2009/11/03: Tweets from the Enterprise 2.0 2009 Conference (#E2Conf)

I was unable to attend the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in San Francisco.   The event took place at the Moscone North Convention Center from November 2-5, 2009.  Thankfully, most of the speeches were broadcast live via E2 TV.

Thanks to Twitter, I was able to follow the real time tweets coming from the conference using the #e2conf hashtag.  This was complimented by the over 900 Twitter users that I follow on a regular basis.

Only in the age of the Real Time Web, could I follow multiple conference sessions in real time, without attending the physical event.

The following is my compilation of the Tweets or ReTweets (RT) made from the comfort of my couch via my MacBook & iTouch on November 3, 2009.

My Thoughts Enclosed…Rb

Tuesday, November 3

8:30 am–9:00 am – Tammy Erickson, President, nGenera Innovation Network

  1. Getting Started at Enterprise 2.0 #e2conf http://bit.ly/1wrzNv (via @TweetCRM)
  2. Need to build committees that are vested with independent decision making responsibilities and accountabilities in a transparent medium.#e20
  3. The old model is based on staffers being loyal to their organization for future safety (e.g. pensions). This model has failed on trust.#e20
  4. Another old model is based on only a manager being able to critique the work outcome of their staff. Modern Corp etiquette discourages #E20
  5. Tammy Erickson on stage talking about change at #e2conf (via @olivermarks)
  6. RT @olivermarks: biz icons this century will be those who have figured out how to harness 2.0 tech with intelligent structure #e2conf
  7. The recession has allowed businesses to truly see that 2.0 is no longer a Gen-Y wishlist, but something they must embrace to succeed #E20
  8. by the end of 2009, it will be known as the year co’s finally say “ah ha” to #e2.0 and “get it” #e2conf (via @LizMMolitor)
  9. Transition to e2 for businesses most complicated transition of last century, Tammy erickson #e2conf (via @manuelafarrell)
  10. The 10 collaborative intents help teams collaborate as opposed to spending time planning. A process of homing in on each others goals. #E20
  11. “today’s organizations are perfectly designed to meet the challenges of the 20th century.” – @tammyerickson #e2conf (via @ITSinsider)
  12. We’ve dev’d orgs that are perfect for last 100 years, NOT for today. Today it’s about intelligence: compl knowledge, innov (via @nenshad)
  13. biz icons this century will be those who have figured out how to harness 2.0 tech with intelligent structure #e2conf (via @olivermarks)
  14. #e2conf 2.0 assumptions: perf based arrangements, collective purpose, ident w/ shared obj, based on coordination not planning (via @nenshad)
  15. trust, collaboration, network, engagement, task-driven, productivity-enhancement, defined-roles & responsibilities = 2.0 world (@ekolsky)
  16. (beginning to see that my assumption that SCRM and E2.0 are similar in structure is mostly correct) #e2conf (via @ekolsky)
  17. “These are not tools for kids – business tools that have substantial implications for how we do business” #e2conf (via @cflanagan)
  18. 2.0 must support business objectives, activities – not just be cool technology #e2conf (via @ekolsky)
  19. Silos breeds Conflict and Chaos not Collaboration> People don’t collaborate when the work environment is a mess. #e2conf (via @rodrigocvc)
  20. 2009 – The Year of “A-ha!” at http://enterprise2blog.com/ #e2conf (via @Agotthelf)

