2009-12-28: The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up

11 Enclosed @RLavigne42 Tweets aggregating:

  • Enterprise 2.0, #E20,
  • Social Media, #SocialMedia,
  • social CRM, #sCRM,
  • Personal Branding, #Branding

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My Thoughts Enclosed…Rb

  1. Revisiting A Brand and A Dream for inspiration http://post.ly/GNrP
    18:31 PM Dec 27th from Posterous
  2. Lap 12: The track has gotten very wet. Having to dig deep into my thoughts to map out the road. http://post.ly/GOW3
    21:26 PM Dec 27th from Posterous
  3. Race Update: January Keynote Outline figured out and Some Fun with A Brand and A Dream, while SkunkWorks Racing is … http://post.ly/GOXg
    21:33 PM Dec 27th from Posterous
  4. Lap 13: That was one very scary lap. So many corners were clipped every so closely. The lap almost a blurl http://post.ly/GOde
    22:00 PM Dec 27th from Posterous
  5. Lap 14: Who Let the Cats In. The purring of the engine and a Management 2.0 Fable Infrastructure Defined. http://post.ly/GOww
    23:29 PM Dec 27th from Posterous
  6. YouTube – 2003 The Birth of a Brand http://post.ly/GP0y
    23:48 PM Dec 27th from Posterous
  7. The Muppets: Ringing of the Bells – MuppetsStudio’s Channel http://post.ly/GPIm
    1:20 AM Dec 28th from Posterous
  8. Race Recap #3: After the second day, a vision for the future while reviewing the past http://post.ly/GPU8
    2:24 AM Dec 28th from Posterous
  9. RT @HKotadia: RT @wimrampen: RT @GrahamHill: RT @Bob_Thompson: My Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2009http://bit.ly/8mFrMY #sCRM
    2:30 AM Dec 28th from web
  10. Building IS Strategy | Pretzel Logic – Enterprise 2.0 http://post.ly/GTPt
    17:36 PM Dec 28th from Posterous
  11. Ideas Connect Us More than Relationships | Brian Solis http://post.ly/GTTh
    17:48 PM Dec 28th from Posterous

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