2010-04-22: The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up (#LotusKnows, #E20)

  1. Shout-out to @rlavigne42 for a thoughtful presentation on Enterprise 2.0 at #xptoronto #e20 (via @gilbroza) thanks Gil
    3:54 AM Apr 21st from Twitterrific
  2. Quick video describing latest changes in LinkedIN http://lnkd.in/ZpFC8d
    10:53 AM Apr 21st from LinkedIn
  1. My Thanks Edwin. Playlist posted http://bit.ly/bMftAa > @rlavigne42 Awesome Presentation on Enterprise 2.0 at #xptoronto #e20 (via @ptsit)
    21:16 PM Apr 21st from Tweetie
  2. Ha! My personal brand is “gino marckx”, how convenient! Thanks @rlavigne42 (via @ginomarckx) < I promise to never botch your name again 😉
    21:17 PM Apr 21st from Tweetie
  3. @altmilan went very well thank you. Playlist posted on YouTube of background video.
    23:51 PM Apr 21st from Twitterrific
  4. #LotusKnows a Portal is the Swiss Army Knife of an Enterprise and the User Experience is the Eye Candy that helps makes adoption smooth.
    16:00 PM Apr 22nd from Tweetie
  5. #LotusKnows that e-mail and office suites are now commodities that belong in the freemium space to allow IT budgets to spend on innovation.
    16:01 PM Apr 22nd from Tweetie
  6. #LotusKnows that between Project Vulcan and Project Concord real social toolsets will be coming to their future roadmap deliverables.
    16:02 PM Apr 22nd from Tweetie
  7. New term for the day – Messaging Hygiene Environment. New product for the day – Tungle.me. New option for the day – Symphony 3.0 (FREE)
    16:04 PM Apr 22nd from Tweetie
  8. #LotusKnows that answering the question “How do I get my time back?” is the best start to answering the ROI question of #E20 and #MailFail
    16:06 PM Apr 22nd from Tweetie
  9. #LotusKnows that Team Analytics and Personal Branding Tag Clouds provides the enduring infrastructure to improve social capital.
    16:08 PM Apr 22nd from Tweetie
  10. #LotusKnows that Mobility is short for “Mo”re A”bility” to find each other when the moment of truth occurs and that UCC is more than IM/Chat
    16:10 PM Apr 22nd from Tweetie
  11. #LotusKnows I had a great time at LotusphereComesToYou2010 in Markham. Thanks IBM for setting up this great regional event.
    16:12 PM Apr 22nd from LinkedIn
  12. Easily schedule a meeting with me by using my Tungle.me link – http://tungle.me/rlavigne42 http://rpx.me/pwf
    17:01 PM Apr 22nd from signin.tungle.com
  13. Easily schedule a meeting with me by using my Tungle.me link – http://tungle.me/rlavigne42 http://rpx.me/qwf
    17:01 PM Apr 22nd from signin.tungle.com
  14. ‘xactly Tungle.me/RLavigne42 – sporting the purple T > @rlavigne42 New term for the day can also be “Tungle.me” 🙂 (via @ErinLariviere)
    17:06 PM Apr 22nd from Tweetie
  15. Maybe we are all different Yet, in the end, we are all the same… (via @lammiia) Same Same, but Different to quote the Thai knockoff mantra
    17:48 PM Apr 22nd from Tweetie
  16. 2010-04-17: The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up (#E20#SocialMedia#sCRM#Branding): http://wp.me/psXyQ-N4
    18:07 PM Apr 22nd from WordPress.com
  17. 2010-04-20: The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up (#E20#SocialMedia#sCRM#Branding): http://wp.me/psXyQ-N6
    18:11 PM Apr 22nd from WordPress.com
  18. @lammiia enjoy your earth day
    18:21 PM Apr 22nd from Tweetie

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