9:00 am–9:20 am – Speed Dating with SharePoint 2010

  1. Microsoft is using speed dating as a platform for explaining the social aspects of Sharepoint Twenty-Ten at #E20
  2. Sharepoint 2010 has moved away from ActiveX and fully embracing Ajax. Content is no longer enough, context of persona is key to #E20.
  3. #e2conf 4 common positions: Tech led, culture-based, executive led, and skunk works (via @nenshad)
  4. Streaming media such as podcasting is now in 2010. Peer recomendations and personal expressions via ratings/comments.Tagging is now in #E20
  5. You can subscribe not only to a person feed, but also on tags. Microsoft also understand legal issues of #E20(they have law experience 😉
  6. As should we all> #e2conf In the next few minutes every company here could have a new business plan by end of the day (via @nenshad)
  7. #e2conf Sharepoint UX: AJAX UI, XHTML 1.0, Accessibility, FireFox and Safari support!, Mobile Browsing, and the Ribbon (via @nenshad)
  8. SharePoint Social Content: Easy Rich Text, Wikis in Tea Sites, Ent Wiki Template, Workflow, Collab authoring in Office 2010 (@nenshad) #E20
  9. Microsoft has stated that Electronic Arts seem to be evolving as an innovator in social framework…sense as gaming has always been social
  10. #e2conf “I’m from Microsoft. Lawyers are some of my best friends.” At least they are self-deprecating. (via @nenshad)
  11. RT @nenshad: #e2conf SharePoint has added tagging support. Awesome. Prince to headine launch party singing “1999” (via @dankeldsen)
  12. Saying SharePoint has “bulked up” is exactly the opposite of the 2.0 Trend of agile, purpose-built #e2conf (via @dankeldsen)
  13. Personal Branding and SEO http://bit.ly/1Zd4qX (via @pete_kistler)
  14. For execs, E2.0 is like tsunami wave that’s overwhleming, they can’t figure out how to manage critical issues like data security (via @MiaD)
  15. people want to work in an org where what they do matters, aligns with their principles and beliefs, be part of something (via @ekolsky) #E20
  16. Sharepoint 2010 has social features like streaming podcasts, real-time news feeds, ratings, commenting, tagging (cloud) #E2Conf (via @MiaD)
  17. Breaking news: Sharepoint 2010 adds delicio.us, facebook, and socialtext features to product. #e2conf (via @scottmcmullan)
  18. RT @dcoleman100 @e2conf – SharfePoint seems to be just catching up to other social tools, about a year or so later. (via @bevinhernandez)
  19. Said it before, worth repeating: SP2010 is a power-user interface-not a simple one as @amcafee urged today http://bit.ly/KMYWI (@TonyByrne)
  20. SP2010 social investment areas: social networking, social content, social feedback, groups and teams #e2conf (via @MikeG514)

