2009/11/04: Tweets from the Enterprise 2.0 2009 Conference (#E2Conf)

I was unable to attend the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in San Francisco.   The event took place at the Moscone North Convention Center from November 2-5, 2009.  Thankfully, most of the speeches were broadcast live via E2 TV.

Thanks to Twitter, I was able to follow the real time tweets coming from the conference using the #e2conf hashtag.  This was complimented by the over 900 Twitter users that I follow on a regular basis.

Only in the age of the Real Time Web, could I follow multiple conference sessions in real time, without attending the physical event.

The following is my compilation of the Tweets or ReTweets (RT) made from the comfort of my couch via my MacBook & iTouch on November 4, 2009.

My Thoughts Enclosed…Rb

November 4, 2009

8:30 am–9:00 am – Integrating Google Wave into the Enterprise

  1. At #e2conf, if you are on Google Wave, search for “tag:e2conf with:public” to see the public waves about the sessions. (via @danyork)
  2. FYI, you can watch the live stream of the #e2conf keynote on #GoogleWave at: http://bit.ly/4iE0RQ (via @danyork)
  3. #e2conf – Greg, Australia, used to be at JotSpot, product mgr. Google wave, merging trend in communication technologies. (via @dcoleman100)
  4. #andyasks What do we think of Google Wave so far? #e2conf (via @amcafee)
  5. #e2conf – created in Australia, developers of Google Maps, and next looked at communications technologies, e-mail metaphor(via @dcoleman100)
  6. #e2conf– Wave is a shared hosted conversation, real time, to accomplish a goal, start a wave and it should support your goal (@dcoleman100)
  7. With GWave, it’s about starting a wave, and that wave/tool should conform with what you’re trying to accomplish-D’alesandre(@destinationCRM)
  8. #e2conf Wave is a platform to make non-collaborative applications available through the Web. Partners are critical to strategy.(@robsalk)
  9. product, platform, and protocol,-3 partners, real time collaborative platform, IM conversation, add a person, put IM in eMail (@dcoleman100)
  10. switch between different context and tech, Wave, RT fill out an agenda, group writing, add diagram, clip into conversaton (via @dcoleman100)
  11. #e2conf Wave: It’s all about the protocol, not the provider (Google)… (via @toddkittredge)
  12. Dr Wave is a cool guy… but man he says “um” a lot #e2conf #wave (via @benkepes)
  13. #e2conf -playback, all strokes, what has happened and accountability, see how a wave grew and changed state (via @dcoleman100)
  14. Playback is a better view of versioning #e2conf #keynote #googlewave (via @CarolineDangson)
  15. #e2conf– most comm tech replace F2F, if most people talking at same time, in a Wave you can see all without talking over others @dcoleman100
  16. “We built this program but don’t really understand all the implications of it,” Greg “Dr. Wave” from Google Wave #e2conf (via @stacyo)
  17. #e2conf – collaboration in all things, anyone on a wave someone can add other wave collaborators, later will have permissions (@dcoleman100)
  18. “If we built features that could be locked down, people would lock it down and it would be more like email.” Greg from Google (via @stacyo)
  19. With existing collab tech you need to think about the info format, with Wave the info format is embedded in the communication @paulmirvine
  20. #e2conf First Google Wave partner introduced is SAP: gadget for looking at business process data in collaborative view. (via @robsalk)
  21. I can see Google Wave being a great technology for CRM, hope to see suppliers look to Google Wave with their products. (via @paulmirvine)
  22. #e2conf The culture clash btw SAP’s structured view of everything and Google’s anarchic approach to collaboration is jarring. (via @robsalk)
  23. Chad at Thoughtworks studios, SW dev collaboration tools, agile software, Mingle is the new tool, cards, move in swim lanes (@dcoleman100)
  24. #e2conf ThoughtWorks-Google Wave showing demo using wave for project management (via @nitinbadjatia)
  25. #e2conf Google Wave is brilliant, but it’s security model could be the death knell in the enterprise. (via @nenshad)
  26. Orgs that want to use the best features of Wave app integration need to prepare their people to completely reinvent their work. (@robsalk)
  27. I must say, the live Google Wave demos I’m watching are pretty impressive; much potential here. #e2conf (via @amcafee)
  28. Novell rolls out Pulse. So begins the struggle for the next generation real-time collaboration experience http://bit.ly/1fMbi1 @tjkeitt
  29. At #e2conf, Novell unveils revolutionary user experience #Novell #Pulse http://www.novell.com/pulse (via @kwmuir)
  30. Wave needs to think about conversation retention, federated identity, access control, segregation of duties, to pass CIO test (via @nenshad)
  31. You can edit someone else’s chat box (i.e., “collaborative editing”) ? Seems like edit trail hard to follow… #e2conf (via @destinationCRM)
  32. “We will be open sourcing the lion’s share of Google Wave code” Greg from Google Wave #e2conf (via @stacyo)
  33. With GWave, we’re trying to start ecosystem of real-time collaborative technologies. -D’alesandre #e2conf (via @destinationCRM)
  34. protocol is “wave federation protocol.” It’s a protocol where servers can talk together from any vendor #e2conf (via @membrado)
  35. At #e2conf, I’m taking notes in #GoogleWave, person next to me writing on paper with pen, next person over is tweeting. (via @danyork)
  36. RT @thatadamguy People livewaving #e2conf. Neat! Some good conversations! http://j.mp/d2QMF (RT @danyork) [#Wave is awesome] (via @JohnMu)
  37. I spent my first day with Wave asking “Now what?” without a good reply but I guess some said the same thing about twitter (via @MajorLB)
  38. Rt @novell Novell Pulse, new real-time collaboration solution, federates with Google Wave, a first. #e2conf (via @skip7547)

