Did You Know 4.0: The Media Landscape

Back in March 2009, I posted an entry on Did You Know Shift Happens? focussing on the videos on globalization and the Internet by Karl Fisch.

Recently, a new version of Did You Know was released.  This latest effort focusses on the changing media landscape.  The convergence of media and the paradigm shift of networks makes this a must view.

I would love to attend the Media Convergence forum, taking place in New York City, October 20-21 2009.  Sadly that is not to be in this fiscal reality.  I would highly recommend this conference for anyone who is serious about commerce in the coming decade.  I am very much looking forward to the blogs and tweets coming from the conference (will its hashtag trend I wonder?).  I guess a USTREAM is too much to ask/hope for.

My Thoughts Enclosed…Rb

Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman have launched a “Do you know” series of videos visualizing data on YouTube since 2007.
They launched the latest version of ” Do you know” on September 14th. The video was created together with Xplane and The Economist for their Media Convergence forum in October 2009 and it illustrates the changing media landscape, from the decline in traditional media.

Did You Know Shift Happens?

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