9:20 am–9:40 am – What E2.0 Champions are Doing Right… and Wrong

  1. The ethos has shifted from “need to know” to “responsibility to share” Andrew McAfee http://www.e2conf.com/e2tv #e2conf (via @mikojava)
  2. @amcafee From intelligence community: “What we learned on 9/11, if we don’t share information enough, people die”. Wow. (via @nenshad) #e20
  3. @amcafee The 2.0 Adoption Council open only to internal advocates of 2.0 technologies http://bit.ly/3Ke1D #e2conf (via @e2conf)
  4. McAfee: Bad practice of #e20 evangelists = Declare war on the enterprise. Presents a bad msg to corporate buyers. #e2conf (via @bhc3)
  5. RT @bhc3: McAfee: The idea that mgt is fundamentally flawed and needs to be turned upside down is silly. #e2conf (via @nenshad)
  6. Bookshelf about Enterprise 2.0 is growing. It is necessary to convince busy and skeptical people #e2conf @amcafee (via @membrado)
  7. Forrester reports that 1 in 2 businesses will use E2.0 software..staggering given that the term is so new #E2Conf (via @MiaD)
  8. Median improvement in employee satisfaction in orgs using #E20: 20% (McKinsey Global). It’s a tool of employee engagement (via @Ethany)
  9. McAfee: A bad large enterprise practice = Allow walled gardens to flourish. Lose ability to find and share information. #e2conf (via @bhc3)
  10. Transparency does not eliminate the need for identity, security, etc #e2conf (via @MikeG514)
  11. No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. ~H.E. Luccock (via @successmastery) (via @nadeemd)
  12. RT @ITSinsider: the sad news here is MSFT can bomb, because they can. <- sigh. too big to fail. indeed. (via @mastermark) (via @mrjcleaver)
  13. More reasons why companies don’t get it, and why we cannot govern change, we can only guide it: http://bit.ly/3bsekm (via @scottgould)
  14. More features are not what people are looking for in #E20. Focus 80% of your efforts on the 20% that really make people socially productive
  15. “I am not running a social club, I am running a business.” A pragmatic social manager knows that #E20 is not Woodstock but a Community #E20
  16. #E20 is not about Speed Dating as MSFT presented MOSS2010. It is about long term relationships. E1.0 is failing Customer-Driven Enterprises.
  17. Don’t accentuate the negative – don’t highlight the downsides, risks & adoption hurdles, accentuate the pros @amcafee #E20(via @JamiePappas)
  18. McAfee: Bad practice for Enterprise 2.0 evangelists = Try to replace email. #e2conf (via @bhc3)
  19. #E20 don’t do #4 – trying to replace email – do not sell E 2.0 as an email replacement, rather an enhancement @amcafee (via @JamiePappas)
  20. Nominees for Internal Evangelist of the Year by @amcafee) are @greg2dot0, @cflanagan and @meganmurray. #e2conf (via @ITSinsider)
  21. McAfee: He likes @davewiner‘s term, “Narrate your work”. So do I. #e2conf (via @bhc3)
  22. AGREED – television remote controls are nightmares. The world doesn’t want more bells and whistles! -McAfee #e2conf (via @destinationCRM)
  23. McAfee: Bad practice for Enterprise 2.0 = endlessly add features. #e2conf (via @bhc3)
  24. McAfee: Bad practice for Enterprise 2.0 = Overuse the word “social”. Has negative connotations. #e2conf (via @bhc3)
  25. Use 2.0 for what you can’t do with email, like journaling your work. My vote: embrace email to publish. (via @jordanfrank)
  26. @amcafee thinks the term “social” has too many negative connotations and is being overused. Shouldn’t lead pitch with that term-@lehaweslive
  27. @JamiePappas:give people way to narrate their work so their knowledge / expertise can be identified throughout the org (via @TheBrycesWrite)
  28. Instead of “social” use words that describe the value of the activities and illustrate what can be done #e2conf (via @JamiePappas)
  29. enterpise software is failing to lead enterprise to become 2.0, the world is changing faster than software is – #e2conf (via @ekolsky)
  30. man, this is an SCRM conference…. measure all interactions from E2 customers – everyone – and act on them – #e2conf (via @ekolsky)
  31. RT @MikeG514: @MeganMurray collaboration seems to be used most often by clients (vs. “social”) < I agree (via @olivermarks)
  32. #e2conf Define expectations in the enterprise in the same way as consumer applications. Adobe leading the charge here. (via @nenshad)
  33. In response to great q from @lehawes : I stress the word ’emergent’ rather than ‘social’ when discussing E2.0 (via @amcafee)
  34. @amcafee great presentation at #e2Conf. Looking forward to reading your #E20 book. Hopefully, @dankeldsen can get you to sign one for me 😉
  35. Live-blog of @McAfee Keynote #E2conf-9 http://bit.ly/2cSRJR #e2conf (via @theRab)
  36. Andrew McAfee speaks at Enterprise 2.0 conference: Declaring War and other such things Does Not Work http://bit.ly/p2gen (via @assetmap)
  37. Enterprise 2.0: Declaring War Does Not Work http://bit.ly/mXeNn (via @rww)
  38. Debate starting to heat up now around point @amcafee made this morning that #e2conf might be victim of over-stressing risks. (@lehaweslive)
  39. Usually, 2.0 evangelists don’t fit anyplace in the structure of org bc they’re trying to do something new -McAfee #e2conf (@destinationCRM)
  40. Also a very hazardous job,but well worth it> 2.0 Evangelists “got the gospel” but “it is lonely work” -McAfee #e2conf (via @destinationCRM)
  41. #e2conf Andrew McAfee’s Top Enterprise 2.0 No-No’s http://bit.ly/1BJ221 (via @Social_Media_H)

11:15 am–12:00 pm – Speaker – Bruce Morse, Vice President Unified Communications and Collaboration, IBM Software Group

  1. Next wave of customer apps from Adobe focused on end-to-end engagement experiences, “onramps”/devices used for access #e2conf (via @MiaD)

Conversations with Dion Hinchcliffe

  1. RT @charlieisaacs @ekolsky: social computing is a new discipline, new method for meeting business objectives @dhinchcliffe
  2. @dhinchcliffe: methodologies must account for fact that change happens at edge of organizations. Important observation. (via @lehaweslive)
  3. @dhinchcliffe says the 3 big challenges to successful E2.0 deployment are Risk, Control, and Trust. deal with up front. (via @lehaweslive)
  4. @dhinchcliffe says move from push to pull based mgt systems #e2conf (via @CarolineDangson)
  5. @dhinchcliffe says E2.0 technology implementations are “perpetual betas”. Hence need for agile development. #e2conf (via @lehaweslive)
  6. #E20 breakdown: tools 15% integration custom. 25% community mngmt 25% IT support 15% project/change mngmt 20% (@dhinchcliffe)(via @membrado)
  7. @dhinchcliffe Very important to identify and leverage change champions in iterative/ongoing implementation model for #e20 (@TheBrycesWrite)