9:00 am–9:40 am – Is Enterprise 2.0 A Crock?

  1. Time for “is E2.0 a crock?” #e2conf #e2conf-15 get ready for some sparks. (via @theRab)
  2. Inspiration for today’s discussion – A ZDNet blogger once said E2.0 is a crock..and wanted to see some real use cases..#e2conf (via @MiaD)
  3. cases of failure, mostly of culture, democratize the workforce, breakdown in the car industry and the govt. stepped in. (via @dcoleman100)
  4. #e2conf Principle 1: Workforce transformation (via @nenshad)
  5. #e2conf– Principles of E20 -panel 5 principles, workforce transformation, business process/ops, IP, Property/governance, (via @dcoleman100)
  6. when ppl talk about “breaking down” silos they add fuel to the fire that E20 is a crock. Silos collaborate they dont break down. (@mikojava)
  7. #e2conf– Lucent is 70k people, now people can find each other – Claire – tools make it easier to solve the business problems (@dcoleman100)
  8. Metlife, allows us to break down silos, people work in new areas, bring new people in, enabling technologies, not incremental@dcoleman100)
  9. #e2conf Change agents have always existed, 2.0 tech brings agents together (via @nitinbadjatia)
  10. Personal observation: #e20 are efficiency masters. Repeatedly here people finding redundancy due to repeated siloed efforts. (via @nenshad)
  11. E2.0 label may be new but the need has always existed. Enabling technologies are finally available to foster collaboration #e2conf (@MiaD)
  12. #KM used to be a dusty destination, ent 2.0 allows it to be dynamic and responsive to individual reqs #e2conf (via @paulmirvine)
  13. #e2conf– tech allows us to do work in work stream rather than like KM which was a destination. (via @dcoleman100)
  14. #e2conf Megan Murray: organizations are changing b/c of larger trends. E20 tech just allows businesses a chance to keep up. (via @robsalk)
  15. #e2conf– bulding an affinity and trust, big cultural shifts, Eli Lilly build social competencies internally before external (@dcoleman100)
  16. RT @nenshad “The workforce is being transformed whether we want it to or not. We expect a voice, recognition .. it’s happening” #e2conf
  17. Enterprise 2.0 is bout companies letting go of control (they don’t have it anymore, but many don’t realize yet) #e2conf #SCRM (@drnatalie)
  18. E2.0 is not a solve-all, it’s just a tool, having a collaborative culture is key #e2conf (via @MiaD)
  19. it’s funny, what folks say on stage about #e20 is the exact opposite of what they tell me in private, scared of repercussions (via @jacobm)
  20. Enterprise 2.0 is bout employees collaborating cross functional silos 2 do the right/best thing #e2conf #SCRM (via @drnatalie)
  21. For global companies, knowledge-sharing tools are enablers for collapsing time and geographic barriers #e2conf (via @MiaD)
  22. #e2conf There is always a person involved in business process. Receive the outcome, start the process, etc. (via @nenshad)
  23. enterprise 2.0 brings new dimension 2 agility -lean, green, smart, customer-focused employees loving work #e2conf (via @drnatalie)
  24. Governance-3 principle-people can find ways to share. critical data in ways to control, and need to help without risking data (@dcoleman100)
  25. RT @leebryant: @mastermark yes! That’s why we are talking about social business design – moving beyond tool adoption thinking #e2conf
  26. (Eli Lilly): Employees naturally use these tools. They use them outside work; they expect to use them at work #e2conf (via @mchui)
  27. concept of “participatory governance” of the company. Tools allow stakeholders to be involved in decisions in realtime #e2conf (@membrado)
  28. Can’t help thinking existing HR policies should cover interactions digitally as they do physically. #e2conf (via @paulmirvine)
  29. Jamie Pappas (EMC): Organizations have to stop not trusting their employees #e2conf (via @mchui)
  30. “You can’t lock down everything. People who are malicious will remain malicious.” Is E2 a Crock session at #e2conf (via @stacyo)
  31. #e2conf “Participatory governance” (Megan again, smartest voice on the panel): co-creating standards of trust and privacy. (via @robsalk)
  32. Agreed. too bad. RT @robsalk: #e2conf Haven’t heard much about E20 being a crock. More like the same old cheerleading. (via @jhatton1980)
  33. 4 month, reply all-athon experiment, analysis and metrics, and costs for 3000 people, and replies $250k, soft dollars (via @dcoleman100)
  34. “Trust the employee” — that’s the mantra for making E 2.0 work. To me, that is clear sign that enterprise will do the opposite. (@alexteu)
  35. @salsop saying to the #e2conf panelists “I suspect you guys are not real IT people” (via @mikojava)
  36. #e2conf you are not real IT poeple – you have some level of insight unlike them (via @ericzigus)
  37. E2.0 allowed EMC execs to get feedback from employees, learn mistake, instead of mass email “hey, we’re doing this.” (via @destinationCRM)
  38. @CarolineDangson E2.0 should perhaps be considered more like digital dna, the knowledge backbone of an org #e2conf (via @paulmirvine)
  39. RT @paulmirvine: In 5 yrs, asking for a biz case for #E20 will be like asking for biz case for phone & email #e2conf (via @LizMMolitor)
  40. Clare Flanagan (CSC): If you don’t select a tool that is addictive, people will vote with their feet #e2conf (via @mchui)
  41. #e2conf – started behind the firewall, open to all employees, educate rather than prohibit, trust is returned (via @dcoleman100)
  42. managers must trust more their employees. You must proactively educate in this direction. #e2conf (via @membrado)
  43. E2.0 is not an IT-push tool, needs employee adoption to be successful. Education is key to build trust and adoption #e2conf (via @MiaD)
  44. #e2conf – speed to resolution – 23k people, as we get bigger we get smaller, want to be more distributed, more online. (via @dcoleman100)
  45. #e2conf – cflannigan, JamiePapas, the bryceiswrite, dberlind, all twitter addresses from panel (via @dcoleman100)

