2010-01-21: The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up (#E20, #LS10)

18 Enclosed @RLavigne42 Tweets aggregating:

  • LotusSphere 2010 (#LS10),
  • Enterprise 2.0, #E20,
  • Social Media, #SocialMedia,
  • social CRM, #sCRM,
  • Personal Branding, #Branding

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My Thoughts Enclosed…Rb

  1. @RLavigne42 Podium Update: CIPS #E20 Presentation Playlisthttp://bit.ly/7p8Kao http://post.ly/Jk3S1:13 AM Jan 21st
  2. #E20 Virtual Enterprise 2.0 Conference Schedulehttp://url4.eu/1BBUR (via @enterprisetwo)1:21 AM Jan 21st
  3. RT @glfceo: The Need for More Governance and IT Involvement in Social Media Efforts http://bit.ly/8cWx7b #CIO#scrm #e20 (via @olymaryg)1:21 AM Jan 21st
  4. Enterprise 2.0 and Collective Collaboration – Part I [Via @OscarBerg | @piewords#e20 http://ff.im/-eB4Iy (via @georgedearing)1:21 AM Jan 21st
  5. E 2.0: Using Enterprise Microblogging and Social Software To Serve Customers Faster http://bit.ly/58DIJa via @Soci (cont)http://tl.gd/4iops1:22 AM Jan 21st
  6. #E20 Representing “Social”, Prioritising Design and the I-wordhttp://url4.eu/1B0rO (via @enterprisetwo)1:22 AM Jan 21st
  7. Rethinking Sales in a Social CRM Strategyhttp://bit.ly/4H2etm #SCRM #e20 | Gr8 comments! Join the convo 🙂 (via @MarkTamis)1:22 AM Jan 21st
  8. RT @joelfoner @hacool “Fear of losing control is big” Core fear: having people find the things spin was supposed to hide (via @sourcePOV)1:23 AM Jan 21st
  9. #E20 links for 2010-01-20 http://url4.eu/1AzVG (via @enterprisetwo)1:23 AM Jan 21st
  10. IMO SP2010 has all the #e20 features that most companies would have wanted, in early 2009. Will it keep up with the pace of change? @gyehuda1:23 AM Jan 21st
  11. Enterprise 2.0 Architecture: Can your organization do this?http://bit.ly/7cuVt8 via @tetradian #E20 #EA #entarch (via @webtechman)1:24 AM Jan 21st
  12. I knew my session was good but red carpet and screaming fans To enter Disney studio I didn’t expect that #ls10 (via @curiousmitch)4:17 AM Jan 21st
  13. Hollywood studios, gates still not opened and the que is 200 yards and growing… #ls10 (via @trondareutle)4:17 AM Jan 21st
  14. Tower of Terror FTW!!!! #ls10 (via @curiousmitch)4:18 AM Jan 21st
  15. The tower of terror sponsored by Microsoft #ls10http://yfrog.com/4gab4dj (via @katmandelstein) < LOL4:19 AM Jan 21st
  16. #LotusKnows how to throw a party! #ls10 (via @kevinjhansen)4:22 AM Jan 21st
  17. A-2-Z #Leadership: C-Culture-culture is the way a company gets things done. If it is working, why change it? (via @rapidbi)4:22 AM Jan 21st
  18. Personal Branding Read: 5-Steps for Creating a Social Media Marketing Campaign for Your Brand http://bit.ly/5aPrAP (via @MAltaee)4:23 AM Jan 21st

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