 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  17. 6 common LinkedIn mistakes (and what to do instead) http://u.nu/37wn8 (via @GuyKawasaki)
    23:44 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  18. 33 Amazing Examples of Flash Preloaders http://bit.ly/cSEvFP (via @CtrlFollow)
    23:44 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  19. All about people. Always all about people. And people don’t change. (via @tom_peters)
    23:45 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  20. Did you know I just smoked a cigar and had a glass of wine? If my privacy is dead tell me what brands I like! (via @Scobleizer) <Classic
    23:46 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  21. RT @calwell: @Scobleizer I have privacy because no one cares what I’m doing or drinking. 🙂 (via @Scobleizer)
    23:48 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  22. Get Hired: 15 Best Job Boards for Freelancers http://bit.ly/b5xLj9 (via @CtrlFollow)
    23:49 PM Apr 24th from Tweetie
  23. SaaS is not a bolt-on to on-premise rt @Irregulars When On-Premise Vendors Try to Pass as SaaS Vendors http://bit.ly/9MN4kw (via @nenshad)
    0:44 AM Apr 25th from Tweetie
  24. C360R’s #75 Honda won the Continental Tire race at VIR today, with our #74 in fourth, and still leading the championship. (via @C360R)
    0:44 AM Apr 25th from Tweetie
  25. 11 Blogs to Help You Become a User Experience Expert http://bit.ly/4YIBgL (via @ruhanirabin)
    1:41 AM Apr 25th from Tweetie
  26. The State of Online Word of Mouth Marketing [STATS] – http://bit.ly/coWIv9 (via @mashable)
    1:41 AM Apr 25th from Tweetie
  27. RT @IkeSingh: 6 Million Unfollows Later, Twitter Moves To Silence “ManageTwitter” http://bit.ly/dbzXBQ (via @rwang0)
    1:43 AM Apr 25th from Tweetie
  28. RT @aknecht: CBC’s take on the FB’s new privacy issues: http://is.gd/bHfT0 (via @conniecrosby)
    11:25 AM Apr 25th from Tweetie
  29. Why CIOs Are Choosing #Cloud #E-Mail http://bit.ly/bIKJAM (via @stevedriz) soon followed by cloud office suites
    11:27 AM Apr 25th from Tweetie
  30. Sunday Reminder III: “Be kind, for everyone is fighting a great battle.” (via @tom_peters)
    11:27 AM Apr 25th from Tweetie
  31. Just passed the 1400 follower mark. Thank all. Take Care, Rob
    11:49 AM Apr 25th from web
  32. #facebook Social Media SEO: Maximize Your Facebook Presence http://bit.ly/bi9vTP (via @JTeeter1)
    13:23 PM Apr 25th from Tweetie
  33. @stevedriz huge competitive advantages for a tech savvy smb
    13:57 PM Apr 25th from Twitterrific
  34. First test: ipad on a 3 hour flight.Only ate 22% of the battery. My 15″ MacBook pro usually dies after 2 hrs. (via @chrisbrogan)
    14:15 PM Apr 25th from Twitterrific
  35. Interesting article on the marriage b/w Ticketmaster & Live Nation http://nyti.ms/9LNidp #nyt (via @RIGHTSLEEVE)
    14:16 PM Apr 25th from Twitterrific

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