9:40 am–10:00 am – The Social, Mobile Web: Business Productivity in an Era of Twitter, Facebook, and Unified Communications

  1. The upcoming talk should be interesting – “Business productivity in an era of Twitter, Facebook, and unified comma” #e2conf (via @MiaD)
  2. Up now: Clara Shih, CEO of Hearsay Labs, “The Social, Mobile Web: Biz Productivity in an Era of Twitter, Fb, and UC” (via @destinationCRM)
  3. “Facebook is CRM for individuals,” Clara Shih #e2conf (via @stacyo)
  4. Clara Shih’s book, The Facebook Era, has forty 5-star reviews on Amazon http://tinyurl.com/facebookera #e2conf (via @InformIT)
  5. #e2conf “Facebook is CRM for individuals.” YES! It automates personal relationship management & enables economies of scale (via @robsalk)
  6. Facebook era or Social era? I think Social. FB will be one of many… #e2conf (via @JimLundy)
  7. Plus than 300 million using Facebook, spending 8 billion minutes a day in it! @clarashih #e2conf (via @rodrigocvc)
  8. Facebook is CRM for individuals, over 300mil users, 120%+ growth over last year #e2conf #e2conf-16 (via @MiaD)
  9. #e2conf Hidden driver of Facebook mobile growth: ability to update via SMS. Critical for emerging mobile economies (via @robsalk)
  10. Clara Shih (@clarashih): Fastest growing group on Facebook are people aged 35-49, 2nd fastest: women 55+ years old #e2conf (via @mchui)
  11. RT @nenshad: #e2conf It scares me how similar the religious fervor around social media resembles the dot com gold rush. (via @nitinbadjatia)
  12. That’s a fail the video being played was already played at this conf at least one #e2conf http://bit.ly/10bKf8 (via @benkepes)
  13. #e2conf Hilarious Facebook in real life video being showed by Clara Shih. It’s damn funny (via @nenshad)
  14. @Allyis wikis, with their tags, feel slightly less than E2.0, maybe E1.5? #e2conf (via @paulmirvine)
  15. #e2conf – profile information ads are based, can see local Starbucks nearby, and friends at a specific location. (via @dcoleman100)
  16. Understanding push-pull relationship between employees & IT is essential for #E20 adoption http://bit.ly/14rSP3 #e2conf (via @tones810)
  17. Next step isn’t just targeting declared profile info +geolocation, it’s predictive analytics (implied info) + geolocation. (via @robsalk)
  18. #e2conf– use friends as social filters to navigate content, recommendations, where to go, buy, etc. (via @dcoleman100)
  19. Reading @mikojava‘s post: The Enterprise 2.0 Crock http://bit.ly/4jqdOc #e2conf #e20 (via @tones810)
  20. Clara Shih makes it clear that the more info you put on Facebook,the better people can sell you.I don’t want to be sold to on FB! (@nenshad)
  21. clara shih developed faceconnector app to insert faccebook profiles in salesforce in realtime. Imagine the value for prospection (@membrado)
  22. Clara shih: people are using FB and Twitter so their friends can serve as social filters for content. #e2conf (via @cjnash)
  23. #e2conf-16 #e2conf @clarashih social graph weak tie connections become relationship options not obligations. (via @theRab)