Overheard Conversations

  1. More factoids on the Council . The number one most cited tool/platform in the Council is Atlassian’s Confluence. #e2conf (via @ITSinsider)
  2. …success came from working both bottom-up & top-down, combining central control & distributed contribution “wiki style” (via @dankeldsen)
  3. seems like a good idea to syndicate all them tweet favs into the tumblr too, heals #e2conf information overload syndrome (via @frogpond)
  4. Interesting way to deploy wifi access points at #e2conf – under domes on the floor http://twitpic.com/o5hit (via @danyork)
  5. How to implement Enterprise 2.0 by @RossDawson http://bit.ly/4dolVI #e2conf The value strategy to Adoption. #book (via @webtechman)
  6. For a company to be effective at collaboration you actually have to take this seriously #e2conf (via @bevinhernandez)
  7. How very true> It’s occurred to me E20 is really (really) not about technology. #e2conf (via @ITSinsider)
  8. How to transform E1.0 to E2.0: Address active business concerns/focus on delivering ROI/ Increase social competency #e2conf (via @uwehook)
  9. RT @joergkurtwegner: Enterprise 2.0 coverage on Twitter – http://bit.ly/48hjag #e2conf (via @LizMMolitor)
  10. RT @MaribelLopez: Knowledge workers make up 44% of the US economy via Baratz via McKinsey #VoiceCon #e2conf (via @CXI)
  11. E2.0 / Web 2.0 Software is a commodity – it’s the successful integration & execution of E2.0 that is a rare find… #e2conf (via @robstoltz)
  12. Services oriented enterprise where you have these different business services and you can bolt these services together (via @bevinhernandez)
  13. Too much concentration on management and not enough on LEADERSHIP in the last 20 years (I’m bouncing) #e2conf (via @bevinhernandez)
  14. We pay 70% of the sr. management team’s bonuses based on how they collaborate with each other #e2conf (via @bevinhernandez)
  15. cisco pays 70% of bonuses of execs/sr mgrs on how well they work with eachother– not individual performances. #e2conf (via @ITSinsider)
  16. RECOMMENDATION: @rlavigne42 adds a lot of value. His are my most-clicked on links this week. (via @Robin_Dickinson) #e2conf #e20
  17. We’ve Come a Long Way — Summary of #E20 San Francisco 2009 Opening Keynotes http://bit.ly/u28vP #e2conf (via @lammiia)
  18. RT @nenshad #e2conf Observation so far: emergent, social world needs to learn A LOT more about the “enterprise” in #e20 (via @mikojava)
  19. Why? before Try! Putting people & process before tools & technology is the tone for true Enterprise 2.0 #e2conf (via @webtechman)
  20. pretty sure @socialtext would be unhappy being classified as a wiki on this slide. #e2conf (via @ITSinsider)
  21. Dude, but LOB is who needs to drive it IMO – IT should be a partner, but not a driver #e2conf (via @bevinhernandez)
  22. Collaboration works when it’s in the flow of work- encourage interactions and multitiered adoption. #e2conf (via @cflanagan)
  23. E2.0 has to move from operational movement to organizational transparency with the final goal of business innovation. #e2conf (via @uwehook)
  24. (Client + Cloud)+(Social Computing)+(Device+Desktop)=Key Enablers for social enterprise #e2conf (via @BrightideaHQ)
  25. Some people come to work and their iPhones have more power than their systems. #e2conf (via @smurgel)
  26. Enterprise 2.0: Integrating existing data & systems is key to rapid development & single source content management #e2conf (via @webtechman)
  27. #e2conf we need a career center for e2.0 internal evangelists to 1) help pros find work 2) help orgs know how to define the job. (@slmader)
  28. See video on “How PEOPLE build connections” by Amy Shuen http://bit.ly/19oT5v Enterprise 2.0 Strategy #e2conf (via @webtechman)
  29. E2.0 adoption increases when collaborative tools are par of the work flow #e2conf (via @uwehook)
  30. #e2conf McKipedia: “you’re never going to get people to that happy sharing place unless its in their flow of work” (via @hpridgen)
  31. 3 key steps to fill gaps in online conversation, and frank’s 4th fav! http://ow.ly/z0i8 @john4frank #e2conf (via @RUfrank)
  32. Worth a read: ‘We’ve Come a Long Way-Summary of Enterprise 2.0 San Francisco 2009 Opening Keynotes’ http://is.gd/4Mnwq #e2conf (via @jbewes)
  33. #e20 solutions need to be (1) fast & responsive, (2) easy to understand, (3) simple to use -is that so hard? #e2conf @bsandie (via @Allyis)
  34. Short-term tactics vs. long-term vision? It’s not either or, but both. One without the other renders both ineffective. (via @mikemyatt)
  35. Enterprise 2.0 Success Secret #1: Design for Community to facilitate conversations. @Bokardo http://bit.ly/29rRL #e2conf (via @webtechman)
  36. I’m at #e2conf. 35 photos in my story so far. http://whrrl.com/e/gH1Sy (via @theRab)
  37. Enterprise 2.0: How to support Passionate Users – See Designing for the Social Web http://bit.ly/1zmzCc by @Bokardo #e2conf (@webtechman)
  38. Telligent (Rob Howard) competes with Jive’s Clearspace in the enterprise collab space with Google like Analytics. #e2conf (via @robsequeira)
  39. Not that I heard, but maybe missed it? RT @twentworth12: Any talk on how the “retweet” concept applies to e2.0? #e2conf (via @tonybyrne)
  40. Disagree. They have a place->”I’d like to ban evry discussion board & replace it w microblog+wiki” @Ross (via @jbewes)
  41. RT @thoughtfarmer “Highlights from E2o workshop: Making the Case for Enterprise Collaboration http://bit.ly/2LbxO2#e2conf (via @sourcepov)
  42. Hit my daily limit corresponding #E2Conf. As such, I have shifted to collecting the tweets to this blog entry http://wp.me/psXyQ-j8
  43. If you have enjoyed @rlavigne42 tweets and RT from #e2conf and believe in #e20. Connect via LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/…

