2010-04-15: The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up (#E20, #SocialMedia, #sCRM, #Branding)

  1. Salesforce expands Chatter platform http://bit.ly/aaplZ8 (via @CRMAlert)
    0:44 AM Apr 9th from Tweetie
  2. RT @stevehopkins: 10 privacy settings every facebook user should know http://ow.ly/1wkQK (via @lukegrange)
    0:46 AM Apr 9th from Tweetie
  3. reading Forbes: Your Computer In 2020 http://bit.ly/9qMOYU wow (via @glfceo)
    0:48 AM Apr 9th from Tweetie
  4. @maltaee Thank Mohammed. And a happy #FF to you and @lammiia as well.
    12:55 PM Apr 9th from Tweetie
  5. NEWS: Twitter Acquires Tweetie, Offers Free as “Twitter For iPhone” http://dld.bz/MXk (via @DanSchawbel)
    23:04 PM Apr 9th from Tweetie
  6. will be presenting at XPToronto on April 20 on Enterprise 2.0 meets Agile (http://xptoronto.com/ for details). Open invite to my connections
    23:42 PM Apr 10th from LinkedIn
  7. RT @casuist: Seth’s Blog: Ignore your critics http://goo.gl/vk0w always do. (via @JaniceTomich)
    0:17 AM Apr 11st from Tweetie
  8. RT @seanferrell: RT @lloydchia: Committees are when the unwilling ask the unable to do the unnecessary. Suzanne Stabile. (via @gerrykirk)
    0:18 AM Apr 11st from Tweetie
  9. Tweetie 2 For Mac is Coming – http://bit.ly/aZMipp (via @mashable)
    0:20 AM Apr 11st from Tweetie
  10. Some CRM software options for small and medium sized businesses http://bit.ly/bCaw1y (via @CRMAlert)
    0:21 AM Apr 11st from Tweetie
  11. Do the unexpected. (via @maltaee) and expect the unexpected from life 😉
    9:30 AM Apr 11st from Tweetie
  12. @absolutesubzero Thanks for the RT Emanuele. Hope all is well. BTW you are referenced in the upcoming presentation 🙂
    21:30 PM Apr 11st from Tweetie
  13. @maltaee from life or from me?
    21:31 PM Apr 11st from Tweetie
  14. Was just thinking this myself this weekend… RT @rampcreative A great idea is nothing without exceptional execution. (via @thinkBIG_blog)
    22:04 PM Apr 11st from Tweetie
  15. Twitter says there will be no “official” twitter client, calling it “official” was a mistake. http://bit.ly/dAGZf6 /via @Zee (@mrinaldesai)
    22:42 PM Apr 11st from Twitterrific
  16. Watching The Pacific is massively sobering. So much death. (via @daeaves) great series and great reminder
    22:43 PM Apr 11st from Twitterrific
  17. Proof that that tweets can be used to drive TV tune-in http://ow.ly/1xrqF (via @mikesukmanowski) (via @stephmarshall)
    12:24 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  18. Blogging Innovation: The Future of Social Software http://tinyurl.com/yakwpq5 (via @aponcier)
    12:25 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  19. In the future there will be two types of people: content creators and non-content creators http://bit.ly/bHlhl4 by @rossdawson (@aponcier)
    12:25 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  20. 36 Twitter Resources: Advanced Twitter Search for Business http://bit.ly/b9E0ql via @kmyrvold @socialmedia2day (via @webtechman)
    12:25 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  21. RT @brucerunions: RT – Web Analytics Emerges As A Cornerstone Of Customer Intelligence | Forrester http://bit.ly/b3WcUQ (via @CraigLund)
    12:26 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  22. RT @TechCrunch: Google Docs Gets More Realtime; Adds Google Drawings To The Mix -http://tcrn.ch/9YgWH2 by @erickschonfeld (via @katharnavas)
    12:26 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  23. Google turns up the heat on Office with collaboration tweaks – http://arst.ch/ie9 (via @arstechnica)
    12:26 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  24. Google Android tablet almost here? http://bit.ly/b5Qn84 (via @amcafee)
    12:27 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  25. Introducing the next generation of Google Docs at our #atmosphere10 event http://bit.ly/av7n2H (via @google)
    12:27 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  26. Twitter Launches A New Guide For Media Organizations (TechCrunch): http://tcrn.ch/d1ST7F (via @SocialMedia411)
    12:28 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  27. Traditional CRM v. Social CRM: Is There a Difference? by @pgreenbe http://bit.ly/972Q23 #CRM #SCRM (via @rwang0)
    12:29 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  28. Exclusive: InformationWeek’s deep coverage + videos of Google’s rewrite of Google Apps. http://bit.ly/asiR7c (via @awolfe58)
    12:29 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  29. How 5 Brands Are Mastering the Game of Foursquare | http://bit.ly/btRxMS via @mashable (via @randymatheson)
    12:30 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  30. Tiger Woods is going to rue the day he agreed to this… http://bit.ly/cWxNSi Let the merciless voiceover parodies start (via @thinkBIG_blog)
    12:31 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  31. My analysis of Twitter buying Tweetie http://om.ly/hzSt (via @GuyKawasaki)
    12:32 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  32. http://bit.ly/bBdCDh clear powrful look at power of #web20 #e20 scalable intimacy and content curation (via @carlfrappaolo)
    12:37 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  33. RT @ceciledemailly: “ROI crux: ahead or beyond ?” http://bit.ly/9dRI2u #e20 < Good E2.0 ponderings (via @dhinchcliffe)