Second Life behind the Firewall

  1. Second life now available behind your firewall #e2conf. Second Life Enterprise IBM, USNavy, Northrop Grumman beta orgs (via @terrigriffith)
  2. SecondLife Entrprise beta, secure 3D collaboration and virtual work, add security, privacy and admin functions (via @dcoleman100)
  3. Can’t believe how crowded the Second Life presentation is at #e2conf … this should be good! (via @hpridgen)
  4. Packed room at #e2conf waiting for Linden Labs “Future of Work” presentation, talking about new E2.0 use http://bit.ly/lUW03 (@timoelliott)
  5. Linden Labs announces behind-the-firewall version of 3D world, for corporate use: http://bit.ly/2GsbqX #e2conf (via @sapweb20)
  6. Technical issues at the Second Life Enterprise presentation. That’s why I abandoned the platform. #e2conf (via @uwehook)
  7. About half the crowd has attended a business meeting in a virtual world. ?! Really?! #e2conf (via @MikeWhitmore)
  8. Linden Labs brilliant. Gifted laser pointers allowed group responses to ?s shown on the screen http://yfrog.com/j8kepzj (via @terrigriffith)
  9. Gartner says 70% of businesses will use private virtual worlds for collaboration #e2conf #e2conf-49 (via @MiaD)
  10. CEO of LindenLabs just led us in a pop quiz where the audience answered via pointing laser pens at locations on the screen. (via @jfriend)
  11. 1300+ companies and organizations in Second Life today #e2conf #e2conf-49 (via @MiaD)
  12. Mark Kingdon sharing example of use of Second Life in recruiting, events, collaboration, simulations #e2conf #e2conf-49 (via @MiaD)
  13. Second Life to design product prototypes and simulate lean mfg processes? Lot of potential for virtual floorplans #e2conf (@hyounpark_AG)
  14. Linden Labs announcing Second Life Enterprise Beta for behind the firewall solutions for companies #e2conf (via @cflanagan)
  15. 3 new enhancements in Second Life Enterprise: Admin control, you can use real names, and work marketplace #e2conf #e2conf-49 (via @MiaD)
  16. RT @olivermarks: Rob Koplowitz: Sharepoint is a journey with pain points #e2conf [we need the Mac guy!] (via @tnemelka)
  17. RT @nenshad: #e2conf My view: Google Wave will become Second Life Enterprise for the open web when it grows up | interesting! (@drnatalie)
  18. But where is the value add between trad vid conf and virtual worlds. Me no understand #e2conf #e2conf-49 #secondlife (via @benkepes)
  19. SL Enterprise can support up to 8 regions simultaneously and 800 concurrent users in the same immersive environment #e2conf (via @asivunen)
  20. This is way cool-head nods, hand gestures, body language- all captured from second life virtual panelist in Linden Labs #e2conf (@cflanagan)
  21. Metrics in virtual worlds depend on your activity (That’s true of any tool, you measure based on your use) #e2conf #e2conf-49 (via @MiaD)
  22. RT @peteryugray: IBM holds at least 1 event in Second Life Enterprise a day #e2conf (via @G_Blackburn)
  23. seeing significant and quantifiable return on investment in second life #e2conf (via @cflanagan)
  24. work.secondlife.com has case studies and metrics they’ve gathered for second life behind the firewall use #e2conf (via @cflanagan)
  25. “If your sponsor is conservative, don’t show up looking like a dragon” wise advice for driving biz 2nd Life adoption (via @hyounpark_AG)
  26. People are discussing strategies for choosing an avatar in enterprise second life.Emperor is high on his own kool aide (via @benkepes)
  27. CEO LindenLabs:We’re at the very beginning of adoption of 3D environments,in the next 5 years it’ll change the way we work. (via @asivunen)

Sharepoint 2010 Release Schedule Debate

  1. @bradgarland #agile #e2conf re: 2 week sprints – all our companies do 2-3wk sprints – a few here: http://bit.ly/zme8m (via @chiraqi)
  2. RT @tonybyrne: SP2010 is both platform & app. Redmond tells customers it’s app. But tells integrators it’s platform. Therein prob (@AlexTeu)
  3. CFinn “We can innovate more in a 3-yr cycle than a 1 yr cycle.” e.g., don’t judge us by speed of releases but by final product(via @robsalk)
  4. Microsoft rep: “We believe we can do more innovation thru a 3-year cycle than a 3 1-year cycles.” — I’m not buying it. (via @TonyByrne)
  5. @cfinn says that SharePoint is a much larger platform than others.MSFT focuses on larger markets and customers than competitors @lehaweslive
  6. RT @drnatalie: Sharepoint is / can end up just being a storage closet 4 content- std search is not enough #e2conf (via @JuliaMak)
  7. #e2conf-21 #e2conf Mike G. still pushing the model of 3 yr cycle on infra, faster apps built on 1 yr cycle – not letting go (via @ericzigus)
  8. Good debate on the length of the SharePoint major release cycle. MS rep & analysts have differing opinions on a 3 yr cycle(via @lisa_dawson)
  9. #e2conf @cfinn #sp2010 is popular for a reason, we are seeing double digit growth, we meet most users needs out of the box (via @walton3)
  10. Sharepoint is an IT platform, whereas adoption and value come from the Line of Business. I smell massive fail #e2conf (via @Ross)
  11. Moderator asking about SharePoint 2010 business case. @MikeG514 says value is in IT consolidation. #e2conf (via @lehaweslive)
  12. RT @smurgel:Ironic observation of the day: everyone dissing Sharepoint is presenting with Powerpoint. Go figure. #e2conf <lol (via @chiraqi)

