2009/11/03: Tweets from #OpenDataTO & #TOshowcase

I hit my daily limit on my @rlavigne42 Twitter feed.  As such, I have shifted to collecting the #toshowcase and #opendataTO valuable tweets to this blog entry.  I will be updating it over the course of the conference.  My apologies to those who follow me on twitter for the lack of a real time feed.  Once the API daily limit has cleared, I will recommence tweeting accordingly.

My Thoughts Enclosed…Rb

  1. Tune into the #toshowcase and #opendataTO webcasts http://bit.ly/27tDv4 (via @rob_giggey)
  2. Using ESL students and new immigrants as a means to crowdsource translation is both handy and educational as they earn credits #toshowcase
  3. Flowing data into the city is as equally as the city sharing its data with the community #TOshowcase
  4. The key is to get the 80% of the data you are struggling with in the hands on the 20% of the engaged community and engage them #TOshowcase
  5. Let the citizens decide what data they are interested in and let the city get that data into their hands for crowdsourcing #TOshowcase
  6. The RFP process is broken process requiring major efforts by all parties. Opening up data allows the city to target the hotspots #TOshowcase
  7. Find the $$ incentive for small business to free up 20% of their Devs and KWs to help build community-based innovation #TOshowcase
  8. How do we step beyond a model of “the community being solely altruistic” – enable ecosystem of free and pay? (via @Open_TO)
  9. TTC schedule and route data now back up on toronto.ca/open http://ow.ly/yU2k #opendataTO #toshowcase (via @Open_TO)
  10. Normalize your open data across multiple cities and leverage the efficiencies of the larger crowdsourced community network #TOshowcase
  11. #opendataTO – it’s about Trust. How do we ensure that you can trust the data that is being provided,feedback mechanism needed?(via @dmatthe)
  12. Crowdsourcing efforts to build up the community and open data access and sharing is a long term effort with massive benefits #TOshowcase
  13. #opendatato rethinks the basics: “The RFP process is broken. 20-page outlines for 200-page proposals, it doesn’t work”. (via @dbast)
  14. All new city projects need to have a stipulation that the vendor solution will be based on opendata. Engage biz that support it #TOshowcase
  15. Great panel discussion at #TOshowcase. Good questions and opposing viewpoints. Thanks @gvwilson @jaygoldman @oshoma @davidcrow @remarkk. (via @jdee)
  16. Data with political component will be data that empowers citizens to make political decisions – informed choices (via @remarkk) #TOshowcase (via @Open_TO)
  17. Before 311: more than 3000 contact points that were distributed between 2 types of services Inquiries and Service Requests- #toshowcase (via @dmatthe)
  18. The #311 system in Toronto is the first to offer end-to-end integration. #TOshowcase (via @Open_TO)
  19. Only NYC’s #311 system is larger than @311toronto. #TOshowcase (via @jdee)
  20. 311 provides services in about 180 languages… and the first system to take advantage of VOIP #toshowcase (via @dmatthe)
  21. 311 is able to provide tools to better support Division, planning, forecasting and budgeting. #toshowcase (via @dmatthe)
  22. With all the talk of #opendataTO and @311Toronto its interesting to see that the City is better prepared to report react more efficiently (via @dmatthe)
  23. @BeeRich33 also we heavily leveraged the idea behind http://www.DataSF.org for http://www.DataTO.org #opendataTO Intend to open source the code. (via @remarkk)
  24. Shared my slides from the Open Data Lab report back session earlier today: http://bit.ly/1IKrme #opendataTO #toshowcase (via @remarkk)

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