2010-01-30: The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up (#E20, #LS10))

17 Enclosed @RLavigne42 Tweets aggregating:

  • LotusSphere 2010 (#LS10),
  • Enterprise 2.0, #E20,
  • Social Media, #SocialMedia,
  • social CRM, #sCRM,
  • Personal Branding, #Branding

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My Thoughts Enclosed…Rb

  1. TDGv Racing has been undergoing secret winter testing the last week. Feed will resume its normal pace shortly. Stay tuned for the Grid.
    2:22 AM Jan 25th from web
  2. RT @codymckibb: Check out the 7th Digital Nomad Blog Carnival from @almostfearless http://ow.ly/1nxGtu #LIP
    2:47 AM Jan 25th from web
  3. #LS10 is history. Do you know where your collaboration environment is heading? #LotusKnows how and #LotusKnows why (via @asnddesigns)
    10:33 AM Jan 26th from Twitterrific
  4. My first of several blog posts re #LS10 – no real content, just musings, you’ve been warned.http://planetlotus.org/634cb4 (via @kjbrown13)
    10:34 AM Jan 26th from Twitterrific
  5. RT @sjohnsen: In case you missed it, the Lotusphere 2010 sessions are available online at http://bit.ly/717o2L. #ls10 (via @peremg)
    10:34 AM Jan 26th from Twitterrific
  6. played with LotusLive this weekend after #ls10. Was pretty nice to see it demoed. Even nicer to see it work. (via @slava_f)
    10:34 AM Jan 26th from Twitterrific
  7. Good blog post on Vulcan, Notes Development Enters a new Era http://tr.im/LzQw #vulcan #ls10 (via @ronnyjl)
    10:35 AM Jan 26th from Twitterrific
  8. IdoNotes blog: Lotusphere 2010 day 2-3 review, summary, compilation and whatever #ls10 http://bit.ly/7ifhe2 (via @IdoNotes)
    10:35 AM Jan 26th from Twitterrific
  9. Since I couldn’t live tweet much aboutrelateuring #ls10, going to share a bunch of tweets from today over at @elsua_b on it (via @elsua)
    10:37 AM Jan 26th from Twitterrific
  10. Links to all Lotusphere presentations http://bit.ly/63C9Qk / via @vowe #lotusknows #ls10 (via @BilalJaffery)
    10:37 AM Jan 26th from Twitterrific
  11. A podcast for LUG.org after the #ls10 mini keynote “The Lotus Application Development Strategy.” http://bit.ly/4I40jl (via @duffbert)
    10:38 AM Jan 26th from Twitterrific
  12. @DT ya know, I’ve been to #ls10 and heard a lot – yet the discussions at @vowe add tons of value #projectvulcan et al. (via @frogpond)
    10:38 AM Jan 26th from Twitterrific
  13. @bduperrin le futur de Lotus connections => Social analytics #rsetome2 #ls10 (via @cboree)
    10:39 AM Jan 26th from Twitterrific
  14. RT @lotusphereblog: Download all the Lotusphere 2010 presentations http://is.gd/74nwg #ls10 (via @donshep)
    10:40 AM Jan 26th from Twitterrific
  15. In terms of the value of social media, listen to Gina Poole’s:@ScottLaningham & @turbotodd #ls10 podcasts: http://ow.ly/10×68 (via @JSussin)
    10:42 AM Jan 26th from Twitterrific
  16. @zachlutz congrats to you and Ryan on a great debut race together.
    17:15 PM Jan 29th from web
  17. I just unlocked the “Explorer” badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/9Z84H1
    7:32 AM Jan 30th from foursquare

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