OpenSocial Panel

  1. RT @membrado:To educate on E2.0: don’t focus on how to learn to use a wiki/blog/…, but how to solve your business problem (via @bduperrin)
  2. RT @Ross OpenSocial future for Socialtext goes beyond widgets to ActivityStrea.ms, OAuth, decentralized profiles says @alevin (via @tfisher)
  3. #social networking has reduce teen delinquency by 75% / 47% of families are closer #SCRM #customerservice #e2conf (via @drnatalie)
  4. RT @Ross: New Ent2.0 study: FONA Int’l uses Socialtext to provide employees better way to work. #e2conf http://ow.ly/zeaD (via @MiaD)
  5. RT @Ross: People shouldn’t underestimate the traction of OpenSocial adoption within E 2.0 that has occurred this year (via @frogpond)
  6. Our communication is fragmented by the number of devices 68% use 7 different devices Source: #OpenComms #e2conf #SCRM (via @drnatalie)
  7. Important point made on OpenSocial panel re: the role of identity and E2.0 (social media, social networking, etc) #e2conf (via @MikeG514)
  8. RT @Ross People shouldn’t underestimate the traction of OpenSocial adoption within E 2.0 that has occurred this year #e2conf (via @tfisher)
  9. Next Gen requirements -flexible deployment- run out of datacenter- yours. cloud, etc. #OpenComms #e2conf #SCRM (via @drnatalie)
  10. Next Gen requirements massvie scalability, carrier-class resiliency, protect existing investments Source: #e2conf #SCRM (via @drnatalie)
  11. Next Gen requirements – green- don’t need 2 do rip and replace #OpenComms #e2conf #SCRM (via @drnatalie)
  12. RT @johntodor: IBM: 68% employee believe colleagues could help them do jobs. Don’t know how to find them. #e2conf (via @metarand)
  13. RT People don’t care about the tools; they care abt getting things done. -@walton3 on http://sn.im/BAH-hello #e2conf (via @nahumg)
  14. From 4000 emails/month to 1. How FONA improved business processes using social software. http://ow.ly/zgRi #e2conf (via @Socialtext)
  15. facebook: 300M (+153%) 88 mins/day / twitter: 58M users (+1170%) / iPhone/iTouch: 57M users (+166%) (@clarashih) (via @membrado)(via @eogez)

Customer Service (sCRM)

  1. RT @ekolsky: #e2conf panel on lowering customer service costs via social media – is this the #E20 or #SCRM conference??? 🙂 (via @drnatalie)
  2. customer service needs to be brought down to customer needs – not technology #e2conf (via @ekolsky)
  3. Original call center is about dealing with something going wrong. Now with #scrm expands to something not quite going right. (via @nenshad)
  4. social is timesaver,not only a solution provider. communities bypass traditional roles and structured systems, cuts time and effort @ekolsky
  5. Communities R where the answers R- so value is better answers from community = less work for #SCRM #e2conf = less costs (via @drnatalie)
  6. #e2conf @rwang0 Lowering support costs w/ communities is great, but you still have to manage the communities. (via @nenshad)
  7. HP ROI on Support Community has been enormous. Cust voice feedback is so much more powerful than indirectly thru callcenter @lostintheflog
  8. ROI for support communities is not a problem (reduction is not the only metric here) #e2conf (via @ekolsky)
  9. #e2conf @rwang0 4x-8x reductions in cost and much greater scalability (cost and reach) with these community platforms. (via @nenshad)
  10. #e2conf We’re moving away from sales being a one time event. (via @nenshad)
  11. #e2conf Now EVERYTHING is recurring revenue. Reducing service cost is the old model of thinking. Think VALUE ADD of community. (@nenshad)
  12. everything is recurring revenue now: lowering customer service costs combined with better customer service/sharing is key(via @olivermarks)
  13. R Wang – it’s not a support or marketing issue. It’s a customer experience issue. That’s where the magic happens. (via @lostintheflog)
  14. #customerservice is hidden behind the “corporate wall” vs industries – hotel, theme park- customer is real-time in your face(via @drnatalie)
  15. no major legal cases as a result of customers using support communities:not a significant concern as long as users are sensible-@olivermarks
  16. #e2conf “Marketing creates the brand, Support keeps the brand alive.” V true. (via @nenshad)
  17. @ddmcd agreed. However, any cost savings in #e20 clearly will outweigh the remaining costs of the parallel systems that can’t be replaced
  18. Support -> good user experience -> word of mouth RT @nenshad “Marketing creates the brand, Support keeps the brand alive.” (via @JuliaMak)
  19. Agreed! RT @uwehook: We’re moving away from the one-time sales event model to an ongoing customer experience engagement (via @rbstang1966)
  20. support (or feedback) 2.0 is not only to support users but allow them to share best practices and socialize #e2conf (via @membrado)
  21. Customer Service departments suffer from the Rodney Dangerfield syndrome: They don’t get enough respect #e2conf (via @uwehook)
  22. Engagement vs Deflection: companies must avoid the latter. If you break a customer’s guitar he can tell 5M @bobwarfield (via @helpstream)
  23. Customers will train you how to deal with them in the 2.0 World. They will reward or punish you on how you treat them. @helpstream
  24. Luxury hotel implemented Six Sigma and eliminated it because it didn’t allow them to overdeliver on Customer Service #e2conf (via @uwehook)
  25. Show the negative so others can see how fast you work to resolve problems. Six Sigma FAIL. #e2conf (via @smurgel)

