When Sharpie Meets White Board

You have likely come across multiple white boards that are stained with past notes or worse permanent markers.  Now, as you may know from my previous post, I am a fan of the 3M Wall Pads so I tend to do most of my writing on them instead of white boards.  However, we have all come across the dreaded permanent marker mistake at some point.  It is surprising however, how few people know how easy it is to deal with this.  Especially when it comes to a permanent marker on a dry board (my thanks to Owen for teaching me this one).

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If you want to teach someone about this cleaning process while at the same time seeing a terrified look on their face as you do it, nothing beats writing something on a dry erase board with a very visible permanent Sharpie.   First off, find yourself a dry erase white board and write something on it with a Sharpie.   Wait until the person in the room stops having a complete freak out and then proceed to do little swirls on the Sharpie portion using the dry board marker.  Make sure you cover the entire permanent ink portion with a fresh dry board marker (darker the colour the better).  Let sit for a few seconds and then erase as you would normally using the dry eraser.  Both the dry erase marker and the permanent marker ink will be cleaned off of the board.  Depending on how old the permanent mark is, this process works wonders on cleaning portions of the white board that have been left unusable due to an oversight by some presenter writing on the board.  The link below provides a whole slew of solutions to renewing your white board, but I can think of no better solution to the problem especially on April Fools.

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5 thoughts on “When Sharpie Meets White Board

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