2009-12-26: The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up (#E20, #SocialMedia)

22 Enclosed @RLavigne42 Tweets aggregating:

  • Enterprise 2.0, #E20,
  • Social Media, #SocialMedia,
  • social CRM, #sCRM,
  • Personal Branding, #Branding

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My Thoughts Enclosed…Rb

  1. The Skunkworks Racing Management 2.0 Fable 5 day writing marathon is just about to commence http://post.ly/GEYy
    1:47 AM Dec 26th from Posterous
  2. And the Green Flag is shown in this 5 day and night endurance writing session http://post.ly/GExn
    3:21 AM Dec 26th from Posterous
  3. 3 Laps in and already the plan is out the windowhttp://post.ly/GFL3
    5:00 AM Dec 26th from Posterous
  4. Lap 4 logged. A 5 Day marathon requires patience and focus http://post.ly/GFVB
    5:42 AM Dec 26th from Posterous
  5. Lap 5 in the books. A roadmap has been outlined for the coming sprint. The rumble of the competitors are heard as dawn nears.
    6:19 AM Dec 26th from Posterous
  6. YouTube – Intermission In the Third Dimension http://post.ly/GFcs
    6:21 AM Dec 26th from Posterous
  7. spending the next 5 days documenting SkunkWorks Racing: #E20 at the Speed of Innovation and Collaboration
    6:26 AM Dec 26th from LinkedIn Status
  8. Caution is over and the 5 day marathon continues
    17:52 PM Dec 26th from Posterous
  9. Getting ready for another stint (20:30 to 6:30 is the plan) http://post.ly/GIkB
    20:20 PM Dec 26th from Posterous
  10. Lap 6 kicked off a fresh stint http://post.ly/GIwb
    21:09 PM Dec 26th from Posterous
  11. To you as well Owen > @rlavigne42 Merry Christmas to you, have a great holiday (via @OwenGreaves)
    21:15 PM Dec 26th from Tweetie
  12. Lap 7 posed a tough battle to get back into the rhythm of the race http://post.ly/GJIX
    22:41 PM Dec 26th from Posterous
  13. Lap 8 was much easier thanks to Red Bull http://post.ly/GJMq
    23:00 PM Dec 26th from Posterous
  14. Lap 9 saw a few oily patches that needed to be navigated cleanly http://post.ly/GJka
    0:43 AM Dec 27th from Posterous
  15. Lap 10 was a critical lap to get right. Time will tell if this racing line will work. http://post.ly/GJps
    1:09 AM Dec 27th from Posterous
  16. YouTube – Doctor Who -The End of Time preview http://post.ly/GJqq
    1:13 AM Dec 27th from Posterous
  17. Lap 11: After a lengthy stop in the pits to deal with a misfiring engine, we are back on the track http://post.ly/GMnG
    13:59 PM Dec 27th from Posterous
  18. Race Recap #1: The 5 Day Race to Video Document the story points of SkunkWorks Racing http://post.ly/GMsF
    14:14 PM Dec 27th from Posterous
  19. Race Recap #2: After the first day, we look back at A Brand and A Dream for ideas http://post.ly/GMsZ
    14:16 PM Dec 27th from Posterous
  20. Re-Watching the first 5 laps of the SkunkWorks Racing Vlog. http://post.ly/GN1a
    14:56 PM Dec 27th from Posterous
  21. Video Interview: Buddy Media’s Mike Lazerow | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD http://post.ly/GN37
    15:03 PM Dec 27th from Posterous
  22. Just finished watching the impromptu Christmas Eve Interview for SkunkWorks Racing http://post.ly/GNDX
    15:46 PM Dec 27th from Posterous

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