2:00 pm–2:15 pm – Social Business Design: Thinking Beyond the Traditional Enterprise Perspectives

  1. Listening to Jeff Dachis in the #e2conf keynote. “Enterprise is not IT – Stop focusing on only IT” (via @lbenitez)
  2. that’s true but silos are there for various good reasons,that must be rethought, reevaluated and probably redesigned #dachis (via @frogpond)
  3. Dachis advocates a Social Business Design – a framework for doing business in a networked company #e2conf (via @lbenitez)
  4. Why is jeff dachis reading from his slides?! That’s presentation 101 – know your material and converse! #e2conf (via @slmader)
  5. @jeffdachis pounding thru slides on individuals not scaling, endless point solutions instead of platforms #e2conf (via @olivermarks)
  6. Dachis Group:”Social business design”:intentional creation of socially calibrated and dynamic biz sys, process, and culture(@destinationCRM)
  7. “social business design” sounds like both wholesale replacement & “out in left field” concept.The extremes of scary for execs.(via @slmader)
  8. @jeffdachis is delivering a compelling presentation at #e2conf with awesome graphics created by @armano. (via @mwalsh)
  9. Dachis’ 4 archetypes of social biz design: 1) ecosystem (not silos); 2) Hivemind; 3) Dynamic signals; 4) Meta filter #e2conf (via @lbenitez)
  10. Eliminate the duct tape and bubble gum and focus on people, process and technology – @jeffdachis #e2conf (via @lisa_dawson)

2:15 pm–2:40 pm – LaunchPad

  1. Cubetree prides themselves on weekly releases. Can you image the heartburn that would have causes just 5yrs ago? #e2conf (via @marciamarcia)
  2. launchpad contest is on with cubetree, garland group, twiki and xwiki #e2conf (via @membrado)
  3. 80% of information in companies is not shared or structured! Xwiki at #e2conf (via @rodrigocvc)
  4. twiki has integrated with @boxdotnet #e2conf (via @olivermarks) (via @amanik)
  5. Voting live now.. seems like CubeTree is winning with Twiki in 2nd place. E2.0 Conf Launchpad Winner #e2conf (via @lbenitez)
  6. CubeTree won. Congratulations! TWiki second, XWiki third, Garland group 4th #e2conf (via @membrado)
  7. Launchpad Winner presentations stressed to me that with 5 minutes, marketing skills > features. Congratz CubeTree! #e2conf (via @hpridgen)