Email are like Cigarettes (a Cancer to your Content)

  1. Email like cigarettes, everyone says they want to quit, but they are sneaking puffs in – funny!!!! #e2conf (via @bevinhernandez)
  2. E-mail is like cigarettes. Everyone wants to quit but always goes to corners to ‘use’ some. Alan Cohen #e2conf (via @rodrigocvc)
  3. 26 hours per week — time average knowledge worker spends dealing with email #e2conf (via @Ethany)
  4. Don’t let your email inbox dictate your day, goals or actions http://bit.ly/frPUv (via @AndyInNaples)
  5. #outlook is the incumbent to #e20 technologies … but we will never get rid of it. (via @LizMMolitor)

The Value of MicoBlogging

  1. Microblogging – many started out with Yammer moved to Twitter and now working on a centralized integrated tool. #e2conf (via @stevebellnow)
  2. Key challenge with dedicated (standalone) enterprise microblogging platform is that it’s not part of the workflow. #e2conf (via @MiaD)
  3. How do you tell execs about value of microblogging? Value is finding new people with expertise you didn’t know about #e2conf (@cflanagan)
  4. Downside of enterprise microblogging is colleagues who share uninteresting information #e2conf (via @MiaD)
  5. “I would like to ban every discussion board and replace it with microblogging + wiki” Scott Mark, Medtronic #e2conf (via @Ross)
  6. Key learnings from microblogging panel: Don’t be “overeager” or oversell, make it fit with workflow, just do it #e2conf (via @MiaD)
  7. micro-blogging isn’t about strong collaboration because based on evanescence (personal thought). #e2conf (via @membrado)
  8. RT @walton3: #e2conf Yammer is rolling out a sharePoint web part to add Yammer feeds to directly to SharePoint sites (via @SPSocial)
  9. #e2conf microblog panel “lack of 140 wrd limit in Yammer yields no standard approach to microblogs-some get too verbose (via @dpontefract)

2:00 pm–2:40 pm – The Secret Sauce of Enterprise 2.0 Success at Booz Allen Hamilton