    12:38 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  34. Process is finally coming to greater awareness in #e20 world – emergence can always use guidance/goals/guardrails (via @dankeldsen)
    12:38 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  35. Measuring the ROI of Social Software http://bit.ly/bZsP8O #enterprise #socialmedia #e20 #ROI @igloosoftware (via @ynanasi)
    12:38 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  36. Huge list of enterprise 2.0 software: http://bit.ly/9H4bwK #E20 (via @martinmrazek)
    12:38 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  37. Enterprise 2.0: It’s Still All About People http://bit.ly/bAPdxt #e20 (via @tobyward)
    12:39 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  38. #E20 New Confluence version released http://url4.eu/2XlCl (via @enterprisetwo)
    12:40 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  39. InfoWeek on Google vs. Msoft for the ent. ‘collaborative backbone.’ http://bit.ly/cBsCmN – Docs now stressing real-time collab. (@amcafee)
    13:50 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  40. Best Practices in Writing Email Subject Lines | MailChimp.com http://bit.ly/cTYAyl (via @delicious50)
    14:52 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  41. The fine print of Microsoft confusing Web app licensing scheme vs Google’s $50 per user/year simplicity http://bit.ly/c9u4cf (via @dberlind)
    14:54 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  42. 25 Easy Ways To Grow Your Personal Brand in 5 Minutes http://su.pr/1ZAho3 (via @jacobshare)
    14:55 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  43. Design is playing increasingly more important role in selling products – http://bit.ly/bjeHjo (via @crowdSPRING)
    14:56 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  44. Collaboration Is More Important Than Ever – 3 Barriers To Adoption http://bit.ly/dArgUy via @elsua (via @swiertz)
    14:56 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  45. Zappos CEO on How To Deliver Happiness with Social Media [INTERVIEW] http://bit.ly/dy1NIZ #sCRM #PR #analytics (via @HKotadia)
    15:18 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  46. “10 tips to protect your privacy on Facebook” http://snipurl.com/vfpke (via @albertedenis)
    15:19 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  47. “Search and Rescue: How to Become Findable and Shareable in Social Media” http://snipurl.com/vfpl8 (via @albertedenis)
    15:20 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  48. “The Vulcan Neck Pinch is not half as powerful as the Vulcan Groin Kick, but it’s more politically correct” StarTrek (via @HermanoGeoff)
    15:21 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  49. Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples combined are less than 10% of market share, 50%+ goes to small office supplies stores (via @ekolsky)
    15:24 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  50. 6 Online Business Card Tools To Spread Your Personal Brand http://tinyurl.com/y882a6k (via @mfauscette)
    17:02 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  51. Why Foursquare Drives Business: What You Need to Know http://bit.ly/b6mYJ4 (via @CtrlFollow)
    17:02 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  52. Top 10 Social Networking Websites: March 2010 Statistics http://tinyurl.com/y2wetyw (via @mfauscette)
    17:03 PM Apr 12nd from Twitterrific
  53. @ceciledemailly my pleasure/pas the probleme.
    23:53 PM Apr 12nd from Tweetie
  54. @elsua You’re welcome Luis
    23:53 PM Apr 12nd from Tweetie
  55. @elsua I will be referencing that post in an upcoming presentation on Agile meets Enterprise 2.0 on April 20th.Thanks for the great insight.
    23:54 PM Apr 12nd from Tweetie
  56. will be presenting at XPToronto on April 20 on Enterprise 2.0 meets Agile (http://xptoronto.com/ for details). Open invite to my connections
    22:17 PM Apr 14th from LinkedIn
  57. Suggested spelling for “Nenshad” in Chrome’s spell checker is “nightshade”. I have finally found my rapper alter ego. (via @nenshad) Go 4 It
    1:30 AM Apr 15th from Twitterrific
  58. The Unwritten Rules of Twitter That Can Get You Suspended http://bit.ly/d0R41f (via @katharnavas)
    1:31 AM Apr 15th from Twitterrific
  59. Twitter Revealed Today There are over 105 Million Registered Users! http://j.mp/brgZ2u http://bit.ly/bn09O3 (via @Alltop_TW)
    1:32 AM Apr 15th from Twitterrific
  60. RT @vdimauro “Can you quantify user engagement? I think so! http://bit.ly/c5J3WG” Good metrics suggestions #e20 (via @lehawes)
    1:34 AM Apr 15th from Twitterrific
  61. Catch webinar on 4/20 about Deloitte & their use of newsgator & sharepoint. The DStreet Story http://ow.ly/1tkqM #yam #E20 (via @jimworth)
    1:35 AM Apr 15th from Twitterrific
  62. Excellent Intro to e20 preso by member @rawn http://bit.ly/al9eGs #e20 (thanks Rawn for inclusion!) (via @ITSinsider)
    1:35 AM Apr 15th from Twitterrific
  63. Shepherding Social Business Transformation http://dach.is/2Q < what takes to be an effective #e20 evangelist (via @absolutesubzero)
    1:36 AM Apr 15th from Twitterrific
  64. Top 10 Use Cases Enterprise Microsharing Will Help You Get Less Email by @elsua http://bit.ly/bXVgPe #e20 #microblogging (via @alanlepo)
    1:37 AM Apr 15th from Twitterrific
  65. @sams17 well done Mr Mayor
    17:55 PM Apr 15th from Twitterrific

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