2:40 pm–3:00 pm – Straight from the Horses’ Mouths

  1. @dankeldsen and Carl doig a thoroughbred-show at #e2conf – no one-trick ponies in #enterprise20 I hope 😉 (via @frogpond)
  2. The 2.0 Adoption Council (@20Adoption) has 115 members currently #e2conf (via @destinationCRM)
  3. Strategy is what it takes to win the race. #e2conf (via @smurgel)
  4. Not only IT and management can be barriers to E2 adoption, also comms/marketing/PR #e2conf (via @paulmirvine)
  5. I think it’s interesting that “sr mgmt support” is considered so important when the real success stories are somewhat rogue. (via @smurgel)
  6. Unlike viral adoption of Web 2.0, resistance is REAL in enterprise 2.0 -Carl Frappaolo #e2conf (via @destinationCRM)
  7. #e2conf “Resistance to #e20 is Real! Its not so viral within the enterprise.” Snr mgmt, IT, users all resist. (via @nenshad)
  8. @dankeldsen found that resistance to E2.0 is real. 72% of orgs experienced resistance from users! #e2conf (via @lbenitez)
  9. From 2.0 Adoption Council: Resistance to E 2.0 adoption: 49% from IT, 64% from Mgt, 72% from Users #e2conf (via @mchui)
  10. All “enterprise” presentations at #e2conf LaunchPad were via Mac not PC.Was that a prerequisite or statement on mindshare? (@toddkittredge)
  11. Why is user resistance higher than IT? B/C what appeals to early adopters doesn’t appeal to average users! #e2conf (via @slmader)
  12. #e2conf #1 resistance to #e20 is from the USERS and that gap is v difficult to overcome. (via @nenshad)
  13. From 2.0 Adoption Council: Resistance overcome: 38% IT, 40% from mgt, 32% from users #e2conf (via @mchui)
  14. 32% of organizations were able to overcome resistance from end users. #e2conf (via @dankeldsen) (via @lbenitez)
  15. Only 40% overcame resistance from users. [Perhaps this is why 70% of E2.0 projects have failed.] #e2conf (via @lehaweslive)
  16. Interesting that users are biggest barriers to change, but aren’t they always? Change management is key, c’est la vie #e2conf (@paulmirvine)
  17. Mgmt resistance is grounded in ROI and lack of vision. #e2conf (via @smurgel)
  18. IT are a faux barrier, they should be aligned with business objectives, if they’re not you’ve got bigger issues than #E20 (via @paulmirvine)
  19. Costs of #E20: 1. Software 21%, 2. Staffing 19%, 8. Community mgt 5%, 10. Training 4%, 11. Int Comms 3% #e2conf (via @mchui)
  20. @paulmirvine The average user doesn’t have the appetite to “revolutionize” that is so common in tech industry. #e2conf (via @slmader)
  21. Information Architected will publish full survey results next week. #e2conf (via @lehaweslive)
  22. Agreed> I am so favouriting some of @paulmirvine ‘s late tweets – re: IT as a faux barrier and a round of others too (via @frogpond)
  23. E2.0 culture change: “Imagine if a store with low sales accused their customers of “resistance”!” #e2conf (via @timoelliott)
  24. Adoption is not a matter of resistance. If your store that wasn’t being trafficked, would you blame resistance? #e2conf (via @marciamarcia)