  1. The Secret Sauce of Enterprise 2.0 Success at Booz Allen Hamilton on stage now #e2conf http://www.e2conf.com/e2tv/ (via @e2conf)
  2. @JamiePappas: 51% of the firm has added content to their community “Hello” & 86% has logged on. Stunningly high! #e2conf (via @rodrigocvc)
  3. now listening in to the BAH guys at #e2conf – nice quotes “it had to be fun”, “the key is adoption”, “open to the whole firm”(via @frogpond)
  4. On #e2conf policy in BAH, Walton quips: “I can’t prevent you from being stupid, but I can show everyone how stupid you are” (via @Ross)
  5. ooops, prooving myself: social media = “I can’t prevent you from being stupid, but I can show everyone how stupid you are” (via @frogpond)
  6. Booz Allen is hiring 5,000 people this year. Nice. #e2conf (via @stacyo)
  7. A. Fritzon, Booz Allen Enterprise collaboration needs to move from a doc-centric solution to a conversation-centric solution(@greg_kerwin)
  8. Took BAH 5 years for cultural shift toward connected 2.0 enterprise to take root; 10 years to take off by late 1990s #e2conf @destinationCRM
  9. at Booz Allen Hamilton, their community/project spaces are all open – LOVE THIS!! #e2conf (via @JamiePappas)
  10. BAH also has a community proposal process in place to keep folks from spinning up a bunch of siloed communities #e2conf (via @JamiePappas)
  11. BAH does not draw lines between social and business conversations – some of their more popular were social at first #e2conf @JamiePappas
  12. Booz Allen has 480 “communities” range from 5-5000 ppl;”gives us situational awareness to know what consultants excited abt” @destinationCRM
  13. When legal/execs had problems with topics, Fritzson made certain concessions but would not make it all about biz #e2conf (@destinationCRM)
  14. No anonymous posts are allowed on LO @ BAH and they believe that drives up the quality of the content. I agree! #e2conf (via @JamiePappas)
  15. BAH – 51% of the firm has added content to their community “Hello” & 86% has logged on. Stunningly high! #e2conf (via @JamiePappas)
  16. BAH’s new employee orientation includes training on how to use their social collaboration tools! #e2conf (via @lbenitez)
  17. Booz Allen considers their internal network as an exit barrier for new recruits. – Social handcuffs 2.0? #e2conf (via @ahesse)
  18. Young generations have the ability to build relationships online, driving communities integration within companies #e2conf (via @fbouchez)
  19. Part of BAH process is educating the workers that this is not Facebook, it’s #E20 and the rules of engagement are not the same @JamiePappas
  20. We need to teach the younger generations how to use social platforms in a business context #e2conf (via @fbouchez)
  21. With Ent. 2.0, “I can’t prevent you from being stupid, but i can show everyone how stupid you are” -Smith #e2conf (via @destinationCRM)
  22. Great conversation on Booz Allen’s approach to E2.0, led by @amcafee. (article at http://bit.ly/16FYYU) #e2conf (via @lisa_dawson)
  23. Quality of conv improves when ppl realize they’re others reading; Getting senior leaders to participate sets norm -Smith @destinationCRM
  24. Ent. 2.0 isn’t a generational issue! – Fritzson #e2conf (via @destinationCRM)
  25. It isn’t that big of a risk? Lawyers disagree? “That’s why you have 2 remind them that they work 4 u…”-Fritzson #e2conf (via @nahumg)
  26. Chairman of Booz Allen Hamilton said, “This is critically important to the future of the firm.” #e2conf (via @ITSinsider)
  27. RT @lisa_dawson: BAH waited until adoption was high before introducing ranking to their E2.0 initiative. #e2conf (via @LizMMolitor)
  28. Booz Allen’s Ent. 2.0 system, “went from toy to tool when [employee] saw value in it without execs mandating it” #e2conf (@destinationCRM)
  29. At BoozAllen, collaboration is not a generational issue. Senior leaders do use the tools as anyone else. #e2conf (via @rodrigocvc)
  30. kpi’s for #e20 per Booz Allen – measured # searches, log-ins, # people adding info #e2conf (via @LizMMolitor)

Social Analytics

  1. Social analytics shouldn’t be a separate silo, it should track existing relationships, integrate with CRM systems #e2conf (via @MiaD)
  2. Margaret Francis from Scout Labs asking the audience if anyone is currently tracking, measuring E2.0 data? Most say no #e2conf (via @MiaD)
  3. Lot of demand from customers for analytics as they’re seeing 90% of their social communities doing nothing #e2conf #e2conf-31 (via @MiaD)
  4. Companies should be careful as to what social metrics they track to encourage the right behaviors #e2conf #e2conf-31 (via @MiaD)
  5. Raw social metrics like comments, views don’t give much insight into the social graph #e2conf #e2conf-31 (via @MiaD)
  6. Future of social analytics: Another way to single view of truth, complementary to trad BI, helps business transformation #e2conf(via @MiaD)