Overheard Thoughts

  1. My Day One summary of #e2conf now posted at #netevolution http://bit.ly/3AKbeF – 4 key themes from keynotes and workshops (via @robsalk)
  2. How can we narrate our work…. great phrase from #e2conf (via @G_Blackburn)
  3. would B gr8 2 have power strips for tweeters 2 recharge / plug in laptop batteries here at #e2conf (via @drnatalie)
  4. @rkoplowitz says 1 of the emerging themes of #e2conf is that an #E20 strategy is needed. Manage multiple grassroots efforts. (@lehaweslive)
  5. #e2conf My view: You MUST start w/bus benefits first via benchmarking existing ent process, THEN show how #e20 adds value. (via @nenshad)
  6. The crazy thing is, I am CONVINCED there IS value in #e20 technology, but most are approaching value realization backwards. (via @nenshad)
  7. to all S/W companies: the big ones may sell the cow, small ones have to sell the burger. And put some salad and tomatos into it(@draftkraft)
  8. Great write up by @benkepes “Is enterprise 2.0 A Crock?” http://bit.ly/1Fvbv5 (via @juliamak) #e2conf (via @MiaD)
  9. W/the nature of E2.0 coming off as”free”[ppl & tools]the temptation exists 2 bypass strategy & go right 2 tactics bcause u can (@robstoltz)
  10. The slides for @dhinchcliffe #e2conf session on Exploring Early Enterprise 2.0 Methodologies are now up on Slideshare: http://bit.ly/3EuGwU
  11. I’m not on a crusade or anything but has everyone at #e2conf forgotten the shopfloor?Or is every employee now a knowledge worker? @benkepes)
  12. RT @marciamarcia: Ready for #e2conf mini-uprising? Ask in every session, “How can we focus this more on people than tools?”(via @SueSpaight)
  13. Seems to me that every product pushed at #e2conf is doing the same thing – realtime/social/feed/blog collaboration tool (via @sumitguha)
  14. LOL> #e2conf Sitting next to @ekolsky, @tnemelka, @drnatalie. I’m dragging down this rows avg IQ by at least 20 pts. (via @nenshad)
  15. Nike poured through firewall logs to see which public Internet resources employees were using to get their jobs done. (via @lehaweslive)
  16. “you’ve got my resume but to know my real me you have to read my blog” seen on e2tv from #e2conf But isn’t blog so 90s? (via @thelliez)
  17. a lot of social media policy just has to do with reminding folks of the policies that exist #e2conf <- I agree! (via @JamiePappas)
  18. “When you grow up on the internet, client-server looks like green screen today.” What a quote! #e2conf (via @nenshad)
  19. RT @lehaweslive: Nike does “email archeology” to decompose email thread to expose one part of a specific collaboration. :>) (via @robsalk)
  20. I dont understand how anyone can not think of the ENTIRE front office (sales,mktg, vc) as value generator, not cost ctr. (via @nenshad)
  21. Nike talks about “lessons shared”, rather than “lessons learned”.I like that because the former is more valuable. #e2conf (via @lehaweslive)
  22. your organization must go through change management of roles when add #socialmedia 2 functional departments #e2conf (via @drnatalie)
  23. @ddmcd #e20 is not a throw the baby out with the bath water approach to change. It is a value added layer to refactor elements of biz
  24. Rules for expired wikis RT @jessewilkins:Wipe it if a)used for specific deliverable b)lessons learned xsfred c)no records issues(@tonybyrne)
  25. Getting ready for the next #e2conf keynote. E2.0 fans appear to be Mac fans http://twitpic.com/oabc0 (via @lbenitez) (via @eogez)
  26. I like the term emergent business outcomes, but good luck selling it to risk averse orgs. #e2conf (via @smurgel)
  27. RT @JuDeMari: RT @rodrigocvc 1st rule for social media policy: don’t do anything stupid! Easy, simple. #e2conf #SCRM (via @drnatalie)
  28. @Ross I vote for just going back to calling it groupware… 🙂 #e2conf (via @slmader)
  29. It’s Julie Andrews and the sound of music all over again. The garland group talking about hills and valleys… #e2conf (via @benkepes)
  30. Can we all agree on something? Never mention Wikipedia in the same sentence as business wiki use. It is too confusing/scary (via @slmader)
  31. At also not at the conference via remote tweeting on MacBookPro 😉 > Surprising to see a fair number of Macbooks at #e2conf (via @tedlouie)
  32. examples of whitelabel facebooks are: twiki, cubetree, mzinga, broadvision, newsgator, yammer and many more #e2conf (via @thomashessler)
  33. 4 @rotkapchen Why do so many people use the term “enterprise-wide” then? Why not “enterprise-deep”? #e2conf (via @richardveryard)
  34. RT @smurgel: IT resistance is grounded in immaturity of technology and integration issues. #e2conf (via @nahumg)
  35. Why are people at #e2conf still talking about how it’s important to include people other than IT… Isn’t that obvious?!?! (via @rhappe)
  36. RT @rotkapchen: #e2conf The first sign that someone has absolutely no clue about E2.0…when they keep referring to “users”. (via @ekolsky)
  37. I feel like im tweeting vs taking notes. This is what they meant by integrating tools with flow of work. #e2conf (via @smurgel)
  38. Enterprise 2.0 is about trusting employees 2 do the right thing. R companies ready 2 trust? #e2conf (via @drnatalie) (via @bevinhernandez)
  39. commitment to transparency is the key (@marketo) #e2conf (via @membrado)
  40. RT @marciamarcia: If culture eats strategy for breakfast, how do you feed culture? #e2conf #e2open (via @ajeanne)
  41. @drnatalie says use Twitter as a brand embarassment tool to reallocate budget to business divisions that need to be improved (via @uwehook)
  42. There’s definitely an agreement everywhere that the moniker ‘social’ will disappear very soon. #e2conf (via @uwehook)
  43. Sadly, not scared enough for drastic change> Organizations are terrified of missing the next innovation. #e2conf #e2open (via @marciamarcia)
  44. Twitter is like the ultra hip club,we’re drawn to it but have to leave in order to have a better conversation @bobwarfield (via @helpstream)
  45. There’s a spiritual & *philosophical* change that needs for @20Adoption to happen. -@ITSinsider #e2conf #e2open (fixed) (via @marciamarcia)
  46. Maxed out the Tweet API for now. Consolidating #e20 my tweets and RT from #e2conf at http://tinyurl.com/yesr6og
  47. Thank you @twitter for giving us all the tools to remotely attend #e2conf and benefit from the true value of an engaged & sharing workforce.
  48. Instead of blocking, NYTImes is stimulating Twitter use: http://nytimes.com/twitter (via @deliaboard) #e2conf (via @rodrigocvc)
  49. Just because you have a wiki/blog, doesn’t mean ppl who never worked together will suddenly work together -Mader #e2conf (@destinationCRM)
  50. Stewart Mader: Think about group activities – what you now. Most activities are done by small groups. Not mass *participation* (@roundtrip)
  51. “90-9-1 is a myth in enterprises” (via @slmader) #e2conf (via @dankeldsen)
  52. @paulguyandersen That’s it, no-one knows better than the employee as to what connections add value to their job. #e2conf (via @paulmirvine)
  53. Stewart Mader: Focus on simple solution to common and painful problem. eg post call center cheat sheet notes in a shared space. (@roundtrip)
  54. Stewart Mader: Groups that know others they work will see & act/reply builds expectation that participation is worth the trouble(@roundtrip)
  55. Innovation occurs at the intersection of contextually disparate concepts brought together creatively and with an open mind(@paulguyandersen)
  56. @manymoon collaboration with Google docs. and provides an enterprise based service finder #e2conf (via @robsequeira)

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  4. Everyone has their favorite way of using the internet. Many of us search to find what we want, click in to a specific website, read what’s available and click out. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because it’s efficient. We learn to tune out things we don’t need and go straight for what’s essential.

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