2:40 pm–3:00 pm – Internal Evangelist of the Year Award

  1. Congrats @cflanagan > #e2conf Internal Enterprise 2.0 Evangelist of the Year nominees: @meganmurray, @greg2dot0, @cflanagan (via @gialyons)
  2. Winner is: @cflanagan Sr. Mgr, KM and Ent Social Software Strategy Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) Corp #e2conf (via @destinationCRM)

How Search 2.0 Has Been Redefined by Enterprise 2.0 (with @dankeldsen)

  1. “Culture, Process, Technology is the right order to address #e20#e2conf #cisco (via @dankeldsen)
  2. Which I could be there to see it> about to watch @dankeldsen present on “How Search 2.0 Has Been Redefined by Enterprise 2.0” (via @danyork)
  3. 62% of corporate users say that finding info inside the firewall needed to execute their job is difficult and time consuming #e2conf (@MiaD)
  4. iTunes was built with interface to sell content to you -Keldsen #e2conf (via @destinationCRM)
  5. 56% have no strategy for enterprise search #e2conf (via @MiaD)
  6. At #e2conf, @dankeldsen says – “It’s NOT Search. It’s Findability.” (via @danyork)
  7. Only 15% feel “findability” as opposed to “search” is understood and addressed in their organizations #e2conf (via @MiaD)

Gentry and the Ideo Culture (with @gentry)

  1. Enterprise collaboration takes more than technology. What about company culture? Individual motivation? An adoption path? #e2conf (@gentry)
  2. IDEO also using intrinsic motivation to motivate people – they are at 98% adoption rate in 6 months!!! #e2conf (via @bevinhernandez)
  3. @gentry says IDEO deployed 4 wikis prior to their @thoughtfarmer implementation! #e2conf (via @lehaweslive)
  4. At IDEO we manage knowledge mostly by connecting people. Brains are just so much better than databases. #e2conf (via @gentry)
  5. IDEO: 5 principles for collaborative tools that work: 1. Build pointers to people/facilitate a conversation #e2conf (via @uwehook)
  6. Enterprise software that depends on altruism or compliance to work, won’t. #e2conf (via @gentry)
  7. At Ideo rewarding individual participation in collaboration is key by a) recognition; b) project staffing and c) career dev(via @rodrigocvc)
  8. Reward individual participation – align individual and organizational motivations #e2conf @ideo (via @uwehook)
  9. @gentry‘s Adoption Principle 3: Demand intuitive interfaces. Usability matters. #e2conf (via @lehaweslive)
  10. RT @gentry The very structures we use to handle scale as organizations grow inhibit collaboration and knowledge sharing #e2conf (via @zaana)
  11. Our wiki is powered by @thoughtfarmerhttp://thoughtfarmer.com #e2conf (via @gentry)
  12. Take advantage of the path of least resistance: give users options but use the default to everyone’s advantage #e2conf (via @gentry)
  13. Why Ideo chose @thoughtfarmer for collaboration spaces: no wiki markup.single signon.auto-generated navigation.#e2conf (via @bevinhernandez)
  14. gentry is owning the backchannel during his preso. autotweeting. here’s the keynote hack: http://bit.ly/225KQN #e2conf (via @thoughtfarmer)
  15. RT @gentry If you’re interested in more about social software design, check out http://bit.ly/2gZ1md #e2conf (via @thoughtfarmer)
  16. Impressive! RT @gentry: Wonder how you can tweet and give a presentation at the same time? Visit http://bit.ly/YohHV #e2conf (@rodrigocvc)
  17. @gentry If you’re interested in more about social software design, check out http://bit.ly/2gZ1md #e2conf (via @nahumg)
  18. RT @nahumg @uwehook: 2. Reward individual participation – align individual and organizational motivations #e2conf @ideo (via @JohnReaves)
  19. The point is not to teach people how to use computer, but facilitating H2H interaction through a computer. #e2conf @gentry (via @rodrigocvc)
  20. #e2conf in 20 weeks, CSC had 25,000 new users in C3 (powered by @JiveSoftware) (via @gialyons)

Collaboration 2.0 Inside Electronic Arts

  1. #e2conf “Collaboration 2.0 Inside Electronic Arts” session by Bert Sandie. “If your solution needs a manual, you will fail.” (via @mayonews)
  2. In EA session: key point: identifying participation models is important when trying to understand collaboration #e2conf (via @MikeG514)
  3. EA will use push pull model. So will push newsletter every few weeks to bring people in to EA Knowledge #e2conf (via @cflanagan)
  4. EA has internal YouTube but no user ratings – feel that bad ratings discourage contributions – all content valuable #e2conf (via @MikeG514)

Thoughts from Morse, Kaiser, Khuller, Appel, and Lee

  1. Bruce Morse (IBM): There are a trillion connected devices in the world #e2conf (via @mchui)
  2. RT @maribellopez: #IBM Morse $650B wasted every yr since people can’t get right info or connect w/people in timely manner #e2conf (via @iai)
  1. #e2conf “go ugly, early” (iterate and fail forward) by @gialyons (via @dankeldsen)
  2. #e2conf “Weapons of Mass Adoption” are key to community adoption by @gialyons #kaiserpermanente session (via @dankeldsen)
  3. RT @theRab: catch phrases “weapons of mass adoption” & “go ugly early” plan, roll-out, advocates, custom analytics #e2conf (via @EricPosner)
  4. “Communicating without communicating”:Look at someone’s status rather than having 5 ppl to reach you -Khuller #e2conf (via @destinationCRM)
  5. 75% of Kaiser’s early IdeaBook adopters respond to and/or create content. That’s very high! #e2conf (via @lehaweslive)
  6. Appel says find the path of least resistance and let it happen. Sounds like emergence to me! #e2conf (via @lehaweslive)
  7. Appel advises to “accept good enough”. Better to get something out there, gather feedback, and quickly make necessary changes.(@lehaweslive)
  8. Appel from Kaiser #e2conf look both 4 allies/sponsors, as well as 4 roadblocks (danger of focusing only on sponsors) (via @dankeldsen)
  9. #e2conf Adoption promoting videos are useful – see Kaiser Permanente or interview I did w/ @Ethany http://bit.ly/2yjiwB (via @dankeldsen)
  10. rt @timoelliott Kaiser Permanente #e2conf “analytics critical for next stage” Rollout, Measure, Modify (via @webtechman)
  11. “Twitter without context is fritter” -Lee http://blogs.zdnet.com/Howl… #e2conf (via @destinationCRM)
  12. The paper on business value that @eugenelee just mentioned in #e2conf-42 is at http://socialtext.com/busin… #e2conf (via @Ross)
  13. “Business is conducted by people, not users” says @eugenelee, which @davidsacks retweeted IRL #e2conf (via @Ross)

Alternative Thoughts from @slmader

  1. The terms “emergent” and “social” are equally risky in business. Case in point: bad PR that gets “emergently” worse. #e2conf (via @slmader)
  2. #e2conf “I can’t prevent you from being stupid, but I can show everyone how stupid you are.” Seems like a negative statement (via @slmader)
  3. And didn’t @amcafee say “don’t accentuate the negative” because it can hurt adoption? http://bit.ly/1Vj6AG #e2conf (via @slmader)
  4. #e2conf What sounds good to early adopters doesn’t necessarily sound good to the average user. too often it scares them away. (via @slmader)

7 thoughts on “2009/11/03: Tweets from the Enterprise 2.0 2009 Conference (#E2Conf)

  1. It is good to see that MS is moving from ActiveX to AJAX. IBM needs to do the same i.e. move from heavy Java Applets to pure AJAX

  2. Note to future users of cubetree/yammer:

    Yammer/Cubetree usage at an enterprise level is no different than e-mail or any other form of communication when it comes to e-discovery request for litigation purposes. When enterprises sign up for yammer/cubetree, they need to be mindful of this.

    cubetree/yammer carry a number of legal implications. Users cubetree(ing)/yammering from corporate networks could expose company secrets. These conversations, much like their electronic predecessors (e.g. email), are legally binding and subject to the legal rules of electronic discovery and can be subpoenaed in a lawsuit. Just like we need retention/destruction policies for email, we need the same for cubetree, yammer etc.

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